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Origin of the Rakasta - summary

by Giulio Caroletti

Very interesting article. I'll give a try to summarise it up, so you can clarify me things if I didn't understand them. Please fill in timelines if possible.

A. Prehistoric Rakasta
(died out)

A.1. Cave Rakasta
(died out)

Western Davania

A1.2. Meghala Kimata Plateau
    A1.2.1 Izonda
    A1.2.2 Arm of the Immortals

A1.3 Outcasts (Ochalea, Northern Davania)
    A1.3.1. Domestic Pardasta
        A1.3.1.1. Bellayne
    A1.3.2. Mountain Pardasta (Known World)
    A1.3.3 Fast Runners (Esterhold, Jen)
    A1.3.4 Northwestern Skothar tribes mix with A2.1.2.(see below)

A2. Rakastodon Fatalis
(died out)

A2.1. Sherkasta (from Davania they reach Tangor SW)
    A2.1. 1 Subjugated by Rakshasa
        (become Nentsun Rakasta, similar to Lynxmen)
    A2.1. 2 Flee from Rakshasa
        Mix with A1.3.4 and develop into
            A3. 1. Lynxmen (Norwold, northern Skothar)
            A3. 2. Snow Pardasta (Norwold, northern Skothar)