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Immortals from the Hollow World

by combatmedic

I would start by excluding cultures/races with fewer than 100K members as of AC 1000. I am sure that HW populations have changed in size, waxing or waning over time; I still find the current population estimates to be the most useful tool for guessing at raw numbers of potential candidates for immortality.
This method yields the following possible origins:

I expect a goodly number of native Immortals to come from the ranks of fighters and thieves, fewer from among M-Us and clerics, because casters are somewhat rare in the HW.
Here are some thoughts of mine on each of the listed cultures, and what sort of immortals we might see come from them in the HW.

The HW Atlas, p22, notes that few Antalians have ever achieved Immortality (capitalized, meaning the actual condition of being an Immortal) even in the cultureís myths. Few, but that means some have done. I assume that includes the long memory of the race from its outer world origins, not only the time in the HW. But they have been in the HW a long time.
Letís say a HW Antalian has achieved Immortal status since BC 1722.
What about basing this guy off DCís Viking Prince, if Michael Moorcock had been hired to write for the comic? Iím talking about a doomed hero. It fits the fatalism of the culture. Immortality is actually a curse for him, although it also gives him special powers.

If a Nithian from the HW has achieved Immortal status, I would expect him to have been a pharaoh and cleric class character in life.

The obvious pick here is a guy based on Tarzan. Maybe he was raised by intelligent monsters of some kind, and so didnít belong to any one human tribe. He wandered around, his legend growing among the many tribes of the Neathar. I dunnoÖ Too obvious?

Craft and war/fighting themes well covered by the existing Immortals worshipped by these dwarves. How about an Immortal interested more in nature/outdoor stuff: mountaineering, animal husbandry, fertility (including fertility of the soil as well as increase in the dwarf population)? A dwarf ďrangeríí type in mortal life, perhaps?

This is a more recent culture, although it has ancient roots with the Traldar pirates. What about a Traldar buccaneer sponsored to Immortality to Korotiku? He would also count as a Traldar culture Immortal. Maybe a clever Odysseus type, but with a piratical bent?

Some kind of Herakles type figure should fit. Lion skin and a big club seem very HW appropriate to me.