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Quest For The Silver Sword NPCs

by Håvard

Burgomeister Gustovan (Human)
Gustovan is the ruler of Torlynn.

Erik (Human)
A Young man in the service of Burgomeister Gustovan of Torlynn.

Barrik the Wizard (Human Wizard, Presumed dead)
Barrik is a descendant of Duke Barrik who once ruled the lands near Torlynn. The mad Wizard Barrik built his tower on the ruins of his ancestor, but was eventually disappeared.

Keshute (Wererat)
Keshute is a wererat who has taken over Barrik’s Keep. He brought Ratlings to Thunder Rift from a distant land. He most likely ends up dead at the end of Silver Sword.

Elladin Silvercrest (Elf Lord)
Elladin is the leader of the Silvercrest Clan of elves living in the Gauntlin woods. His family has had the legendary Silver Sword in their possession for hundreds of years. The Silver Sword is possibly a gift from a Faedorne.