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The editors of the Mystaran Almanac make no claim as to these predictions' origin, even less their accuracy.

Seers and Diviners

Rumour Mill, Skalds and Minstrels

Often the predictions have no known source, but are rumours or ballads one hears here and there.


"In the south the metal rises"

"In the south the metal rises,

Sharp glinting spires in the sun,

The others try, as valiants do,

But will be overrun."

Anonymous-found on a dirtied slip of parchment slid under the door of the publisher at midnight, on Nuwmont 15.

"A box that once was filled with dark"

"A box that once was filled with dark

Is now only filled with light,

The Keepers know that this foretells

A period of strife."

Anonymous-found on a dirtied slip of parchment slid under the door of the publisher at midnight, on Nuwmont 15.

"Dragons wander in and out"

"Dragons wander in and out,

Of places never seen,

Destruction wreaked upon their flight,

Fangs of silver gleam."

Anonymous-found on a dirtied slip of parchment slid under the door of the publisher at midnight, on Nuwmont 15.

"The mighty Orient"

"The mighty Orient

Lungs tell the Wrath of Chung-Eun

An Empire falls."

Ochalean haiku.

"Les Enfants du Soleil au pays de retour" / "Children of the Sun King for the homeland fightin'"

These two sonnets are the cause of one more argument-but better a cultural battle than a border skirmish-between the Renardois and Bellaynish intelligentsias, as both dismiss the other as a pale copy, a bad adaptation of a true masterpiece. Both sonnets follow the strict codes of their respective cultures' poetry, but their authors used pseudonyms so neither lupins nor rakasta can definitively win this round. Both nations' pride is at stake, however. A rumour among the tortles has it that it is a joke played by one of them on the lupins and rakasta, who oftentimes treat them condescendingly-if true, that would be a real slap in the face.

"Les Enfants du Soleil au pays de retour;

Les Enfants de la Nuit se retirent sous la terre,

Les Enfants du Serpent sont trahis par leurs pairs.

Les Enfants d'la Forêt ôtent les masques du jour.

"Les Enfants du Dragon en profitent à leur tour,

Les Enfants d'l'Araignée ne savent plus quoi faire.

Les Enfants du Roi Elfe protègent toujours leurs terres,

Les Enfants du Marchand passent le cap en détour.

"Les Enfants du Chacal recherchent leur heritage;

Les Enfants du Canin la tâche ne leur ménage,

Les Enfants du Croco sans repos les dévore.

"Les Enfants du Félin ne font la paix de suite.

Les Enfants d'l'Océan leur monolithe trésor

Les Enfants des Etres de l'Extérieur seuls profitent."















Renardois sonnet, by S. F. R. Lebeau.

"Children of the Sun King for the homeland fightin';

Children of the Night Queen, prudent, withdraw away,

Children of the Serpent are betrayed by their kin.

Children of the Forest remove the masks of day.

"Children of the Dragon in matters take a hand,

Children of the Spider didn't see it forecast.

Children of the Elf King always protect their land,

Children of the Merchant the cape bypass at last.

"Children of the Jackal searching for their birthright;

Children of the Canine don't assist them a bit,

Children of the Croco devour without respite.

"Children of the Feline the field just yet don't quit.

Children of the Ocean their monolith treasure

Children of the Outer Beings only pleasure."

Bellaynish sonnet, by Tyler Kigger.

"The Known World is ever-expanding"

"The Known World is ever-expanding. The Thyatian Empire will continue to explore the world, and bring civilisation and culture to the farthest reaches of Mystara. The Thyatians are bold explorers, hardy settlers, fierce fighters, and competitive traders. Western Brun, eastern Skothar and northern Davania have already been brought into the Known World, and soon Ixion and Nyx will both be always casting their light or shadow over Thyatian heads somewhere."

Thyatian court gossip.

"All that is dead"

"All that is dead

Shall rise once more,

All that lay in ruin

Shall stand again in darkest glory.

"Those lands that lie

In dread's southern shadow

Shall know once more

The tread of forgotten feet.

"Yet there shall come those

Who guard against the blackened tide,

And with weapons long-lost

May bring light once more."