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by Marco Dalmonte

Patron of Glantri, Patron of Magic, Lord of Radiance
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 22 (Empyreal), LN, Energy
Symbol: three semi-circumferences which intersect each other, forming a perfect triangle
Portfolio: radiance, magic, knowledge, order, Glantri
Worshipped in: Known World (Glantri)
Appearance: an elderly man with long white beard, a gruff outlook but with keen and piercing eyes, wearing a long robe embroidered with mysterious runes and magical symbols.
History: Etienne d'Ambreville was born in the province of Averoigne on the world of Laterre (Dimension of Myth). Last heir to an old tradition of wizards and alchemists, Etienne was always a bit odd but had a real talent for magic. The problem was that magic was outlawed in his world and widely considered a heinous crime, a blasphemous pact with fiendish forces. Etienne sought for many years a way to escape his world, and he finally was able to create a magical gate which he used to lead his whole family out of Averoigne, fleeing religious persecutions in time.
The Ambrevilles arrived in Glantri in AC728 and immediately gained lordship over a wide area which they christened Nouvelle Averoigne. Etienne later discovered the existence of a powerful source of magic buried beneath the very soil of Glantri, the first human to unveil the power of Radiance. After tinkering with its powers, he reached immortality in the sphere of Energy in AC 855, the second mortal to rise to the higher spheres without a patron (the first had been Rafiel). He immediately created the philosophy of "The Rad", a concept that represented magic in all its forms, which he himself promoted and spread among the wizards of Glantri, thus starting his own philosophical religion. He did not want to be recognised as a true immortal, to avoid the same religious persecutions and debates he had to suffer in his homeland, and later he made the Council of Wizard-Princes ban any kind of religious order from Glantri, in order to prevent any kind of religious schism in his country.
Etienne was later responsible for creating the Great School of Magecraft, becoming its Grand Master in AC875, and in AC 896 the Principality of Nouvelle Averoigne obtained its seat in the parliament of the Principalities of Glantri. However, shortly after this acknowledgment, Etienne was treacherously killed by his brother Henri and his own mother Catharine, who wanted to usurp his lordship. Because of Etienne's curse, the two conspirators were reduced to skeletons and the whole Chateau d'Ambreville vanished in another dimension, while the Princes of Glantri prevented anybody from settling the Nouvelle Averoigne to avoid further disappearances.
In AC 979 a group of adventurers was able to enter Ambreville Castle and to break Etienne's curse, raising him from the dead. The castle crumbled and all of the d'Ambrevilles trapped inside died, except for Etienne. He went back to Averoigne in Laterre and bargained with his old friend, the sorceress Geneviève de Sephora, a passage to Mystara in exchange for her own tower, la Maison de Sylaire, which became the d'Ambrevilles new fortress. Finally he wished back to life all of his relatives and brought Nouvelle Averoigne to its ancient glory.
From that day he has used his mortal identity of Etienne d'Ambreville to further his researches on the Radiance and the Nucleus of the Spheres, and to create a cadre of powerful mages to help him maintain this secret (Brotherhood of Radiance).
Personality: Rad is brilliant, unpredictable, loony and terribly stubborn. As long as he impersonates Etienne, is pretends to be absent-minded and gruff, so long as to make others believe he suffers from senility, while in fact his mind is as keen as ever. Rad enjoys teasing all those people he considers too proud of themselves or stiff-necked using his typical Averoignese irony. In particular he provokes Ixion every time he can, since he never acknowledged his leadership in his sphere. This irreverence for the immortal hierarchy obviously brings him the sympathies as well as the hatred of many fellow immortals. Rad's irreverent character is often the point of many debates inside the Sphere of Energy, where is he taken as example by many hot-headed immortals who want to shake the hierarchy and overthrow the reigning immortals. Despite his stubbornness and his boldness however, Rad is too kind at the heart to take his enemies seriously.
Patron: none (Radiance)
Allies: none (sometimes collaborates with Rafiel)
Enemies: none (often in contrast with Ixion)
Classic D&D stats:
Followers' alignment: Neutral or Lawful: clerics must be Lawful
Favoured weapons: none (allowed all weapons which do max 1d4 hp at Basic level of mastery)
Clerics' skills & powers: Rad has no clerics. The Shepherds of Rad in Glantri are in fact wizards who receive from Rad these powers:
1. +1 bonus to Wisdom and Intelligence (one of the two bonus is granted at 1st level, the other at 9th level, at the Shepherd's choice);
2. +10% bonus to any roll for enchanting magic items and researching spells.
D&D 3E Stats:
Domains: Energy, Law, Magic, Knowledge
Preferred weapon: dagger
: GAZ3, WotI