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History of the Plyrs

by Renato

This text is part of the background of my campaign setting in Karameikos.
Snark (NPC)is a plyr ( paladin).
Fen Tenui (PC) is a young girl (cleric).
Nihil (PC) is a young man (thief)

History of the Plyrs

Narration done by Snark to Nihil at Sukjskin's farm the two Yarthmont 1000 BI and based principally on Rolls of Ylarth kept on the Golden Refuge under the Broken Lands.

Narration transcribes in Thyatian by Fen Tenui the same night.

"... How many rest of the Rolls don't allow of the rebuilt exactly where was the mythical Golden Kingdom where the Plyrs (after named also Goblins of Gold) had origin, also is possible that this place was in the Valley of Borea river.

The legends spoken of the Golden Kingdom as a place of perfection and delights where the Plyrs lived in peace and harmony but I have uncovered, during my roaming for the Search of the Stones, that any people have a legend of an ancestral kingdom perfect and lost. However the Golden Kingdom should be the place where the Plyrs uncovered, millenniums ago, to be essentially different by the other being like their, from descend the actual goblins, hobgoblins and orcs.

Interested more at the contemplation that at war, my ancestors developed a society more advanced, the legends tells of bright buildings, of sweets poems extolled at the light of the stars and of legendary artistic treasures created with a lot of patience.

Safety the Plyrs has uncovered the writing.

The centre of the Plyrs' entire civilisation was a big temple, where has preserved the three Magic Stone, in a locality named Shinar.

These Stones have the look of river's pebble, grey with white streaking.

Their power, was tolled, are principally curative but their greater function was certainly that of represent the unity of the people of Plyrs.

At this world idyllic and perfect put end the Disaster; the old chronicles tells that, suddenly, the ground shook and jolted, the house and the buildings razed, in the sky looked a big light and heard a fearful roar, a gust of burning wind devastated the earth and a big cloud of powder darkened the sky ( probably is the same disaster that destroyed Blackmoor [note of the translator]).

Much where the dead in the breakdown of the buildings but the Plyr was a strong people and the survivors wanted of to reorganise oneself for rebuild their city but, in accordance with tell the legends, the sun was disappeared, the sky reddish as if a big cloud of powder was interposed between sky and earth, the temperature was very low and the frost closed the land of Plyr in a vice fearful: plants and animals died in short time; the search of food was only activity of the survivors of Disaster.

In short time was clear that the sun don't was reappeared and seemed that the fate of the Plyr was marked: to die of cold and of hunger between the treasures saved and the ruins of the buildings. Was at that time that rose the figure of Ordel, the first of the Chiefs of War that my folk remember.

Just at that moment the Plyr don't has a social structure well defined and the power was, principally, in the hands' senior of the clan and in the hands of priest without a king o an Supreme Chief.

Ordel convened more of survivors that he succeeded and spoke they proposing of to leave the Shinar Valley for to go at south, where he hope to find food enough.

More were those that in spite of desperation refused this solution, don't succeeded to accept of to leave all that they have but, more of young were willing to follow Ordel and so the people was divided into two factions.

The encounter was when they should to decide who could to keep the Stone that were recovered under the ruins of the temple with many jobs. All of senior priest was died under the rubble of the monastery, only a small group of novices were lived and this wanted to go with Ordel.

Were searched solutions but uselessly, at last, a night, with the states of mind already alights for the desperation: the hungry was begun to die, the Ordel's followers kept the Stone massacred all that searched to stop. At once they gave to south.

The legends tell that were more of 100000 the Plyr that left the Golden Kingdom at the begin of winter, but only 5000 were those the looked the spring many hundred of miles at south. Also Ordel was died during the winter and the people, now, were driving by Kyra, the him wife.

Also the lands at south of the Golden Kingdom devastated by the Disaster and also in this there are hungry and desperation.

The few survivors wandered for many years at the search of a place where they stopping without to find peace, the few habitable places were occupied by horrible and ferocious fellow: ogres, trolls goblins, hobgoblins and other.

At last, reduced at two hundred about, transported Kyra on a stretcher, after lost any treasures, any books and all that remainders of the Golden Kingdom except the Stones, after climbed an inaccessible mountain, the survivors arrived in a green and uninhabited valley and they, finally, stopped.

For more of 50 generations (about a two millenniums) the survivors stayed hidden in the valley, increasing of number and rebuilding a civilisation that is only similar at those of Golden Kingdom because only Kyra was born in the old land of the Plyr.

During the Big Flight the Plyr lost all books with their history and their old wisdom and perhaps Kyra, before to die, dictated all that he remember: this is the Old Rolls.

The Evil struck the Refuge Valley when, the Plyr, were thinking if return at north to search the old Lands: Shinar.

Many hordes of ogres, trolls and monsters of you don't know the existence, attacked the Valley attracted by the wish of slaughter and sack.

The destruction was very complete, who don't died become a slaves, the house were burned, the palace were sacked, the Stones and the Rolls stolen.

Only Maflor, a Chief of War, that, also if unheeded, has tried of to warn the Plyr against the dangers come in from out, succeeded to defend oneself whit its Scouts, a chosen group of young warriors, male and female, that was formed by 500 elements.

Maflor, after crashed the siege of his fortress massacring a horde of ogres, begun the search of the group that stolen the Stones.

When Maflor reached the ogres, found only corpses. An ogre survivor told that the horde was attacked by humanoids with the head of jackal that has stolen the loot of the raid.

The Stones were lost !!!

Maflor, even if wanting to search the Stones, decided to find a refuge for the survivors of this Scouts (only 100 about) and recovered the Rolls, drove the survivors underground searching a new refuge.

They discovered a big cave many lower of those where lived ogres and other humanoids and in this place the Plyr lived by 2000 years.

Little group of Plyr live as slaves in many hordes of humanoids without know the existence of the Free People.

Any young warrior of my people consecrate a years at the search of the Stones and some consecrate all of their life at the Search.

In many years we have uncovered that one of the Stones is in the City of Fire, another is in the hands of the people with the head of jackal and we don't know any over the third...."