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Ragnar Solmundson

by Jacob Skytte

Neutral 13th level Fighter (Str 15, Int 10, Wis 7, Dex 12, Con 12, Cha 14, AC 5 or 0, hp 50) Personality Traits: Reverent/Godless 13/7, Forgiving/Vengeful 14/6, Honest/Deceitful 13/7, Trusting/Suspicious 16/4 52 years old, White hair, Very pale blue eyes

"You cannot simply invoke the king's name and expect me to yield."

In his youth Ragnar was a mighty warrior and pirate, who led several raids to all manner of far and foreign countries. Now he has grown old and weary. He is, however, obsessed with the idea that he might somehow, some way regain the vigour of his lost youth. He believes (perhaps rightly so) that the Modrigswerg dwarves can create some wonderful artifact that will do just that. He therefore has contacted the Dark Dwarves, and they have agreed to give it their best shot for a price of course. Invigorated with these prospects Ragnar has once again taken to raiding those far and foreign countries to come up with some prize that the Dark Dwarves covet. So far he has been largely unsuccessful, but has managed to trade for some lesser Modrigswerg artifacts.

Ragnar has never had any children, or he might have been content with his accomplishments, but now that he has married the young Oda Elsasdottir, he once again dreams of siring a son, who can carry on his line and name. Already he has begun falling under the influence of Oda, who seems so sweet and pure, but will actually only use him to get what she wants, before casting this once mighty warrior away.

In battle Ragnar wears a chain mail+5 called Blood Mail, fashioned from a mystical blood red metal, and wields a wicked looking dark halberd+3; +6 vs. weapon-using creatures called "Halshugger" (Beheader). Both of these artifacts are cursed, but Ragnar is aware of the nature of the curses (that he must drench the chain mail in blood or it will lose its bonuses, and that he must kill a creature with Halshugger once a week).