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This documents is a copy of the one a scribe of the Darokin Diplomatic Corps made while recording the meeting that took place on Kaldmont 24, the year 1015 After Crowning of the First Emperor of Thyatis.

Kerdan Buhrodar (representative of Rockhome): To the members of the Western Defence League, I am here at the behest of King Everast XVI of Rockhome to ask for your aid in defending our nation against a horde of rampaging goblinoids. These vile creatures have overrun the Klintest Lowlands, and even now march their way to our capital.

Normally, we would not have any troubles with the vicious goblinoids, but this time they are well organised, have weapons and armour to match our own, and even have several forces of giants under their command. While our forces are busy fighting this new army, the local goblinoids have joined in the raiding and are taking advantage of our weakness.

We need your help - the help of the Western Defence League - to get these... monsters back under control.

John Sternbush (representative of the Five Shires): The Western Defence League has form for the specific purpose to help each other defend their nations against a foreign invasion. Yet Rockhome is no longer a part of the League. Why should we help?

Deidra Longreach (representative of Darokin): Is Rockhome seeking readmission into the Western Defence League?

K.B. : We are doing no such thing! You left us defenceless against the Shadow Elves; we could never trust you again!

Rurik Sveamark (representative of Vestland): But Rockhome was invading the lands of the Shadow Elves, not vice-versa. The Western Defence League serves only to defend our lands, not invade other nations.

K.B. : Why is this northman here? His nation is not even a part of the League!

D.L. : The representative of Vestland has been permitted to join council meetings while we discuss the admittance of his nation to the Western Defence League. And Rurik did adequately state our reasons for not helping you in the war for Aengmor.

Lorensa Dialitus (representative of Karameikos): If you do not trust us, why ask for our help?

K.B. : Because we have no choice. Our forces are losing to the goblins! Our tacticians do not understand it. It seems that they know all of our manoeuvres, and they've definitely learned how to avoid and even use all of our traps. Worse, they've well organised, more so than any previous band of goblinoids that have tried to invade the homeland of the dwarves. If we do not get help soon, Rockhome may soon be gone forever. And that makes it worth coming to you for help, regardless of our feelings toward you.

L.D. : Your honesty is appreciated. I have no further questions.

D.L. : Do any of the other representatives have any comments they which to make?

no one speaks up.

D.L. : Does Rockhome have anything else to add?

K.B. : Only that we need more troops now! If you deliberate to long, it may be too late!

D.L. : Then I will take the votes. All those in favour of helping Rockhome, raise your arms.

Karameikos, Darokin, and Vestland raise their arms

D.L: All those against.

no one

D.L. : Then the Five Shires abstain?

J.S. : That is correct. We have no desire to help Rockhome, but no intentions of causing them harm either. The Five Shires will go along with the decision of the Western Defence League Council.

D.L.: Then the motion is passed. We will contact our military leaders and have them co-ordinate events with the troops of Rockhome.

The rest of the meeting discussed just who was going to be in charge of what, when forces shall be deployed, and what military tactics will be used. It has been edited out of the Almanac at the request of the DDC