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Quinto Mucio Rex

by Giulio N Caroletti and Chris Furneaux

13 Flaurmont 984, Kantridae, Duchy of Kantrium, Empire of Thyatis Quinto Mucio Rex, Commander of the Caerdwicca Garrison

History: Quinto Mucio Rex is the descendant of one of the first kings of Thyatis, hence the surname Rex. His family decayed from senatorial status many centuries ago, but has resisted as a small local aristocratic family in Kantrium since. His uncle Aulo Mucio Rex was a comrade of the Thyatian revolutionary Luscinia, while his father Sempronius was a minor officer of Thincol's following. Rex grew up with the hate for both, and hating their ideals. He left home at 14 to enter the Army, to seek an order that he couldn't find in his life. He thought of his uncle as an idiot because there is no use in trying to bring down a whole system, a task too big for any man. He hated his father for his servilism and the nearly total lack of benefit for his long-time service. Moreover he found ridiculous the pomp used in his family, just because they were descendants of a long-dead king. He hoped to find in the Army an efficient and healthy institution that cared about the well of the people in the Empire, a way to start changing the world from within, but he only discovered a world where the abuses of incompetent generals of aristocratic origin ruled (remember we are in the corrupt period just before the Wrath War). However, he became a good soldier, and he liked fighting. During the Wrath War he rose to higher positions mainly because he was good at fighting, and because he hated incompetence. A whole generation of officers bloomed during the war, just because there was nobody else that could fill the ranks of the incompetent that died, and of those not incompetent that died as well, considering the problems the Army faced against the Alphatian attack. He became Captain, and when the war was over he refused to remain on the Mainland, hoping to find possibilities for fighting, or at least for finding something to fight for, on the Isle of Dawn. He was sent to replace the Commander of the Caerdwicca Garrison when he asked for that position because he was a good fighter and had had many honour decorations because of his personal achievements in the war, and moreover he is an aristocrat (although his family is not much important).

Personality: Rex is a bitter man with no dream left in his life. When he was young, he hoped to find a meaning to life in the Army, but soon he realised that the only thing he could achieve was to become as good a fighter as possible. Although he says he doesn't care about anything, even his own life, he is a good commander that doesn't want to risk the life of his men- he remembers well the incompetent leaders he has met in his life, and the soldiers that died for them. In fighting he never cares of his own life, and this makes him a very dangerous opponent. During the war and the battles he has fought, he has been able to perform nearly impossible tasks just because he didn't care of the risk. He doesn't want to die, but death holds no fear to him. He doesn't like politicians, and has a total disgust of corruption, and when possible he has tried to limit nepotism and favouritisms among his troops. He isn't interested in the political aspects of war: he fights because he is a soldier, and that is his duty. He is just interested in action and being a soldier for better or worse, because then he is part of something that means something to someone even if not to himself.

Appearance: Rex is tall, with brown eyes and hair, with a hint of beard, and he is a little cross-eyed. He has thin lips and a deep scar on his left chin. He is well-built, muscled and very well in shape. He prefers to dress in brown or black robes when he isn't on duty; if he is, he wears a bronze breast plate over a white tunic, and a shield with the heraldic symbol of the McRhoomag. He prefers to use swords when fighting, but doesn't disdain the short axe.

Stats (OD&D, AC 1010):
Fighter 13
Str 15, Int 14, Wis 9, Dx 12, Con 13, Cha 10 Alignment: Lawful neutral