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Preidctions & Prognostications

Considering the great success this section had in last year's issue, we decided to invite Patricia Fortunatus and Bertram Smith to once more make their predictions of what will befall the Known World during the year AC 1015. As before, the editors of this Almanac make no claim as to their accuracy, nor as to the best way to interpret these prognostications.

The following predictions were provided by the respected Thyatian psychic Patricia Fortunatus:

1. A return to power, they believe to obtain, With journeys far, through the ocean's splash, But the territory is claimed, much to their disdain, And hence will Empires come to clash.

2. United they stand against a magical foe For vengeance they fight, but also to plunder, Their leader shall fall, much to their woe. Divided shall they become, and then fall under.

3. In the Holy Land, a black curse spills out; Dark fiends are loose, and villages burn. The faithful are ready, warriors yell and shout, True Believers rejoice, the Sultan shall return.

4. Her will has been shown, they suffer repentance, And rise to the challenge, as battles they savour. Heroic actions and deeds will end the sentence, And return them to glory and in Her favour.

The following prognostications are from Bertram Smith, who can be found most evenings in the Hart and Harrow inn in Mirros. As before, the editors of the Almanac would like to state that Bertram has no divination or psychic powers, but rather makes educated guesses and keen observations to foretell the future.

"Didn't I tell you that there Gareth was worth payin' mind to?"

"Well, now, the troubles ahead will be a coming from the north this time 'round. From what I heard, that Ostland country gotta new king on the throne. A young lad at that! Now, when ya get a new king in charge, there's always some sorta trouble, with people left and right tryin' to take his crown and rulership away from 'im. But this year, not a sound or dagger raised. If ya ask me, which ya are, that means somethin's going on behind the scenes. Just ya wait an' see. I'm tellin' ya, that place will be in a civil war faster than ya think."