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Outer Being Potions of Healing

by John Hare

These small grey vials each contain a pinkish fluid that when drunk causes brief intense stomach pain but heals the drinker 2-7 hp of damage. The intense pain is caused by the fact that the potion doesn't heal in the normal manner but instead is ageing the character 2-7 days (depending on how many points were healed). In the short run a couple of extra days won't matter a whole lot... but constantly drinking these potions will have an effect. Especially considering the age group modifiers where a character pushes himself over the limit an loses strength. In addition the character doesn't gain the corresponding Int/Wis bonuses for older age until character has actually lived out the required number of years!

Another take on these items is that by drinking the potion the character makes an unknowing pact with the Outer Beings and is considered for 2-7 days afterwards to be a willing servant! (for purposes of weapons to hit, detection spells, protection from Outer Beings, etc) Constantly drinking these potions will cause the character after the tenth potion to make a save vs death magic or change alignment to chaotic.