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by Joseph Setorius

Living on the Northern Slopes of the Anathema Range delineating the Southern bounds of the continent of Davania, Pterradragons are the last vestiges of a primordial species thought to be the precursors to Mystaran dragons. Pterradragons being an imperfectly evolved genus, retain certain characteristics similar to Beastmen, not breeding true, their nascent breath-weapons being pale imitations of their chromatic cousins.

Dragon Turtles are just another primordial species that survive to the present day IMC. Not a crossbreed between Blue and Black. I do have Browns and Amber dragons. As well as Orange and Yellow! Yellows spew a gaseous breath weapon not unlike mustard gas. I already had most Metallic species IMC, but for an entirely different reason.

I did forget about Night Dragons while writing this...and I do consider them cannon, and exist IMC. There are also true Dracolichs. Not constructs but undead dragons. Both Night Dragons and Dracolichs may be turned under "Special" by Clerics of 25 or greater level IMC.

ALSO: I am not sure the whole dinosaur/fairy thing is cannon. Is this more Dragonlord crap?
P.S. : I DO NOT consider the Dragonlord Trilogy to be cannon. Horribly written by an author who doesn't really exist...Mr. Gunnarsson didn't really attempt to learn anything about Mystara... and I think he was just making shit up off the top of his head. Most of it bad...
The whole Elven and Dragon mixing thing is totally lame...and has none of the character of what Bruce and Frank previously established. It also completely clashes with my "Creation Saga" as well. If you really like it, I guess use it. But if you are just trying to adhere to it because you think it is cannon...I would pitch that baby overboard. Just my passionate opinion, based on the lame stuff discussed in the books. I really need to plow through that trilogy.