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Ray of Radiance Absorption

by micky

we had an interesting Barimoor thread some months back... an interesting (and unexpected) problem for him might be realizing (at the wrong time and place) that he isn't the powerful wizard in a 1000 mile radius. Being so wrapped up in his other requirements.. he might not realize it until he makes his move.. and gets hit with this in a duel... checkmate hahaha

Ray of Radiance Absorption
Level 9 Radiance Spell
Range : 60 yards
Components : V, S
Casting Time : 9
Duration : Instantaneous
Area : One targeted creature or item
Save : None

When this spell is invoked, the caster strips all magic from the target. Cast upon an item, this produces an effect identical to that of a Rod of Cancellation. Cast upon a spellcaster, it removes all memorised spells from the casters memory, and automatically dispels any dweomers in place upon his person. The spell can cripple wizards, destroy golems, and return conjured creatures to their place of origin, among other things.

Unlike Sever the Tie, this spells effects are purely temporary. Wizards struck can rememorise their spells in the normal way. Magical items remain as mundane items, though they could theoretically be reenchanted.

This spell requires the casters receptacle.