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Carnelia de Belcadiz y Fedorias

by Jennifer Guerra

Princesa de Belcadiz, Marquesa del Alhambra, Virreina de Monteleone, Chamberlain of the Land, High Mistress of Wokanism

Carnelia Maria Juanita Aguierre de Belcadiz was born in 820, the second child (and only daughter) of Don Ralondo de Belcadiz and his wife, Leontina. Born at the height of the Forty Years' War, Carnelia and her brothers' (Hippolito, born 812; and Diego, born 825) earliest years were spent hidden away in the safest depths of Alhambra with their mother and her ladies, as her father battled the armies of Halzunthram.

In 829, Halzunthram was captured, and the war finally came to an end. King Alfonso, Carnelia's grandfather, remained in the capital to represent elven interests in the new government. But Don Ralondo came home, and was reunited with his family. Carnelia's youngest brother, Ricardo, was born in 833.

Carnelia grew up a happy, if somewhat spoiled, child, at Alhambra. Her father's favourite, she often travelled the land with him, learning of the history of her people and their traditions. Don Ralondo was a learned elf, more interested in art, architecture, and music than in politics or warfare. He passed his love of these things to his daughter. From her mother, Carnelia learned the value of listening, and how to get her way through words and charms, rather than aggression.

In 858, the wizard-nobles of Glantri established the first Principalities, with their rulers given the title of Prince. Offended by what he saw as being double-crossed by the other Glantrian rulers, King Alfonso abdicated to Don Ralondo rather than accept the lesser title of Prince. After considering the matter, Ralondo took the title of Prince (mostly to keep the peace), and the Elven Principality was born.

Carnelia has only troubled memories of the years after the creation of the Elven Principality. The little elf girl watched as her father's pacifistic, scholarly spirit was crushed beneath the weight of the mantle of rulership. Internal strife (mostly caused by Erewan rebels) filled his days, and he became too distracted, and too cross, to spend time with the children.

Finally, in 883, the Erewan situation came to a tragic head. A delayed-blast fireball set by Erewan terrorists exploded at Alhambra, killing a number of the family's servants and injuring Leontina severely, causing her to miscarry. Carnelia and her brothers were sent away for their own safety; Carnelia went to live with her aunt Yolanda at Satolas. Meanwhile, the Elven Principality was dissected, creating the separate Principalities of Belcadiz and Erewan. Carnelia never forgave the Erewan for their treachery.

The years at Satolas were happier than those preceding, and all too brief. Carnelia learned the art of magic from Yolanda and her husband, Don Fernando de Casanegra. Somewhat of a free spirit, Carnelia raced away the hours not spent learning on the back of her favourite elven steed. She was rumoured to make appearances at ferias, dressed as a commoner. The elves, pretending not to recognise the adolescent, fell in love with her. Carnelia also, during this time, was introduced to the Secret Craft of Wokanism by the High Mistress, her grandmother (Leontina and Yolanda's mother) Juana.

In 892, word came from Alhambra that Prince Ralondo had suffered a bout of illness, no doubt brought on by exhaustion. The Prince recovered, but thereafter recognised the need to have a named heir, in case the unthinkable did occur. Hippolito, though still young, showed no talent for rulership; he was brash and cruel, and cared nothing for his people. Diego was too young, and showed more interest in his fighting skills than in learning, but would grow up; Ralondo chose Diego. Leontina, privately, convinced him, however, of Carnelia's competence. She was proving to be adept at magic-use, and was charming and diplomatic. And she truly cared for Clan Alhambra. Ralondo considered the matter a while, but ultimately chose Carnelia. She would be the first female ruler of their clan.

Carnelia must marry, declared Prince Ralondo. A flurry of suitors were presented to the young heiress. Only one, a dashing adventurer nearly twice her age named Armando del Rio, caught her eye. But Ralondo preferred Miguel de Fedorias, a decorated military officer from a distinguished family. Carnelia was frightened of Miguel, a cold elf with ambition flashing in his eyes, but Ralondo thought he would make a better ruler than the introverted Armando. Carnelia was married to Miguel almost immediately.

Miguel was kind, though impatient at any reminders of his wife's youth (he was 220, she only 72). He befriended her, and spent time teaching her the rapier and tactics of war. Carnelia warmed to him, though she could never love him. Their first child, Miguel ("Miguelito"), was born in 894. Maria followed in 897.

Although she was growing comfortable in her marriage to Miguel, Carnelia still longed for happiness. She grew closer in her friendship with her old suitor, Armando del Rio (now a married man). The two began an affair of the heart that could only have disastrous consequences for both, should it be discovered. Fortunately, Miguel - away most of the time with his Krondaharan mistress - never suspected, and Armando's wife was resigned to the affair. Miguel and Carnelia welcomed Sancho in 901; the disinterested husband did not see that the child's eyes were not his own.

Things continued in this way another two decades. Miguel was oblivious, caught up in his own affairs. Carnelia was blissfully happy, spending nearly all her private time with Armando and their son, Sancho. Armando never lost his love of adventure, though, and occasionally left on some daring quest.

The unthinkable happened in 928. Armando was killed in the mountains while hunting a rogue dragon named Varax. Carnelia, only 108 years old, was devastated. But she could not mourn publicly, and so she locked herself away for nearly a month. Miguel, perplexed, finally listened to the rumours swirling around him: Carnelia, Armando, Sancho. He left without even confronting her, stopping only to disown Sancho. From that day on, Carnelia and Miguel were married in name only - Miguel's ambition would not allow him to divorce her, and lose his chance at ruling as Prince.

Carnelia eventually emerged from her mourning a stronger woman. She recognised that she was better for having loved Armando, even through her pain. Steeling her resolve, she vowed never to let Miguel rule in her name. She spent every day with her father, learning the ins and outs of ruling. She sat in on Parliament sessions, gauging the dynamics of Glantrian politics. She honed her magic skills, and eventually took over the Craft of Wokanism upon her grandmother's death in 975. During this time, Carnelia also (secretly) sponsored the education of Armando's eldest son, Armando, at the Great School of Magic.

In 987, Miguel and a group of his adventuring friends disappeared while exploring a hidden ruin in the Colossus Mounts. Carnelia shuddered at the similarities to Armando's death. Search parties turned up nothing again and again, save a bloody piece of broken sword, and finally the party was given up for dead. Publicly, Carnelia mourned Miguel, but deep inside she was relieved at never having to engage in a power struggle with him. When her father offered to find her another husband, Carnleia refused.

Three years later, the unthinkable happened: Prince Ralondo was killed in a magical duel. Efforts to raise him failed. Carnelia, at the age of 170, was confirmed as ruler of her clan and Princess of Belcadiz.

Through the years, Carnelia has earned the love and respect of her people. She does nothing which is not in their best interest, even if it means evoking the wrath of the Council of Princes. Her strength of will is legendary, and rare is the person who can resist her charming gaze and convincing voice. She has a reputation for honour and mercy, although rumours abound of terrible things befalling those who cross her.

Carnelia is a small elf woman, still in the prime of her life, with dark, curly hair, and dark eyes. She possesses a beauty rare even for an elf. Those who encounter Carnelia at one of her legendary parties are sure to be enthralled by her quick smile and throaty laugh, but those who encounter her at work in the capital are just as likely to see a fit of temper (equally legendary). Carnelia usually wears lace-covered gowns in the Belcadiz style which accentuate her hair and complexion. When readying for combat, she dons dark brown pants, black boots, and a white blouse, strapping her rapier and wands to her side with a characteristic red sash.

Carnelia de Belcadiz y Fedorias (20th level Enchantress/14th level Fighter/Wokani of the Fifth Circle):

AC: 5 (ring +5), hp 70. STR 12 DEX 16 CON 15 INT 18 WIS 15 CHA 18. AL LN. Damage (by weapon or spell):
Rapier +2 (Weapon Grand Mastery) - damage 1d6+7/1d8+7

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Languages (Belcadiz, Thyatian, Averoignian, Krondaharan), Read/Write, Riding, Etiquette, Spellcraft, Spellflash, Blind-Fighting, Diplomacy, Herbalism, Local History (Glantri)

Special Attacks/Abilities:
Wokani Abilities: Brews and Philtres (3/day), Silver Tongue (3/day), Doll Curse (2/day), Wokani Charm (2/day), Spellbinding (1/day), Wokani Curse (1/day), Shape Change (1/week), Mortal Dominion (1/month);
Racial Abilities: 90% resistance to sleep and charm spells, +1 to attack with bow or long-sword, surprise bonus, 60' infravision, find concealed doors;
Weapon Grand Mastery (rapier).

Known Magical Items: Ring of protection +5/+2 to saves, ring of human influence, wand of frost (32 charges) wand of illusion (27 charges)

Level One: Charm person, Sleep, Divining rod, Empathy, Filth's bane, Spirit of servitude
Level Two: Forget, Scare, Ray of enfeeblement, Enter dream, Bind, Finery and freshness
Level Three: Hold person, Empathic link, Bewilder, Battle curse, Calm, Suggestion
Level Four: Confusion, Emotion, Enchanted weapon, Magic mirror, Sleepwalking, Seduction IV
Level Five: Chaos, Feeblemind, Mind fog, Bestow enchantment, Sleepless curse, Darsson's music box
Level Six: Eyebite, Geas, Mass suggestion, recharge, Weapon return, Cathala's compulsion
Level Seven: Steal enchantment, True name, Control lycanthrope, Curse of forgetfulness
Level Eight: Mass charm, Block advancement, Antipathy/sympathy, Binding
Level Nine: Dismind, Virus charm, Mylsibis' arcane contention