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Thoughts and ideas involving Pyre

by Asgor Ironfist

I was researching about Pyre and an possible conflict evolving hin and the bandeirantes of Mato Grande, as Giampaolo suggested, but apparently Pyre never were very interested in the Western Orclands, because he never actually made that tribes obey him (just said to they to do it)... perhaps he thought it didn't worth this much... in fact, he might want that this orcs became Nimmurian slaves, so they are already inside this nation and can help the attack of the orcs, with an slave rebellion... this orcs might act as spies for Pyre too.

Another thing, it's curious that neither the Torreóners nor the Narvaezans ever tried to conquest anything outside the region of the savage baronies. The Torreóners might had tried before, but just hadn't been succeeded, perhaps because the places that worth to be conquested are protected with heavy defences. But it's curious that there aren't any Narvaezans religious outposts at the Savage Coast, bringing the word of Ixion to the natives. So, it would be interesting if some Narvaezans missionaries establishes an mission somewhere at an "savage" part of the savage coast, like the Western Orclands, for example. Specially the southern part, and doing something similar to what was already done with some orcs, that are now followers of Gareth. The bandeirantes of Mato Grande would certainly enter in conflict with this missionaries.

I was thinking more about that idea about Baronato de Portos, and I was thinking about more villages to this barony. One might be placed west of Fortaleza de Porto Maldição, northeastern of the Rot Swamps, an mining village, with an port. An interesting name for this village could be Mina Rica, based on the RW Vila Rica, an mining village at Minas Gerais, Brazil. If the Verdans were succeeded to conquer Preuve form the Renardois, an interesting new name for this colony might be Vila Valeriana, named form Valerias, an important Immortal to the Verdans. By the way, I was thinking about that would be interesting too if Colônia do Chifre (Colony of the Horn) became part of this new barony, exchanged for low trade taxes at the Yalu Bay (it is interesting for both Vilaverde and Portos). But I found two different descriptions about Colony of the Horn, one picturing it as an prosperous colony, where many retired adventures could be found, and another picturing it as an poor, almost useless colony, used to "dump" Texeiran criminals and other "undesirable" ones. If the first one is correct, Texeiras hardly would give up this colony, but if the second one is correct (or both, somehow), Texeiras would not mind in losing this colony in exchange of some trade advantages. Anyway, Colônia do Chifre would fit the RW Brazilian Nordeste, where were sugar plantations.