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The editors of the Mystaran Almanac make no claim as to these predictions' origin, even less their accuracy.

Seers and Diviners


Genadiya is a Traladaran-born Darine who has travelled the world in search of adventure. Recently, she has found an ancient relic which, when she gazes deep inside of it, seizes control of her consciousness, "channelling" predictions of the darkest nature into her mind. Disturbed by these portents of the rise of Entropy, Genadiya has set off to the west, guided by a vague sense of urgency-she is in search of something, but she knows not what.

Jacob Boar

Jacob is a Thyatian poet who roams the empire looking for inspiration, which he claims he always finds in the oddest places. His wanderings result in cryptic-and as such too often under-appreciated-lays that capture a profound but hidden truth, and each time you read them you get one step closer to uncovering it, an each time you become a slightly wiser hin (or man, for the unfortunate).

Madame Thressias

A famous Darine fortune-teller of the Kaldresh clan, Madame Thressias shares her vision of the coming year with our readers. Also known amongst her people as Theresia Zarovan, Madame Thressias hails from southern Karameikos, where she can often be found at country fairs, reading the cards for those who cross her palm with silver.

Rumour Mill, Skalds and Minstrels

Often the predictions have no known source, but are rumours or ballads one hears here and there.


"They crawl through the caverns of earth,
They wait for the sacrifice-
They are the children of the night,
They are the children of Darkness.
The servants will be masters again
And the masters servants;
They use the power of His name,
But a new Name is spoken,
A new realm is formed.
But the Name will fall
Before the onslaught of His wrath;
And His children shall spread as a curse-
They will spread pestilence,
And the New One will be forgotten.
One will come
One will be destroyed
One will return
One will enlighten
One will corrupt.
The War shall come,
Mightier than the last;
A war betwixt those Most High-
The end can mean only Darkness."

Genadiya, Darine seer

"Immortals fought about it. Some were killed.
Nations went to war over it. Some were destroyed.
People died for it. Some were raised.
Immortals will fight for it. Some will tap it.
Nations will be created around it. Some will be subverted.
People will be raised by it. Some will be sacrificed for it."

Madame Thressias, Darine fortune-teller

"Lured by the Breathless Ones
His Path advancing-
What wilst thou do beloved Empress
When thine Father challengeth thee?
Shaded from the biting Sun
His Empire building-
What wilst thou do beloved Empress
When thine Son challengeth thee?
Armed for War
Their Bellies longing-
What wilst thou do beloved Empress
When thine Subjects challenge thee?"

Alphatian lay

"One eye without fear in the jungle
Two skins without paint in the sun
Four wings without respite in the city
Eight limbs without cover in the forest."

Madame Thressias, Darine fortune-teller

"Scorn each other
Ignore past
Wonder origin
Discover faith
Looks alike
Cares not
They settle
Much in common
God surely
Past mayhaps
Ancestral blood
Help each other
Past key
Future remedy."

Eusdrian lay

"Without war the key
Without birds the nights
Will suffer the same fate
As this prediction."

Madame Thressias, Darine fortune-teller

"The Red Sun has missed its sacrificial blood for the last time."

Azcan prediction

"South they colonise
West they contract
East they explore
North they forget."

Madame Thressias, Darine fortune-teller

"Some carnifex escaped the Caretakers."

Alphan rumour

"He who wants food will get water
He who wants water will get lightning
He who wants lightning will get darkness
He who wants darkness will get steam
He who wants steam will get ice
He who wants ice will get food."

Madame Thressias, Darine fortune-teller

"Snow has to fall long,
and days will grow short
Then I will rise.
Years may be few
not too much time
I'll find anyway the will to rhyme
And then as a sudden light
a man dead lies.
And Fear and Fright
on both will rise."

Jacob Boar, Thyatian poet

"That which once was
Shall be again.
That which lay dead,
Shall live once more.
A nation sundered,
its light darkened,
Shall soon be reborn,
and unified."

Madame Thressias, Darine fortune-teller

"A beauteous Rose blooms in the heat of midsummer
Its fervent call cannot be denied
But grasping its fiery blossom and thorns
Can only draw crimson blood."

Babbles of a Sindhi fakir