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Littonian Pygmy Mammoth

by Geoff Gander

I'd been thinking about that today - whether there was added value in posting stats for the Littonian pygmy mammoth (I suppose they should be listed as a critter on the Sarkans Plain, then). But then I realised that all most DM needed to do was take the standard elephant stats, and cut the AC, HD, and damage stats by 30-50%.

Thus, we could have something like this:

Littonian Pygmy Mammoth*

AC: 6
HD: 5* (M)
Move: 120' (40')
Attacks: 2 tusks or 1 trample
Damage: 1d6/1d6 or 2d8
No. Appearing: 1d4 (2d6)
Save As: F3
Morale: 8
Treasure Type: See below
Intelligence: 4
Alignment: Neutral
XP Value: 300

This diminutive member of the mammoth family averages 4-6 feet in height at the shoulder, and sports long, shaggy brown, tan, or black hair. In their native habitat, they congregate in families of up to 12 adults and half as many young (AC 8, HD 2*), who will not fight.

Pygmy mammoths are herbivores, spending much of their time ranging far and wide over the Noskumis and Sarkans Plains in search of lusher grasses and the occasional succulent berry. Although they tend to give potential predators a wide berth, pygmy mammoths may be incited into rage if their young are threatened. Some families have been known to gang up small white dragons, and dire wolf packs, in order to drive them away.

In combat, wild pygmy mammoths will charge wildly, seeking to trample their opponents. If the opponent still stands, they will strike with their tusks (80%) or trample again (20%).

Domesticated pygmy mammoths have been bred for obedience, and are capable of following simple commands and fighting in formation.

Their tusks average 2-3 feet in length, and the ivory would be worth 100-300 gp per tusk.

Load: 4,500 cn at full speed; 9,000 cn at half speed.
Barding Multiplier: x3, provides AC 4 protection

*size is loosely based on Wikipedia information on the Pygmy Mammoth (Channel Islands Mammoth)

I would note that the size variation could be accommodated by subspecies:

Noskumis Plain: This variety tends to have thicker and coarser hair, which is almost invariably black in colour. These mammoths tend also to have a stockier build (they tend to have more fat, due to the harsher climate), and average 5-6 feet in height at the shoulder.

Sarkans Plain: This variety tends to be smaller (4-5 feet at the shoulder is the norm), and their hair tends to be brown or tan; although ginger-coloured hair is not unknown.