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Polakatsikes (Dominion of)

Location: Continent of Davania, eastern Meghala Kimata Plains. DV

Area: Approx. 336 sq. mi. (870 sq. km.).

Population: 7,950 (includes roughly 200 Heldannic Knights), approx. 1,050 in the countryside. Population has been reduced due to wartime losses.

Languages: Heldannic, Milenian (Polakatsikan dialect).

Coinage: Heldannic Standard: groschen (5 gp), gelder (gp), erzer (ep), markschen (sp), fenneg (cp).

Taxes: Every citizen's worth is assessed annually, and is taxed at a rate of 20%.

Government Type: Military dictatorship, member of the Heldannic Empire, town council has some autonomy.

Industries: Agriculture (mainly wheat, potatoes, and other vegetables), cattle, crafts, sheep, smithing.

Important Figures: Wolfgang Stemmel (Landmeister), Trimos Sortiropolis (Former Bürgermeister).

Flora and Fauna: The plant life that is to be found here is typical of that in subtropical plains. One can find sturdy grasses of all forms (including the more exotic types such as grab grass), as well as bushes and shrubs, and occasional stands of cypress and other tropical trees.

The animal life is no less typical. Here one may find all forms of birds, including vultures, coexisting with antelopes, boars, elephants, gazelles, giraffes, hyenas, lions, monkeys, snakes, and wild horses. Among the more exotic animals to be found here are blink dogs, the occasional chimera, displacer beasts, and purple worms (though these are thankfully rare).

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Last Year's Events: Polakatsikes took the battle to the enemy, Mivosia, mostly through covert operations of spying and sowing seeds for rebellions in the empire, with the help of local resistance. Meanwhile, it repaired the town's fortifications and received relief troops from Vanya's Rest.