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Polar Shire Autonomous Region

by Charles Diamond

Location: Davania (Bordered on the North by the Vulcanian Plain and everywhere else by Ocean).

Area: Approximately 1,850,000 square miles (area included in that given for High Shire).

Population: 10,000 Lalor and 25,000 Fairy Folk (Snow Elves and the like).

Languages: Lalor, the ancient language of the Halflings.

Coinage: Karra (gp), Shem (sp), Oberon (cp).

Taxes: One Karra and one Shem per inhabitant per year. Males are obligated to serve in the local militia and answer call to arms by the King in the defence of High Shire.

Government Type: Self-governing Autonomous region within the Constitutional Monarchy of High Shire.

Industries: Fishing, hunting, and mining. The manufacturing of toys is the main industry among the Snow Elves.

Important Figures: Karraway Took (King of High Shire, Halfling, male, F15/C10), Shim Littlefoot (Leprechaun, Male, Immortal).

Flora and Fauna: Grassy steppes in northern areas to frozen tundra and ice fields in the south with the normal flora and fauna usually found in such climates. Flying Reindeer are native to this region.

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Description by Charles Diamond.

The Land

The lands of Polar Shire range from grassy steppes to frozen ice fields. The Lalor (Hin) for the most part live near the coasts where fishing is good. Inland mining is important, but underdeveloped. Fairy Folk dwell in the inland areas of the region.

The People

With the exception of females having furry feet the Lalor (Hin) of the Polar Shire are identical to their brethren in High Shire. The Snow Elves look like normal elves except they are only three feet tall.

The inhabitants of the Polar Shire are on good terms with just about everyone.

Recent History

With the formation of High Shire new markets have opened up for Polar Shire toys. It is a mystery as to how the inhabitants manage to keep up with the demand.

Don't Miss

The toy factories at the Ice Palace is definite must see - if you can stand the cold.