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Raging Spice

by Chitekina


Smelling Salts
Skunk Musk
Wild Peppers
Several nameless, putrid herbs

These ingredients are chopped, dried, and mixed in a small cloth pouch, which is normally worn around the neck. When forcefully inhaled for one round, it causes the recipient to become enraged:

Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity are all increased 1 level for 12 rounds, and all benefits appropriate are gained (hit point, AC, and initiative bonuses, increased attack and damage rolls, etc.)
Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma are all effectively reduced 1 level for 12 rounds, which reduces willpower and reaction rolls (only)
They feel the need for melee combat for the next 12 rounds, and have to make willpower checks to refrain from combat (even if this means attacking allies, although enemies and strangers are instinctively the first targets)
(Were-creatures only) An involuntary transformation is triggered, but all of the above effects are ignored

At the end of the 12 rounds, all of the effects dissipate. However, for the next 12 turns the Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity are all reduced by 1 level. If a second dosage is taken, these new scores are used instead of the original, and after that duration ends the scores will be reduced an additional level (a total loss of 2 levels). This process can be repeated indefinitely, but because of the ability score losses it is quite possible for a character to die through either scores dropping below 1, or hit point depletion through Constitution penalties. This is called a suicide dose.

The spice is usually made in the spring, and lasts until the first frost of the winter. At that point, it will go bad, and only the 12 turn penalty will result from any uses.

Ability Score Levels

Level New Score Original Score
-5 0 (-5) 0 (-5)
-4 1 (-4) 1 (-4)
-3 3 (-3) 2-3 (-3)
-2 5 (-2) 4-5 (-2)
-1 8 (-1) 6-8 (-1)
0 12 9-12
+1 15 (+1) 13-15 (+1)
+2 17 (+2) 16-17 (+2)
+3 18 (+3) 18 (+3)
+4 20 (+4) 19-20 (+4)
+5 23 (+5) 21-23 (+5)
+6 27 (+6) 24-27 (+6)

The only thing that isn't mentioned is that a Willpower Check is (Int + Modifier +(Wis + Modifier)) compared to d100.