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by Jim Lai

1. Ability Modifiers +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution. The feline Rakasta are graceful, but lack endurance.

2. Rakasta are medium sized, with a base speed of 30 feet.

3. Their keen senses and natural grace +2 to Hide, Move Silently, and Listen checks.

4. Rakasta have claws, giving them +2 to Climb checks if they are barehanded and barefoot. Rakasta can also choose to use their claws and teeth in unarmed combat, giving them the option of doing lethal damage instead of subdual. Rakasta may purchase the Multiattack feat.

3. Rakasta may make a Will save vs. DC based on the caster's level (or creature hit dice) to detect invisible, ethereal, or phased beings within 10 feet.

4. Rakasta take half damage from any fall if they succeed in a Reflex save vs. DC (10+1 per 10' of distance)

5. Rakasta gain the bonus feat Blind Fighting.

6. Rakasta have good Night Vision, allowing them to see twice as far as a human in poor light and still distinguish colours and details.

7. Exceptionally tough Rakasta (those with a high Constitution) can call up a short burst of energy. They may add their Constitution bonus to their Strength score for a number of rounds equal to their Constitution or until they calm down (whichever comes first). After that, they must cat-nap for one minute per round they called on the energy burst before they can fight or perform other strenuous activity again. This requirement is above and beyond their normal sleep requirements.

8. Rakasta suffer a -2 to all saves vs. sound based attacks because of their keen senses.

9. Rakasta fear water. All Rakasta suffer -4 to Swim checks and if they get significantly wet, Rakasta suffer -2 to all rolls until they are dry. Rakasta may make a Will save (DC 12) to overcome this fear for 1 minute per character level.

10. Rakasta are attracted to catnip. In its presence, Rakasta must make a Will save vs. DC 12 to avoid touching it, rolling in it, or generally playing. If this save fails, the character will attempt to finish whatever he is doing as quickly as possible and play with the plant for at least (5 - Wisdom Bonus) minutes. Rakasta in this state may not cast any spells or activate magic items, but are not unaware of their surroundings, and may recover as a Free Action if attacked.

11. Rakasta rely on their whiskers for many of their exceptional abilities. If their whiskers are ever severed, they suffer 2 points of Dexterity damage and lose the innate Blind Fighting feat and the ability to detect invisible beings until the whiskers grow back (or the damage is healed through magical means). Burnt or severed Rakasta whiskers regrow in (1d4 - Constitution Bonus, minimum 1) weeks.

12. Rakasta are somewhat lazy. They must sleep a total of (16-Constitution Bonus) hours per day, though this can be broken up into shorter cat-naps. Adventuring Rakasta may make a Fortitude save vs. DC 15 to reduce this time to (12-Constitution Bonus) hours per day. A Rakasta's Constitution Bonus may never reduce the character's sleep requirement below 10 hours.

13. The preferred class of nomadic Rakasta is Rogue. The preferred class of Bellayne's urban Rakasta is Bard.

14. Automatic languages are Common and Rakasta. Additional languages include Draconic, Elven, Gnoll, Goblin, Halfling, Orc, Sylvan, and Undercommon (sign language)