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The editors of the Mystaran Almanac make no claim as to these predictions' origin, even less their accuracy.

Seers and Diviners

Madame Thressias A famous Darine fortune-teller of the Kaldresh clan, Madame Thressias shares her vision of the coming year with our readers. Also known amongst her people as Theresia Zarovan, Madame Thressias hails from southern Karameikos, where she can often be found at country fairs, reading the cards for those who cross her palm with silver.

Rumour Mill, Skalds and Minstrels

Often the predictions have no known source, but are rumours or ballads one hears here and there.


"Sickness, disease, and death!
The New Ones are to blame, yet are not to blame.
War and famine follow,
But the final peace is not the peace of the dead."

"It is not dead that
which can eternal lie
And when the stars are right
even the sun will cry"

"Oh empire thou hast no true emperor
An' thy core of ol' is lost forever
Yet soon ya'll have a new an' ol' leader
As ol' man's the best impersonator."

"The lion rears its mighty head
And rends with claw and steel 'Til fields run red.

Advance it will,
Yet never still
Shall stand the doughty
Warriors tall,
Who guard the south
From beast's advance."

"The Gateway to the West throws its doors wide, paving the way for two nations to unite against a distant threat."

"From soaring skies to the bowels of the earth; the forgotten shall take their vengeance."

"Faces from the past shall resurface
Aye but wary should be the curious
Both friend, foe, and legend will manifest
From their forgotten places of rest"
as told by Madame Thressias

"Once again attentions turn across the sea
A former home kindles hopes for prosperity
From whence they came, now they go
Across fierce seas and winds that blow
Like a canvas blank awaiting the artist's brush
The old continent beckons a land rush
Care must be taken by those who venture there
For the blank canvas is not exactly bare
Previous artists have left their marks
Their artistry forgotten by their earlier starts
What may be new land is old to them
New arrivals shall find few friends
Nothing ventured is nothing gained
Peace and prosperity the ultimate aim
Like everything in life, nothing is truly free
The ultimate cost may be dreadful to thee."
as told by Madame Thressias

"A child was born twenty years past
Amid humble environs his childhood passed
Yet adulthood would offer a different life
No simple farm, no children, no wife.
Spurred by enemies and allies unknown
The lad be hastened from his adopted home.
A life of adventure will be introduced
To the previously unwilling youth
Hardened by adversity and pursuit
The man will become quite astute
To martial skills of his forefathers
Enemies and allies he doth meet
To those malicious death does greet
Along the way the truths will come forth
And points to a birthright to the north
There he will meet his unknown kin
A clan divided, some rally to him
To face the sibling that wished so ill
To deny a heritage and even kill
Whether the hero battles to end the chase
Or to assert his own authority into place
The battles be harsh and not easily won
And the adventure and dangers hath just begun.
For one chase may end
To allow another to begin"
as told by Madame Thressias

"A man, a symbol of his nation's strength and ways
Takes a grievous wound in defending the day.
For this sacrifice, his enemies doth raise questions
About his noble, social, and professional positions.
A stern man of tradition and national belief
He forgoes forbidden remedies that offer relief.
In his troubles, allies scramble to his side
To offer support, defence, and time to bide.
Until a remedy can be found for the problem
One that will preserve the national emblem.
From a friend, salvation will come and go
With metal to replace the flesh and bone.
Though it functions it is still metal nonetheless
And cannot compare to lost bone and flesh."
as told by Madame Thressias

"Darkness crawls across the land
Night's revenge is close at hand.

When all the men will cease to breathe
The time will come to beg and plead.

What Night has done to men and life
Will be undone through lies and strife.

And when the sun will shine again
You'll see the Master o' blood and pain."