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City of Plaktur

by James Mishler

This is the city found on the southern edge of the Yazak Steppes, along the shady river. What is the official position on the disposition of the city?

I myself have designed Plaktur as being an ancient city of the Rakasta which was long ago taken over by the humanoids & chaotic factions and is now a "Free City", much as the Free City of Dunwick in the south. In this case, Plaktur is ruled by the Council of Chaos, which has seven major factions (the Hupkur, Huptai and Dankut Tribes, the Friends of Freedom, the Chaotic Sisterhood, a merchant faction loosely organized in a guild known as the Western Merchantile Alliance, and the Temple of Chaos, which is a group of priests and their followers who were exiled from Hule). There are also a dozen or so minor factions representing temples, minor tribes, independent merchant companies and various other organizations. Needless to say, the city is a rather chaotic place! The Council of Chaos is the "Legislative" body; there is also the Tribunal of Chaos which is the "Judicial" branch; and the Guard, which is the "Executive" branch. The size of the Council depends on the number of followers each faction represents, and the numbers fluxuate each month; the 7 Judges are appointed by the Council for life terms; and the Guard is led by The Tyrant, who is appointed and removed at the Councils discretion (there are 7 Warlords appointed to the Guard, one by each of the major factions; they ostensibly report to The Tyrant).

The greatest portion of the population is, of course, humanoid (mostly Hobgoblins, Highgoblins, Goblins, Bugbears and Ogres, with some Orcs, Trolls, Kobolds and Hill Giants). There is also a strong human population; other races and species are rare. The total population is around 33,000 (22,000 humanoids, 10,000 humans, ~1,000 other residents of misc races, species and halfbreeds). If any one leader could unite the forces available under one banner, it would represent one of the greatest dangers on the Savage Coast...