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What would be some KW specific kits to make/post?

by BoBoII

Alphatian Air Mage
Flaemish fire mage
Graduate of the Great School
Ethengarian Horseman
Elvish Treekeeper
Elvish Treewalker
Vyalia Forester
Hattian Storm soldier
Kerendan Dragoon
Belcadiz Duellist
Alphatian Duellist (magical kind, like a prize-fighter/gunslinger)
Darokin Merchant
Orcish Legionnaire
Thyatian Gladiator
Minrothad Sea Elf
Shire Pirate
Thothian Death Priest
Sailors (Minrothad, Ierendi, Skyship)
Northern Raiders, Skalds, Rune readers
Glantrian Monster Handlers
Ierendi Silver Knives (purgers of lycanthropes and vampires)
Heldannic Knights
Thyatian Rakes
Fist of the Khan

I'm thinking of groups that would be readily recognised as different from the norm and regionally specific . . . more thematically than "Game stat"-wise. So please wrack your collective brains to come up with these unique types who help to give Mystara its flavour. "Stats" would be up to the individual DM's. I also ask for help on this list as possible inspiration points for NPCs, Adventure ideas, or for original works from the Writers List.

Thanks for the help so far, and you can just send em to me if the rest of the list gets tired of it.