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Here is a list of the known Immortals that have influence on the world of Mystara. They are presented in the following format:

Name; Epithets and interests ; MF: (Major Followings); S: (Symbol)

Ahmanni; Turtlerider, patron of the Turtle Clan; MF: Atruaghin Clans (Children of the Turtle); S: Whale tooth necklace
Aksyri; Destruction and fire; MF: Sind; S: None (omens)
Al-Kalim; The Eternal Truth, The Desert Garden; MF: Ylaruam, Ierendi, Saragón; S: Palm tree against rising moon in desert
Alphaks; Destroying Alphatia; MF: Thyatis (illegal); S: Horned skull against phoenix-shaped flame
Alphatia; Pacifism, artistry; MF: Alphatia, Bellissaria, Norwold, Isle of Dawn; S: Glowing Shield with paints (like artist's palette)
Ambassador; Politics, fast-talking, negotiation; MF: Savage Baronies; S: A scroll representing a contract/treaty
Asterius; Trade, merchant, thieves; MF: Darokin, Thyatis; S: The moon
Atruaghin; Atruaghin Clans; MF: Atruaghin Clans; S: Warbonnet and tomahawk
Ayazi; Creation; MF: Sind; S: None (omens)
Bozdogan; Conquest by deceit; MF: Hule; S: Mechanical puzzle-cube
Calitha Starbrow; Oceans, sea elves; MF: Minrothad; S: Giant pearl
Cretia; Tricks, jokes; MF: Ethengar; S: Scowling face
Danel; Tigerstripes, patron of Tiger Clan; MF: Atruaghin Clans (Children of the Tiger); S: Cat's eye
Diulanna; Willpower, strong-willed heroes; MF: Thyatis, Thyatian Hinterlands; S: Spear through a boulder
Eiryndul; Elves, mischief, forest races; MF: Alphatian elves; S: Smiling teeth with no face
Faña; War and pride; MF: Texeiras, Vilaverde, Torreón S: Sword and shield
Frey and Freyja; Intelligent warfare; MF: Northern Reaches; S: Golden boar or pegasus
General; Warfare and warrior's code; MF: Savage Baronies; S: War hammer
Halav; Warfare, opposing goblinoids; MF: Karameikos, Thyatis, Slagovich; S: Sword laid on anvil
Hattani; Stoneclaw, patron of Bear Clan; MF: Atruaghin Clans (Children of the Bear); S: Bear claw pendant
Hel; Reincarnation, death, chaos; MF: Northern Reaches; S: Stone throne with skulls
Himayeti; Protection; MF: Sind; S: None (omens)
Ilsundal; Protection of elves; MF: Elves throughout Known World, Elvenhome (Sylvan Realms); S: Silhouette of Tree of Life
Inquisitor; Pride and correctness of belief; MF: Narvaez; S: Lance crossed with two short swords
Ixion; Banishing darkness, opposing Entropy; MF: Darokin, Narvaez; S: Flaming wheel
Judge; Justice; MF: The Savage Baronies; S: A hangman's noose
Kagyar; The arts, dwarves; MF: Rockhome, Thyatis; S: Crossed hammer and chisel
Kala; Death, chaos; MF: Sind; S: None (omens)
Khoronus; Teaching lessons of time to rulers; MF: Darokin; S: Waterclock or hourglass
Koryis; Peace, prosperity; MF: Darokin, Alphatia, Ochalea; S: Hand held palm forward
Loki; Mischief, betrayal; MF: Northern Reaches; S: Beautiful goblet with nasty bubbling liquid
Mahmatti; Running Elk, patron of Elk Clan; MF: Atruaghin Clans (Children of the Elk); S: Clay pipe
Milan; Swashbucklers and adventurers; MF: Savage Baronies; S: Crossed sabre and rapier.
Minroth; Minrothad Guilds; MF: Minrothad Guilds; S: Four-feathered arrow
Odin; Wise rule, living life to the fullest; MF: Darokin, Northern Reaches, Thyatis; S: Man's face flanked by two ravens
Ordana; Protection of forests, forest races; MF: Minrothad; S: Oak leaf
Petra; Fighting clerics, besieged cities; MF: Karameikos; S: Circular shield with central boss or potter's wheel
Protius; Old Man of the Sea, oceans; MF: Thyatis; S: Trident
Rad; The Radiance; MF: Glantri; S: Three connected hemispheres forming a triangle
Rafiel; Shadow Elves; MF: Aengmor, the City of Stars; S: Book with star on cover
Rathanos; Energy life forms; MF: Thothia, Nithia; S: Burning brand
Razud; Alphatians, helping the self- sufficient; MF: Alphatia; S: Stone oak tree
Tahkati; Stormtamer, patron of Horse Clan; MF: Atruaghin Clans (Children of the Horse); S: Buffalo-bone knife
Tarastia; Justice, revenge; MF: Thyatis; S: Black headman's axe
Thanatos; Death; MF: Thyatis (illegal), Nithia. S: Scythe
Thor; Warrior's code of honour; MF: Northern Reaches, Thyatis; S: War Hammer
Tubak; The Lawgiver, order, fair judgement; MF: Ethengar; S: A book
Twelve Watchers; Craftsmen; MF: Minrothad, Darokin; S: Two faceless staring eyes
Valerias; Romance, passion; MF: Thyatis, Darokin, Savage Baronies; S: Thorny rose
Vanya; War, conquest; MF: Heldannic Territories; S: Black lion
Vanya; War, conquest; MF: Thyatis; S: Lance crossed with two short swords.
Yav; The future, the People of Yav; MF: Yavdlom; S: A conch shell
Yamuga; Renewal, prosperity; MF: Ethengar; S: A yurt
Zirchev; Forest folks, rangers; MF: Karameikos, Darokin, Alphatia, Alpha; S: Hawk riding a wolf

In the next issue of the Mystaran Almanac, we will attempt to go into more detail of the various churches as well as the interaction between the Immortals and their priests.