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Glantrian Principalities

by Harri Mäki

I've been planning to write something about history of Glantri's various principalities and their ruling houses. I have made some research about subject and I have some presuppositions to made which I want to you know and comment before I send any other works for list. I don't have either GKoM or Mark of Amber so if there is anything in the following that's against information in those accessories please let me know.


According to various sources Thyatian settlers became to Glantri around 730 AC. They were escaping fighting in Alasiyan colonies in nowadays Ylaruam. Traladarans come around same time period. d'Ambrevilles and their first followers came some in 740's and McGregors and their followers in 750's. Alphatians come with Halzunthram in 780's. Interesting question is when Ethengarians came. I have seen somewhere that they came during the 40 year war in 788-828. That might be possible because of the chaotic situation in area, but anyhow I just wonder why they were allowed to stay after war. One possibility is that they offer their help to Halzunthram's enemies and were essential to victory.

Morphail and Traladarans

Interesting point is that Prince Morphail was made Nosferatu by Alphaks around 720 AC and Traladarans came to Glantri about 10 years later. This makes one wonder Alphaks' motives. Maybe Alphaks was behind Morphail's and his followers migration to Glantri. Alphaks want someone powerful enough to make chaos amongst Flaems in Glantri. He fulfilled Morphail's wish to become immortal by making him nosferatu and as the repayment he wants Morphail to take his people to Glantri. Morphail does this and heads for Glantri's northeastern forests.


Halzunthram and his followers came to Glantri in 788 and probably were decisive force in the Battle of Braejr were Flaems to combined forces of elves and settlers. The Glantri was divided in the three parts Flaems get north, elves south and settlers west. This makes Traladarans position in nowadays Boldavia interesting, that area was definitely in north. Solution might be that Traladarans were only settlers that Flaems accepted because leaders of Traladarans were mages like Morphail. Traladarans might even have fight at the Flaems side. In GAZ3 they say that Boldavian are mixed Traladaran and Flaemish people and if remember correctly that is only case there is any mention for Flaem to mix with any other people.

Before 788 Glantrian council was composed of 7 Flaemish dukes and 1 archduke. After peace I think the council was probably recomposed so that there was 3 Flaemish, 2 elves and 2 settlers so that it can represent all the Glantrian people. After Halzunthram's taking over and recalling Glantri to Alphatia's colony council was probably dismissed.

Alexander Glantri

In 829 Alexander Glantri declares the republic and reforms the council. Now there are seven members in council representing various ethnic groups in Glantri. There are 1 Flaemish, 1 elf, 1 Traladaran, 1 Ethengarian, 1 Thyatian, 1 Alphatian and 1 for mixed Hattian/Alphatian group in northern Glantri. I think that in that time was also created parliament for other nobles and nobility system that exists still, I mean that baronies farthest from the capital and so on. Also offices like judge, spokesman, chamberlain and treasurer and 3 viceroys are probably created. It might be that each viceroy get the responsibility for building castle in place were council wants it to be build. By the way is anywhere mentioned Alexander Glantri's year of death?

d'Ambrevilles and McGregors

Interesting point in council reformation is why d'Ambrevilles and McGregors don't get representative in council in that time. Both groups have been in Glantri already nearly hundred years, much longer than Ethengarians if accept the hypothesis that they came during the war. Possible solutions may be that they were still not very populous groups or that they were not influential enough, which is hard to believe at least for Etienne d'Ambreville or they might have been fighting for Halzunthram, but then again were most of the Alphatians. Any ideas? Apropos I think that the only reason for the expulsion of the dwarves after the war was not that they were blamed for the plague. I think that equal reason would be that they fight at the side of Halzunthram, he might even have called them to Glantri.

Back to d'Ambrevilles. Etienne becomes immortal 845 and begins to build the Great School. I think Etienne must have been very influential in taking the Light of Rad decision in 858 and in expulsion of illegal nobles after that. And because of that I think that creation of his principality must be somewhere in 860's or 870's. Fine moment would be the completion of the Great School in 875. And I think that principality of Klantyre is created at the same time because other princes want to have someone who hates Etienne as a prince so that Etienne doesn't get too much power.

Light of Rad

At the same time that this decision was made members of the council gain the hereditary title of princes and there are created principalities of Aalban, Belcadiz, Bergdhoven, Blackhill, Boldavia, Caurenze and Krondahar. As I say before perfect time for creating principalities of Klantyre and Nouvelle Averoigne is in my opinion in 875. Principality of Erewan is created in 884.

I think that's everything at the moment. Please let me know if there are any flaws or mistakes. If anything goes as I have planned first princely house would be von Drachenfels.