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The Amulets of Protection vs Outer Beings & servants

by John Hare

These obsidian amulets have a red marking are given out/sold to those who would walk the dark path of knowledge. These amulets protect the wearer so long as they don't attack anyone with a melee weapon, else the protection disappears and the amulet will stop functioning for 1 turn. However a deliberate fault designed into these amulets is that with a common key word the amulet becomes inactive for a day. This was built in so that the lesser creatures would know who is the true master and who is the servant. The amulet is also used as identification of servants of the Outer Beings for those who wander their citadels and homes.

Originally made by the loyal member of a cabal of mages who betrayed his fellow members it is thought that he had made one with out such a defect but it has never been found.

The affects of the protection are similar to that of the magic user spell protection from evil.