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City of Poys

by Alex Benson

The city of Poys is located in the central portion of Randel, slightly towards the border with Theranderol. A ten-foot deep ditch surrounds the city. Passage is afforded by wooden causeways that lead into any of the city's six gates. A stone gatehouse guards each gate. The turf excavated from the ditches has been used to form a shoulder high palisade that completely encircles the settlement.

Poys is a frontier settlement. The buildings are crude and meant for function instead of decor. The wealthier citizens have the better- constructed abodes, made from imported or conjured materials.

The rulers of Poys are Baroness Galadaran (MU8) and her husband Baron Lochtinar (F28). Lochtinar is inexperienced at rule, however he is an intelligent man and is becoming accustomed to the role quite rapidly. He rules the city. His wife is not up to the task, having no interest in it. She is quite content to sign the necessary papers and attend the required meetings. At such meetings, the couple is always at each other's side. She has grown very close to her husband since being married.

Like most of Randel's nobles, Lochtinar was a military man prior to coming home to rule. Unlike most, he served in a very distinct branch of the RAF. During his tenure, Lochtinar served in the Black Watch units. He served with a certain distinction, even rising to a command position. This reputation with the Black Watch has made few rivals want to challenge him.

Lochtinar's father, Kjurduff (C33 of Koryis), still lives in Poys. He resides at the family estate. Living with him is his mistress Dyliantras (C12 of Koryis). Dyliantras is a kindly woman. She has been with Kjurduff for more than a decade. Lochtinar views her almost as a mother as she has been a guiding influence since he was a child.

Though officially retired, he does much to advise his son in matters. He is also the head of the Koryis Order in Poys. Kjurduff amuses himself with tending to his garden and hinting at his son and daughter in law for grandchildren to spoil. Most of the populace still calls him "The Baron".

Though Lochtinar is the son of the last baron, Galandaran is the official ruler of the city due to her being a spellcaster. Lochtinar married Galadaran just two days prior to his father's stepping down. Most citizens saw the marriage as a means for the son to secede his father.

Several spellcasters have contemplated challenging the pair for the baronial title. One mage acted on impulse and made a bid for power, challenging the Baron to a duel. Malectiar (MU11) severely underestimated the Baron and paid the price with his life. Since then, most challengers have abstained from challenging the "Commoner Baron".


One of the primary features of Poys is its skyship base. The skyships of 1st Air Fleet and its Aerial Marines are intended as a first wave option if troops are needed in Sundsvall. The skyship base is capable of maintaining and equipping the berthed vessels. Barracks are present to house crews and troops.

The commander of the 1st Air Fleet is Air Admiral Gzerrandrel (MU18). Despite her relative low mage level, she is a specialist mage of the School of Air. She is an experienced officer and leader. Her tactics are sound and skills proven. Gzerrandrel is well aware of the prestige her skyships hold in the RAF. As such, she is a bit arrogant and flamboyant. She tends to be openly callous towards the baron and baroness. However, she is cautious enough to portray this as snobbery.

The attached 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th Aerial Marine Regiments are commanded overall by Commander Moendar (M28). Unlike most of the Aerial Marines, he is a quiet unassuming man. Appearance wise, he is a bit chunky and rather plain looking. However, this chunky frame is as much muscle as fat and that non-spectacular face has a cunning mind behind it.

In keeping with the Artillery School, Poys boasts the 2nd and 3rd Artillery Regiments. In overall command of these artillery regiments is Commander Lerndrig (F25). He is a rather misplaced commander in that his expertise is centred more towards the infantry.

University Facilities

Poys also is the site of the kingdom's Artillery School. The Arty School is in the eastern section town. It consists of several buildings, which serve as dorms, classrooms, and facilities for the storage and maintenance for the weapons. It is fairly common to see rocks and ballista bolts hurling through the air, coming from the western side of the city. This is where the school's firing range is located. The firing line is along the palisade and the range extends well away from the city. The range is marked by signs warning of its purpose.

The administrator of the Artillery School is Headmaster Gherstrick (MU35). He is an aging magist who is well versed in artillery, having spent his life in that profession. He is a disciple of constant practice, which he often personally oversees. Despite his age, he will often take a hands on approach to show a student the correct way to do a task, such as aiming a ballista.

One of Gherstrick's pet projects is alchemy based projectiles. Corrosive and Greek Fire like substances are created and packaged in a thickly walled building, separated from the rest of the buildings of the school. These volatile substances are encased in a ceramic casing resembling a sphere. In this form, they can be fired from a catapult, the substance initialising as the casing bursts upon its target. His pride and joy is the Charge Pots that are onboard some Randel skyships.


Poys has grown dependent on its surrounding farms and herders. These crops and animals contribute heavily to the food supply of the town. However, these farms and herders are few and far between. The populace consumes most of their harvest. The military aspects have to be supplied from outside sources. Supply trains are frequent.

Poys' geographical location offers little in the ways of trade. Some overland trade comes to it from the Grey Mountain area. This being lumber, precious stones, ores, etc. These items are bought by merchants and resold to craftsmen elsewhere in the kingdom.

Other Notables

Living in Poys is a minor merchant named Ferdrigad (E10). From his shop, the elf sells weapons and armours. His biggest market is to the officers and NCOs of the Air Fleet. Most of his engraved and decorative armours and weapons come from Norok. He can and will sit and work out a design to be sent for special orders. Ferdrigad is also keenly interested in any weapons or armours that may be for sale. For a small fee, he can even have enchanted weapons analysed to assess their abilities.


Poys and its populace is a people living inside an armed camp. Their geographical remoteness makes them a bit out of the way and making them isolated from mainstream society. As a result, the people of Poys and its surrounding villages feel that the other kingdom's people perceive them as backwards and unrefined.

As such, the people of Poys strive to stay up with the current fads, fashions, and gossip of the Empire. Newcomers will find themselves besieged by the citizens wanting to hear the latest news of the happenings elsewhere.

In Poys, Imperial and kingdom holidays are observed in the privacy of their own homes. The practice of public celebration is rarely seen. Most citizens are content to gather with friends and family and commemorate these events with each other.

In Poys, there are but a few wine houses. As with holidays, most of the people of Poys prefer to drink in the company of friends and family within their residences. Visitors and the military mostly use the few wine houses in the town.

DM Notes:

The slain mage Malectiar was the lover of Air Admiral Gzerrandrel. This is the reason she loathes the Baron so much. She tried to dissuade Malectiar from challenging the baron, having good cause to be wary of one that served with the Black Watch Regiments. His defeat was unforeseen, as the baron was not expected to be that powerful an adversary. And the fact that she thought Malectiar was a much more powerful mage, gives her even more reason to be wary. She does not like the Baron for killing her lover. But she will not openly oppose him.

Poys officially has no supply depot. However, its dependency on outside supply has necessitated one being established. The warehouses hold enough provisions for two months. Three months if rationing is utilised.

The good Baron was not only a member of the Black Watch he is also a practitioner of the ancient teachings of the Cadre. It was with these skills and ploys that he dispatched the mage Malectiar with. Since the duel was public, he had to exert much restraint as to not give away his powers. It was a Fog Spell cast by the mage that allowed the Baron the cover to utilise his full potential.

The elf, Ferdrigad is not as he appears. He is actually a member of the Black Watch. Though he does not go on any missions anymore, he does use his shop and home as a safe house for Black Watch personnel. But this is not all he does for the covert force. With his weapon business, the elf has an excellent venue to note and record the enchantment properties of weapons found, appraised, bought, ordered, and sold. He gives these reports to the Baron who forwards them to the Black Watch and the Cadre. Through these reports from Ferdrigad, the Baron knows what enchanted weapons are within Poys and who has them.

Artillery Headmaster Gherstrick is always on the outlook for new sources of damage that can be adapted for his pet projects. He is immensely interested in perfecting a weapon similar to the Blight Belchers used by the Heldannic Knights. Also, Gherstrick is fast approaching 36th level. He has no real ambitions for membership with the Council. In fact, he really does not care.