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by Giampaolo Agosta

While Holy Men and Diviners take care of the needs of the Empire, Prophets focus their activity on the local populations, acting as advisers, judges, and seers for the village people of Hule.

Requirements: Any Chaotic cleric can become a Prophet, though high Wisdom (12+), and Charisma (11+) are needed.

Role: Prophets travel the countryside, and while not government officials, are recognised for their great wisdom and judgment. They act as judges in important cases that the local authorities cannot solve, and though they have no real power, their decisions are almost always accepted. However, like the common people, they can be arrested or rewarded by the Diviners. As a custom of the land, all prophets travel with a dog and a young boy who carries a lamp.

Weapon Proficiencies: Prophets can use any weapon, though non-Priestly weapon skills cost one extra slot.

Non-weapon Profs: Bonus: Religion (Temple of Chaos), Endurance.

Required: Ceremony (any two Immortals of the Temple of Chaos).

Recommended: Reading/Writing (Hulean), Oratory, Survival (Forest or Hill), Direction Sense.

Equipment: Prophet can use any type of armour, though usually they are too poor to have one. They travel with a dog and a lantern boy, and little more.

Access to Spheres: Major: All, Astral, Charm, Divination, Traveller, Protection, Chaos, Sun (reversed only).

Minor: Healing, Necromancy.

Granted Powers: Divination spells count as one level lower when memorised by a Prophet. They cannot turn or control undead.

Special Benefits: Prophets have the ability to influence the reactions of a crowd as Bards of the same level. Prophets receive followers like priests, but these fanatic followers, not only of their religion, but of the Prophet himself. In addition to standard followers, the Prophet gains at first level a lantern boy (of age 6-10).

Special Hindrances: Prophets cannot receive spells unless they move around. They must move by foot, at least 24 miles from the location where they received their spells the last time. They can't receive spells in the same location twice in a month.

Starting Funds: Prophets start poor, with only a dog, a lantern boy, a staff and 3d6 Liras.