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Predicitions and Prognostications

These are predictions that came to the editors' knowledge, sometimes by fortune tellers, sometimes as hearsay rumours in taverns and other places, or in some cases that were sent by the various correspondents along with their reports without any reference. As before, the editors of this Almanac make no claim as to their accuracy, nor as to the best way to interpret these prognostications.

More light will shine upon those who project darkness,
Unheard of magical power they will harness.
Sun fire an' rebirth bring empires to war
Yet as light returns shadow prospers even more.

The black lion rears, battering all before him as straw in the wind,
But there stands before him a great plains cat to the south, and a mighty castle to the north.
From the castle swarms a plague of locusts, sweeping all before it,
Until it seeks to engulf the lion, engaged in battle against the cat.

Through it all there comes change,
And with change begins a cycle.
That which once was, shall be again.
In the North shall rise anew a land of old.
Much shall be shared.

Ages lost to time,
came the Northman
to this frosty isle,
Where sun doth shine,
And chill winds blow,
And the snow,
Be it ever wondrous
To behold.

There he carv'd a realm
casting wonder and fright.
Yea, was he brought under
As the masters did plunder
his home, his children, and his way.

Sooth, did he say,
Unto friend and foe:
Shalt thou ever know
My wrath unto he
Who robbeth me
of all that is dear?

Ere fires of the West
Do die in chill,
Shall Northman's children show
Their will
To break asunder
The chains that hold them
To the plunderer.

All shall spill anew.

Dead, asleep, the ancient empire lay,
'Til new dawn's calling brings it forth to the fray.
The desert king, his crown sundered
Is restored to the throne,
As the slumbering giant of the sea becomes known.

From deep below it will arise
The other side of Alphatia
To kill people an' terrorise
Called by the son of Antalia

Out of Aeons they will come
When the Dragons will miss One.
On Mystara they will rise
Time and Spheres to terrorise.

And when the Seas shall break again
To show what Horrors lurk in pain,
You will know that Time is near
To meet the auld unending Fear.