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Purple Moss

by Jamie Baty

B3 28

(CR 3): This plant is a distance cousin of yellow mould. It emits a heavy sweet smell that causes any character adjacent to it or walking through it to make a Fortitude save vs DC 12 or fall unconscious. Once the victim has fallen unconscious, the moss will quickly cover the body, beginning with the face so that it will suffocate its victim (please see the DMG for rules on suffocation). A Medium-size body is covered in 4 rounds. If the victim is smaller than Medium-size, subtract 1 round per size category difference. Larger victims add 2 rounds to the time needed to cover per size category difference. Once the victim is dead, it will devour all soft material on the body (organs, skin, clothes, etc.) in less than 1 hour. Wood, cloth and other organic matter take 1 hp damage per round, ignoring any hardness.

Purple moss cannot be harmed or destroyed except by normal and/or magical fire, or by any spell or poison that affects plant life.. A 5'x5' patch of purple moss is destroyed after it takes 8 hp of fire damage. Magical fire deals damage as per the spell or item that produced the fire. Torches deal 1d4 points of damage at the first touch. Normal fire has a 25% chance of igniting the moss. Once alight, the purple moss will take 2 hp of damage per round until it is all gone.