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Races of Vaniae

by John Calvin

Here is a preliminary list of all of the races on Vaniae (hopefully I caught all of the ones we spoke about in this thread so far).

Natives - Sandfolk

Natives - Earth Elementals

Planar Spiders

BC 4000 - Beagle/Grens, original expedition leaves behind Galactic technology

BC 3000 - Blackmoorians/warforged?, visit the planet from Mystara

BC 2500 to BC 900? - Pyrithian Amazons

BC 1200 - Aranea

BC 1200 - Nithians


~BC 700 - Alphatians


Canine Folk?

Brown Dragons

One interesting thing I realized was that since the Beagle crew visits here on their way to Mystara, and since it is likely the Blackmoorians also visit this planet during their civilization's height, we have an opportunity to showcase the parallel development of Galactic tech. The older/original Beagle tech, verses the Blackmoorian tech that evolves from it.