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What if Rafiel is an AI?

by DJ Hartel

This is an idea I've had over the last few days. I was thinking what if Rafiel wasn't a surname or any name. What if it was an acronym for the AI itself? Below is one possibility for the words that make up its name.


The image he presents is just his avatar from online web/cyberspace during Blackmoor. He says he's an e-Blackmoor scientist either to cover his past or the A.I. was coded to believe as such. Maybe even it got scrambled when he came online during the great rain of fire and can't really remember what it was before.

Possible origins of the AI:

If this was an AI masquerading as a human that would explain some things. It took it a long time to figure out how to communicate to people in the real world. Machine language is not similar to human language, so it had to learn to "dumb" down it's communication so folks understood it. It says in the Shadow Elves Gazetteer that there were other messages Rafiel left as well.

Another behavior which seems cold is the abandonment of mutated babies. In the Gazetteer it says the Orcs are guided by Rafiel to find and adopt such children. I'm thinking if Rafiel is at his core an AI it ran a probability check on survival of Shadow Elves with and without the mutated babies and decided it would be best to abandon then children (though I wonder if this is a practice from before Rafiel came along).

Lastly is the Chamber of the Spheres. This seems to be Rafiel's number one goal. He does do some actions to take care of the Shadow Elves, but by and large his main goal is the Chamber of the Spheres. What would an AI want with a source of great power? One thought is it may try to recreate itself to generate another AI. Though it could be trying to complete the initial thought experiment in the first place, as if the code at it's core it still stuck in a loop trying to complete it main focus.