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Quintus Metellus

by Giulio Caroletti

21st Eirmont 978, Kantridae, Duchy of Kantrium, Thyatis.
Quintus Valerius Metellus, Senator of the Metellus family.
Among the ranks of the Free Thinkers, a man rises to speak in front of the Senate. He emanates from all of his body an aura of calculated coldness, and speaks in a low, cold, voice tone. His baritone voice fills the Senate with mocking words that attack the resolution that the Senate, pushed by the Aristocratic faction, is going to pass. Although he seems overall uninterested in what he is saying, like if he was complaining for the impoliteness of a child at an important party, his words show the rage he has for a resolution that he doesn't approve at all. He is Quintus Valerius Metellus, a nobleman from an ancient family of the northern mountains of Kantrium.

History: Quintus is the third son of the senator Severin Metellus and of Eliana Ghellariar. At first, Severin was disappointed by his birth, as he didn't want a third son. Severin ignored completely the boy until he was five, when the parents realised the insanity of the little Damian.
However, considering that Severin thought of Lucius Valerius as his heir, he still continued to view the boy with little or no care, and not too different was the position of his mother. The sore boy grew up in the indifference of his relatives, comforted only by the love of his brother Lucius.
Quintus developed soon a profound hate for the parents, and dedicated himself to literary and philosophical studies, only to change toward political ones when both his older brothers left for Karameikos, thwarting his father's plans about their entrance in the political life of Thyatis. Quintus didn't remain much with the hated parents: he left for the capital when he was eighteen (AC 996) and entered soon the aristocratic circles, where he matured a dislike for the decadent ways of most of the young nobility. He refused firmly alcohol, zzonga and other addictions, and excluded himself from most of the passions of the young nobles. After a love delusion he reacted closing himself toward others, especially women, and his brothers remained the only confidants he had for years. In AC 1005 he entered the Army against the will of his father, to fight for the Empire, although he had little knowledge of weapons, with the assumed name of Falcon Boar, because he didn't want to receive a particular attention given his rank. He fought for four years in the infantry, surviving the most bloody battles. Consequences of his fights are a good prowess with the hand axe, a scar in the stomach that causes him intestinal difficulties, and a broken knee who didn't cure too well and that gives him a somehow halting pace. In AC 1009 he left the Army with the rank of Centurion and a Cross of Gold decoration for having saved his commander (a noble General) from death during a battle; he revealed his identity, returned home and killed his father, hid the proof of this, did the same with his mother, and took the title of Senator, because his brothers were uninterested in it.

Personality: Quintus is a very cold, pragmatic and rational man, who dislikes superstitions and incompetence. Quintus is a Free Thinker among the senators: he consider the factions a stupid heritage that has to be thrown down, because the senators should be able to think with their heads, and should not be listening to the opinions of the group they are part of. He dislikes the Emperor and the Imperial organisation, but thinks that a Republic would not be able to maintain control over the land, and the Senate would not be strong enough. He loves his brothers, although he disliked his parents so much that he killed them. Regarding this, Quintus has mixed feelings. He has somehow rationalised his actions, but he knows that this is wrong, and he feels guilty as a criminal. His bitterness at the world outside could also be influenced by this act that he is trying to remove from his memory.
Quintus has not as many interests as his brothers: apart politics, he is fond of heraldry and literature, and he has written poetry secretly: he has been disappointed by Valerius' success as a poet, and has thus decided not to publish his writings (even if they are better than his- but he isn't aware of this).

Appearance: Tall, slender, not muscled like his brothers, he is however very resistant to fatigue, and well-trained. Quintus is a beautiful man, although his sharp features and prominent nose make him a little less attractive than his brothers, as does his cold-looking amber-brown eyes.
He has dark hair and a short and cultivated beard. He has a low, bass voice, and speaks in a calculated manner, fast and aggressive or calm and slow, depending on the circumstances.

Stats (OD&D, AC 1010):
Fighter 9
Str 12, Int 13, Wis 16, Dx 12, Con 14, Cha 15 Alignment: Lawful neutral