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People and Places from the Keep on the Borderlands

by Demos Sachlas

As a companion thread to this one about "reclaiming" the Keep on the Borderlands for Mystara, I decided to finally catalogue all the people and places referenced in both B2 and "Return to" B2.

(Note: This is obviously going to be full of potential spoilers, but I've made the references oblique where possible to mitigate the possibility).

First, the original "Keep on the Borderlands" (Moldvay version, 1981):

The Realm of mankind (pg. 6) west of the Keep (pg. 12)

The Keep:
2 blue-clad men-at-arms with polearms (plate mail, F1, pg. 6, 8)
4 heavy crossbowmen atop each flanking rower (chain/shield, F1, pg. 8)
12 other men-at-arms within each flanking tower, 4 with heavy crossbows/8 regular bowmen (chain/shield, F1, pg. 8)

1 corporal of the watch in entry yard (plate/shield, F2, pg. 8) who is "rather grouchy, with a low charisma, but he admires outspoken, brave fighters and is easily taken in by a pretty girl"
1 scribe (in robes, pg. 8) who records the name of each person who enters or leaves
possibly Nashe, described in the sequel
2 flanking blue-clad men-at-arms with polearms (plate mail, F1, as above)

5-8 "lackeys" (pg. 8) in common stable

1 superintendent (or bailiff) of the outer bailey (plate mail, F3, pg. 8)
12 men-at-arms (6 with leather/shield, 6 with chain/shield, F1, pg. 8) in bailiff's tower

1 jewel merchant and his wife (NM, pg. 8) "awaiting a caravan back to more civilized lands"
2 bodyguards (chain/shield, F2, high Con?, pg. 8)
2 huge dogs

1 jovial priest (C3, Dex 15, pg. 9) "who is taking advantage of his stopover at the keep to discuss theology with learned folk and to convert others"
2 silent acolytes (C1, high Con?, pg. 9)

1 smithy/armorer (F1, max Con, pg. 9)
2 assistants (NM, pg. 9)
one of these could be Rafe the Smith from the sequel
1 provisioner, wife, 2 children (NM, pg. 9)
1 trader, 2 sons (NM, pg. 9)
1 banker (retired F3, pg. 9)
the miserly Hubertus is mentioned as the original banker in the sequel
1 scrawny old clerk (MU2, pg. 9)
1 hired mercenary (F1, pg. 9)

1 captain of the watch (F3, pg. 10)
12 men-at-arms/watchmen (F1, pg. 10)
the sniper watching the loan bank could be none other than Devereau, the future Castellan

the Travelers Inn is named "The Green Man" and the Tavern is named "The One-Eyed Cat" in the sequel
1 innkeeper/barkeep/taverner, son, pot boy (NM, pg. 10)
the original innkeeper is referred to as Beasley in the sequel
Beasley's son is referred to as Wilton in the sequel
1 taverner's wife, daughter, serving wench, scullion (pg. 10)
their daughter is referred to as Calista in the sequel
2-5 mercenaries in tavern (F1, pg. 10)
2-4 watchmen (from the watch tower, above)
this could include Devereau (see above) +1d3 companions
1 wanderer (F/D/E/H 2-3, pg. 10)
I strongly recommend using the tables from the back of B1 for these wanderers
1 Guild Master, 2 clerks, 2 servants (NM, pg. 10)
the servants are referred to as Greeves the butler and Peta the housekeeper in the sequel
4 men-at-arms/fanatical Guildsmen (F1, pg. 10)

the Chapel is dedicated to St. Cuthbert in the sequel, and could be enhanced with details from module T1 for a distinctly Gygaxian flavor
1 Curate (C5, pg. 11) is the most influential person in the Keep except for the Castellan
3 acolytes (C1, pg. 11)

1 Captain of the Guard (F3, pg. 11)
1 Sergeant of the Guard (F2, Str 17, pg. 11)
24 guardsmen (F1, pg. 11) inner gatehouse
8 guardsmen (F1, pg. 11) in small tower
1 corporal of the guard (F1, high Con?, pg. 11)
24 guardsmen (F1, pg. 11) in guard tower
2 "lackeys" (NM, pg. 11) in cavalry stables
2 men-at-arms (F1, pg. 11) in cavalry stables
1 additional Corporal of the Guard (F1, high Con?, pg. 11)
24 guardsmen (F1, pg. 11) in great tower

1 Castellan (F6, Dex 16, pg. 12) "Macsen Wledig" or Lord Maximus
1 Elven Advisor (E3, Dex 16, pg. 12)
1 Scribe (C2, pg. 12)
16 guardsmen (F1, pg. 11) in the keep fortress
24 men-at-arms (F1, pg. 12) in two upper stories of each central tower
12 heavy cavalrymen (F1, pg. 11)
18 medium cavalrymen (F1, pg. 12)
2 couriers (F1, pg. 12)

The Wilderness:
Raider camp (pg. 13)
1 leader, 1 lieutenant, 2 bowmen, and 8 spearmen
The Mad Hermit (T3, Dex 17, high Con, pg. 13)
(note M.H. is described as wearing leather armor, despite the pic)

The Caves of Chaos:
1 plump, half-dead merchant and his wife (pg. 18)
2 guards in employ of merchant (F1, pg. 18)
2 human slaves (F1, pg. 19)
1 dwarf (D2, pg. 19) and 2 elves (E1, pg. 19) optional
I strongly recommend using the tables from the back of B1 for these prisoners
1 hero (F4, Str 18, pg 20) "a seeming wildman"

And now, "Return to the Keep on the Borderlands" (1999):

History of the Keep:
Kendall Keep (named after a deceased adventuring partner)
founded some thirty years ago by Macsen Wledig
a Welsh translation of a Roman name, the reverse might hold in Mystara.
Macsen could have originated from in or near Caerdwicca on the Isle of Dawn, a Thyatian colony of Klantyran immigrants. His name would be roughly translated as "Maximus" in Thyatian

marched away to war and was never seen again
this conflict could have been the Wrath of the Immortals
left henchman Devereau in charge as castellan

The Keep:
Laurl and Churl, daytime lookouts (pg. 9)
Wort and Joop, night-shift lookouts (pg. 10)
Sabine the gatekeeper (pg. 9)
her two four year-old sons, Sabir and Tahir (pg. 10)
ol' Tarlach the fisherman (pg. 10)
Reece the cobbler (pg. 10)
his wife Asgrim, and their children Decius and Nadya (pg. 10)
Dubricus d'Ambreville, presently working as a scribe (pg. 10, 18)
Quince Brakenbury, the tailor (pg. 10)
Jocelyn, the tanner (pg. 10)
Neanne, Opal and Chandry, milkmaids (pg. 11, 18)
Brother Martin, the baker, cleric of St. Erkenwald (pg. 11, 18)
Hobbin, the carpenter (pg. 11)
his wife Alwyn and their five children, Valens, Arius, Quillan, Arven, and Lucin (pg. 11)
Asham, the cooper (pg. 11)
his wife Naramis and their seven children, Arpad, Anrod, Atli, Parwin, Durifern, Barthony, and Blasco (pg. 11)
Rafe the Smith (pg 11)
his pregnant wife Dara, their two sons, Jankin and Kemble (pg. 11) and his daughter Tella the stablegirl (pg.9)
"Quartermaster" Moseley (pg. 11)
"Mouse" the halfling locksmith (pg. 12, 19)
mention that miserly Hubertus was the previous owner of the loan bank (pg. 12)

Inn "The Green Man" (pg. 13) and Tavern "The One-Eyed Cat" (pg. 14)
Wilf the hostler, son-in-law of the original innkeeper, the late Beasley
his wife Calista (pg. 14)
Jess the serving girl (pg. 14, 19)
Cob the huntsman (pg. 14, 17)
Third, warrior maid of Maruda (Madarua) from Cynidicea (pg. 14, 18)
Aseneth the wizard (pg. 14, 18, 19)
Mendel the merchant (pg. 19)
his girlfriends Chantel and Sascia (pg. 19)
his bodygaurds Devdas and Ohtar (pg. 19, 20)
Sir Robin the bard (pg. 21)

Greeves the butler and Peta the housekeeper of the Guild House (pg. 14)
Tomas and Holga, strangers from the distant Lendore Isles en route to Cathos City (pg. 14, 20, 21)

Chapel of St. Cuthbert (pg. 14)
Abercrombie the chaplain (pg. 14)

The Lum family (pg. 15)
eldest brother Jud, wife Tarpeia, six children
second brother Jerick the butcher, wife Durga, eight children
third brother Jolan, wife Ebb, seven children
fourth brother Kabel, pregnant wife Miep, four children
fifth brother Kimber
sister Kither, husband Wilton (Beasley's son) the miller, ten children

Master Nashe, the Keep's treasurer, tax collector, and clerk
Jadale, the daughter of Macsen's squire, Lady Arla

The Wilderness:
Bandits (pg. 23)
The Bee Man (pg. 24)
Pilgrims of Quonzar, Sister Betik, Brother Arvind, Sister Shahira, Brother Mathias, Brother Taghrid, Brother Prasad, Sister Naresh, Sister Mirvat, Brother Talal, Brother Tariq, Sister Vyalia, Brother Tuladin

The Caves of Chaos:
reference to Kurtulmak (pg. 35)
Hesselwhite & Co. halfling highwaymen (pg. 37)
Catbird, Nore, and Orm the Worm (pg. 37, 38)
tapestry depicting "Lady Durnsay and the Bugbears", a famous adventurer of 400 years ago (pg. 43)
Bethany the acolyte (pg. 52, 53)
Lawful Good snake-god Hispis "Swallower of Small Evils" (pg. 52)
Apep the Devourer "He Who Shall Devour the World" (pg. 52)
Tarlech the magic-user (pg. 56-57)
reference to Wee Jas (pg. 56)
Shrine of Nergal (pg. 59)
Hanigalbat, Nisir, Tishpak, Nabu-Nisir (pg. 59-61, 63, 64)
Temple of Erishkigal or "Egalgina" (pg. 60)
Wer, Ninerta, Ishara, Shambat (pg. 59, 62, 63, 64)
Jude the Pacifist (pg. 60)
The Black Knight, Kira the Huntress (pg. 62)

Finally, the novel "Keep on the Borderlands" by Ru Emerson (2001):

Jerden (pg. 2) and his brother, Blorys (pg. 2) adventurers
Eddis of Caffer (pg. 19)
M'Baddah (pg. 19) and his son, M'Whan (pg. 21)
Willow (pg. 62) and his half-brother, Mead (pg. 62) elven adventurers
Panev (pg. 186) a priest, adventurer

Lhodis, a hide merchant, and his wife, on his way to the keep (pg. 9)

Xyneg, a priest, and his novice (pg. 27) on his way to meet the curate, who is also referred to as "Xyneg" later in the novel (pg. 70), possibly in error

Mebros, the watch captain (pg, 37) "used to be on the gates, short man, pale beard"
"normally on the inner gatehouse" (pg. 46)

Sergeant Evoe (pg. 51) a guardsman in the tavern

Khalidd, the trader (pg. 44)
Ghor the smith (pg. 44)
Odis, a mercenary (pg. 47)
Kadymus, a thief (pg. 51)

Guild Master (pg. 163) "was an elderly but vigorous-looking man with long, white hair and very blue eyes"

Castellan Ferec (pg. 46) "a tall, black-haired, and black-bearded man in plain blue tunic and breeches" (pg. 55) also spelled "Feric" (pg. 58)
Hollis, clerk/undersecretary to Castellan (pg. 46) "a tall pale fellow"
Ogric, the Castellan's master of table (pg. 54) " a short, elderly man in green robes"
Mardiak, the Castellan's sorcerer (pg. 70)

Macsen, the original castellan (pg. 59)
Veriyan (pg. 167) the scribe who copied a scroll

Raider "Captain" is short and broad (pg. 136)
Hosig, the raider lieutenant is the captain's brother
Blot (pg. 127)

Zebos (pg. 191) a mercenary who escapes from the caves

Hebold is the hero imprisoned in the caves