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Dear Reader

The wonderful book you now hold in your hands is the fifth in a series of rich volumes intent on describing the amazing world of Mystara. As with the last volume, this year there is much that is new in this little book. The main change has to do with the fact that, once more, the Almanac has a new editor; two to be precise.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Belzamith Fingertackles, a gnomish illusionist of Highforge in the great kingdom of Karameikos. My exciting hobbies include tinkering, poetry, mystery solving, and political sciences. I enjoy discovering things that were previously hidden and searching for the truth behind what is always presented to us. I for one believe that there is much going on in this world that we should know about, but the powers behind the scenes keep hidden from us.

Anyway, I am babbling on now. As was mentioned, I am one of the two new editors of the Mystaran Almanac. You see, in last year's edition, Joshuan Gallidox, the owner of the Almanac, made a statement claiming that the Hollow World was nothing but a hoax; a fiction novel written by the adventuress Claransa the Seer. But brave explorers from Karameikos returned from that world, bringing proof that the fantastic Hollow World was real.

Upset over his own public statement in Joshuan's, which is now proven wrong, Joshuan did what he believed was right and retired as Editor of the Almanac. As such, he handed the job over to me, as well as the great dwarf Dorrik Stonecleaver, who has his own words for you just below.

I must inform you, the reader, that Joshuan still owns the Almanac however, and has merely released the position of editor over to us. He is currently off wandering and relaxing on the beautiful islands of Ierendi, and might return to take control of next year's edition once more.

Now, you must be wondering what changes have been made with the new editors. Well, I enjoyed Joshuan's style and opted to continue with the on-sight correspondents and letters to describe places and events. I believe that such presentations make the descriptions all the more lively and interesting, giving the reader a better perspective on things, as well as insight on the people who present them to you. I tried to encourage our writers to dig more behind the scene, but I must admit I am forced to agree with what they see as common sense and not press too deeply, otherwise, unwanted attention might be drawn back our way.

Another change is the addition of interviews. The Mystaran Almanac is pleased to announce a live interviews with one of the most talked about and important people of our time. What he has to say has been added to our collections of correspondents, and is now available for everyone to read.

The Atlas of the Known World and Famous Folk sections will concentrate on places and people who have not been described in our last volume. It is our desire to add new information instead of continuously repeating the same old things over and over again.

Once more, we have a detailed history of major events that have become known across our world, including some of our correspondents giving comments and details on things as they happened as well as their repercussions. The history gives events in the Hollow World (HW) as well as the Known World (KW). There is even a brief section on the far off Savage Coast (SC), but I must be the first to inform you that the information is far from complete or confirmed as accurate.

One small complaint I have is the lateness of which the transfer of editors took place. Much of the Almanac publishing had been thrown into complete chaos, which took forever to get back in order. Because of this, the Almanac does not have nearly as much information as I would have hoped for. But one must settle with limitations. Still, what is here is of the best quality, and quantity will definitely improve in the next volume as well.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I present to you the new and improved Mystaran Almanac, AC 1014 edition. It would also be my pleasure to hear from you, gentle readers, on your opinions of our presentation and content.

Belzamith Fingertackles, Co-Editor
Mystaran Almanac
Mirros, Karameikos
Nuwmont, AC 1015


To the reader

As mentioned by my partner, I'm Dorrik Stonecleaver, one of the two new editors of the Mystaran Almanac. I won't bother boring you by repeating the details of how I became a co-editor. I've travelled and adventured with Joshuan several times, and felt obliged to help him with his Almanac when he asked me to take over. Had I known about the gnome, I might have thought it over twice however.

I'm also from Highforge, and used to be a caravan guard for several decades. I retired over a decade ago and wandered the world for a while.

I've always believed that one should get to the point, and therefore suggested the name change of Joshuan's Almanac to the Mystaran Almanac. I find the new title a lot more accurate as to its contents.

I don't like big texts and wasting breath, so I give the information that you really need. Numbers, dates, places. They give you what you want or need to know, quickly. I've therefore made sure to include exact dates, locations, populations, taxes, currency, and all the details that have been left out in Joshuan's Almanac. In other words, I've brought over the best part of Prospero's Poor Wizard's Almanacs back into the newest edition.

I would have loved to include description of the military forces and their tactics as well, but most governments took a dim view at seeing such information published and made sure we didn't.

Finally, a chapter is dedicated to recount events that took place last year in the Hollow World. Think of it as an apology for overlooking it last year.

Anyway, I've said the important stuff, so it's time to start reading the Mystaran Almanac. If you have anything important to tell us, let us know. Make sure it's important, because with all our correspondents, we don't have time for useless letters.

Dorrik Stonecleaver, Co-Editor
Mystaran Almanac
Mirros, Karameikos
Nuwmont, AC 1015


Here is our list of correspondents that give us detailed information on the nations, places, and events of the Known World of Mystara. However, the Mystaran Almanac would like to increase its field of knowledge and cadre of correspondents, by that gaining access to information from around the world. Currently, we are sadly lacking in information from the regions of the New Alphatian Confederate Empire, the Savage Coast, and the ever hard to reach Hollow World.

Should you or anyone you know be interested in joining our group of main correspondents, simply send us letters detailing a place or event. If we like it enough, it will be included in the next Mystaran Almanac. If you continue to produce great articles, then you'll be soon able to find your name here in our list of major correspondents.

Ursula Bremen
Ursula is a smart and experienced member of the Darokin Diplomatic Corps, giving her great insights into the political goings-on in Darokin and surrounding nations. Her connections also allow her inside information on the military activities in Darokin, Aengmor, and the Orclands, making her an invaluable asset to this Almanac.

A very ambitious woman in her mid-30s, Ursula always manages to keep her ambitions in check. The duties of her job always come first.

This year, Ursula makes reports on the goblinoids of the Orclands, as well as activities going on in the nation of Aengmor.

Alasdhair MacCallum
The swashbuckling rogue known as Alasdhair MacCallum is a young Glantrian that enjoys emphasising his own cleverness while subtly insulting those around him. Luckily for him, he's highly skilled with a rapier, which has more than likely kept him alive after his usual comments (shall we say insults) on the fashions of various members of the high society. His own fondness for elaborate dress gives others the impression of him being an empty-headed young fop.

Alasdhair travelled up in the far reaches of Norwold during AC 1014, and has written to us about the far nations of the north, as well as a geographical feature in the area.

The editors of the Almanac would like to apologise to Alasdhair for misspelling his name several times in last year's Almanac. His name is indeed Alasdhair, and not Alastair as was written in both the table of contents and the section on correspondents in AC 1013.

Elidor Murtagh
As the First Mate of the Callista, Elidor's love of sailing marks him as a typical Minrothad sea elf. His love of travel has brought him throughout the Sea of Dread and the Sea of Dawn. Elidor is also an accomplished adventurer, having wandered extensively during his first century or so of life.

He has visited the undersea nation of Aquas (although that was in AC 950, just after Seashield's founding). Elidor has also visited the Undersea regions near Minrothad and Ierendi, and has friends among the aquatic elves and merrow (mermen) there.

While people afraid of water are not unusual, Elidor is the first person I've met who is afraid of land. He will never travel more than a day's walk inland, preferring to keep the open sea in sight at all times.

During AC 1014, Elidor visited several nations in the New Alphatian Sea and describes Ionace for the readers.

Rikard Prospero
We are pleased to announce that the former owner of the Almanacs is now one of our cadre of main correspondents. Born in Thyatis, Prospero was adept at magic from a young age and was sent to learn by the best wizards money can buy thanks to his rich merchant father. Learning from his father, Prospero also acquired the knack to write down every detail and to be as precise as possible (as readers of the old Poor Wizard's Almanac can attest).

It seems that after a long journey, Prospero has made a new home for himself on the Savage Coast, and therefore sends us the first written reports on events taking place to the far west.

Astrid Ragnisdottir
Born in Ostland, Astrid Ragnisdottir is a young skald of Odin, a wandering priestess and storyteller. She is fascinated with history and is well-versed in folk tales of the Northern Reaches. During her journeys, Astrid has also studied the religious beliefs of her homeland as well as neighbouring nations, including Wendar, Ethengar, and the Heldannic Territories.

It is with distress that I must announce that Astrid was severely wounded last year during the invasion of the Falun Caverns in the Hardanger Mountains. The editors of this Almanac do not know her current condition, but wish her a speedy recovery and hope that Odin sees fit to keep such a worthy skald alive and well.

Favonius Viator
The second son of a well-to-do Thyatian senator, Favonius is a bit of a rogue uninterested in the politics that his father takes part in. Instead, Favonius took up the trade of a merchant with the help of a very rich uncle. His mercantile experience gives him much understanding on the Empire of Thyatis, as well as the various inland trade routes and coastal sea trade routes.

The editors of the Mystaran Almanac would like to indicate that Favonius Viator has disappeared last year while exploring trade opportunities in the Thyatian Hinterlands. Senator Viator has offered a 25,000 Lucins (gp) reward for anyone who finds his son.

Faisel ibn Yasir
Born in the Emirates of Ylaruam as the younger son of a merchant, Faisel has displayed both the skills of an accomplished warrior and learned scholar.

Faisel epitomises the ideal citizen of the Emirates. He honours the Way of the Eternal Truth and the Nahmeh every possible way he can. The man also quotes liberally from the Nahmeh and similar religious writings of al-Kalim.

At the moment, Faisel is the Almanac's best source of information of what is going on within the Emirates. Unfortunately, it has taken great convincing to get Faisel to write to the Almanac once more, as he has accepted the nation's current view and disdain of foreigners and non- believers. It is the belief of the editors that we shall soon lose Faisel as a correspondent.