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Predictions & Prognostications


"Under the misty sea of thoughts
a Flaem will rise through bloody thorns
to guide the Glantrian nation strong
to be new King on Ancient Throne."

Gerard Verhoeven, Flaemish Poet


"War is a-brewing."

Mirros Doomsayer


"All Roads
Lead to Thyatis
And back to Darokin."

Darokinian adage


"Evil is a-rising."

Mirros Doomsayer


"The dread tide that no longer lies in stillness
Sweeps the plains once more,
And before it all shall be swept away.

"Its advance shall be checked
If the Lion marches with the Leopard,
And the forest covers all.

"But all shall be for nought,
If the giant doth not stir himself from slumber."

Rudifer "the Mad," of Athenos

Rudifer was a moderately prosperous merchant who plied the Sea of Dread, until a terrible storm destroyed his vessel and left him adrift at sea. He was washed ashore near Shireton, and swore that the Immortals saved his life so that he could reveal Their hidden truths.


"Chaos is a-spreading."

Mirros Doomsayer


"A Heir's needed for the Union."
Baronesa Dominíca da Solidão


"Destruction is a-mounting."

Mirros Doomsayer


"Three crowns in the East
One crown through the Sea
One crown under it.

"Four crowns in the North
One crown through the Air
One crown under it.

"Two crowns in the West
One crown through the Sand
One crown to be forged
in a newborn land."

Jacob Boar, a.k.a. Lucius Valerius Metellus, Thyatian Poet and Adventurer


"Armies are a-massing."

Mirros Doomsayer


"In the Red Room
the Dwarf met the Elf.
The Elf was the Shadow
of his former self.
After those days are over,
Elf and Dwarf now bolder,
will find a friend once a foe
together they'll march
to end their woe."

Skaarn of Northeim, Norwold Elf now living in Darokin


"Night is a-falling."

Mirros Doomsayer


"Imperial Power ought to be restored in Alphatia."

Commander Karszamon

Flee the End

"Flee before the End."

Mirros Doomsayer


"All good things come in Fourteens."

Shadowelf aphorism