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Clerics of Protius

by Donald Eric Kesler

Immortal Served: Protius
Other Names: The Old Man of the Sea; Manwara; The Spuming Nooga
Status: Eternal of Time
Holy Symbol: The trident
Alignment: Neutral
Interests: Seas and oceans
Domains: Air, Ocean, Storm, Water
Favoured Weapon: Trident (also net)

           This Immortal represents the sea in all its aspects--treacherous, beautiful, bountiful, and terrifying. He does not just take command of the sea. This ancient and primordial entity is the sea. Indeed, of all the many Immortals of Mystara, Protius is one of a small handful who have been around for millennia.

           Protius is not a particular admirer of humans or humans-like races. He doesn't dislike them; he just does not care if they care whether they succeed or fail, live or die. Many sailors are devout followers of Protius, tossing coins of copper, silver and gold overboard either in gratitude for a successful voyage or as a wise precaution prior to setting sail. Sometimes Protius heeds these prayers; often he does not.

           He is well liked in Ylaruam as the patron of Al-Kalin. Tradition holds that he was also the patron of Sinbad. Indeed, it would seem that he tests his most devout followers by challenging them with wave after wave of hardship. Those who endure become heroes whose legends endure the passage of time and tide.

           In the Northern Reaches area, especially in Vestland, Protius is known as the Spuming Nooga; is symbol there is a spuming or spouting whale. Among the sea-dwelling peoples – such as mermen, tritons, nixies, etc – he is called Manwara.

           Rival (upstart) Immortal of the Sea Calitha Starbrow and Protius have very different interests and have come into conflict in the past.  According the clerics of Calitha Starbrow, “Protius is a wild thing who cares not for the careful preservation for the seas and sea life.”

           Clerics of Protius can be of any alignment. In this regard, they reflect the unpredictable nature of their Immortal. The mortal servants of Protius receive a number of blessings for their service. These include the following.


           Clerics of Protius can wear any kind of armor; however, they may not use as a shield as this item is useless in underwater combat.


           In addition to the normal weapons allowed to all other clerics; clerics of Protius may wield a trident. This is the favoured weapon of Protius. Additionally, many clerics of Protius make extensive use of nets.

Adroit Swimmers

           Clerics of Protius have a swimming movement rate equal to their movement on land and cannot drown unless they are tied or unconscious.  All other characters swim at 1/5 their outdoor running rate.  This reduced rate is reduced all the way down to a third when the character submerges (Rules Cyclopedia pg. 89).

Skilled Underwater Combatants

           Clerics of Protius have trained extensively in underwater combat and do not suffer the basic penalty of -4 to attack rolls that other characters suffer when fighting underwater (Rules Cyclopedia pg. 115).

First Level Spells

           Cure Light Wounds

           Detect Magic

           Gill Growth - Clerics of Protius gain this spell instead of Remove Fear.


           Locate Sea Life - Clerics of Protius gain this spell instead of Detect Evil.

           Predict Weather – This spell is available to clerics of Protius as a bonus.

           Protection from Evil

           Purify Food and Water

           Resist Cold

Gill Growth

Range: Touch

Duration: 8 hours (72 turns)

Effect: bestows gills upon a single recipient

           This spell cannot be cast on an unwilling subject. This enchantment causes the recipient to grow gills, allowing him or her to breathe underwater like a fish. Unlike similar enchantments, this spell does not allow the recipient to breathe out of water. Drowning rules are located on page 89-90 of the Rules Cyclopedia and should be used if someone using this spell should suddenly find themselves left high and dry.

Locate Sea Life

Range: 0 (Cleric Only)

Duration: 6 turns

Effect: detects one sea creature within one mile

           This spell allows the caster to sense the direction of one known, normal, sea creature or plant. The caster cannot locate fantastic creatures, plant monsters, or intelligent beings. He must name the exact type of sea life he seeks. The creature or plant gets no Saving Throw.

Predict Weather

Range: 0

Duration: 12 hours

Effect: Gives knowledge of the coming weather

           This spell enables the cleric to learn the accurate weather to come for the next 12 hours. It affects an area 1 mile in diameter per level of the cleric; for example, a 20th level cleric would learn the weather within a 20 mile diameter (a 10 mile radius). This spell does not give the cleric any control over the weather; it merely predicts what is to come.

Second Level Spells


Charm Aquatic Life - Clerics of Protius gain this spell instead of Snake Charm.

Find Traps

           Hold Person

           Know Alignment

           Obscure –Clerics of Protius gain this spell instead of Silence 15'.

           Resist Fire

           Speak With Animal

Charm Aquatic Life

Range: 120'

Duration: 4d4 (4-16) turns

Effect: magically charms 4d4 HD of sea life with a 40' square area

           This spell functions like charm person, except that it affects aquatic creature of no greater than animal intelligence. It can also affect multiple targets within the area of effect. Please note that this spell does not allow the caster to communicate with the affected creatures.

           Creatures affected by this spell will regard the caster as a good friend and kindly benefactor. If the spell caster speaks a language that the creatures understand the spell caster may give orders to the target. As long as these orders are not obviously self destructive then the target will obey without question or hesitation. The target may resist orders that are contrary to its nature, alignment and habits. No roll is required to resist.

           The charm is automatically broken if the spell caster attacks the target, either by spell or by weapon. The target will fight normally if attacked by the spell caster's allies.


Range: 0

Duration: 1 turn per level of the caster

Effect: Creates a huge misty cloud

           This spell causes a misty cloud of vapor to arise from the ground or water around the cleric, forming a huge cloud. The cloud is 1' high per level of the cleric and is 10' in diameter for each level. For example, a 20th level cleric could cast an obscure 20' tall and 200' diameter (100' radius). The cloud has no ill effects except to block vision.

           The caster, and all creatures able to see invisible things, will be able to see dimly through the cloud.  All other creatures within the cloud will be delayed and confused by the effect.  While within the cloud, these creatures are effectively blind.

           When this spell is cast beneath the waves, millions of tiny bubbles are created.  The obscuring effect is the same.

Third Level Spells

           Call Lightning – Clerics of Protius gain this spell instead of Locate Object.

           Continual Light

           Cure Blindness

           Cure Disease

           Growth of Animal

           Remove Curse

           Speak with Children of Protius – Clerics of Protius gain this spell instead of Speak with the Dead.


Call Lightning

Range: 360'

Duration: 1 turn per level of the caster

Effect: Calls lightning bolts from a storm

           This spell cannot be used unless a storm of some (any) type is within range of the cleric. (This does not mean that he must be within the spell's range of the storm cloud, but only that the stormy weather be taking place within 360' feet of him.)

           If a storm is present, the cleric may call 1 lightning bolt per turn (10 minutes) to strike at any point within range. The lightning bolt descends from the sky, hitting an area 20' across.

           Each victim within that are takes 8d6 (8-48) points of electrical damage, but may make a saving throw vs. spells to take half damage. The cleric need not call the lightning ever turn unless desired; it remains available until the spell duration (or the storm) ends.

Speak with Children of Protius

Range: 0 (Cleric Only)

Duration: 12 Turns

Effect: allows caster to communicate with sentient sea life within 60'

           This spell allows comprehension and communication with all aquatic creatures of greater than animal intelligence. For the durations of this spell the cleric may speak with all sentient sea life within 30'; the effect moves with the caster.

           The creatures spoken to usually have favourable reactions (+2 bonus to the reaction roll), and they can be talked into doing a favour for the cleric if the reaction roll is high enough.