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Ralindi Virayana

by Jennifer Guerra

Son and Heir of Prince Jherek Virayana IV of Krondahar

Dream Master of the Third Circle

Member of the Brotherhood of the Radiance

AC 1014

"Some prefer to settle their disputes with weapons, some with spells; a wise man is one who knows both methods...and then more."


Ralindi is a serious and scholarly young man, who nonetheless manages to convey a personal presence so powerful as to draw all eyes toward him when he enters a room. Tall (5'11") and grey-eyed, he has his mother's jet-black hair and Makistani colouring, as well as his father's features and muscular build. He wears his hair in a single long braid, and sports a thin moustache. Ralindi dresses in traditional Krondaharan robes for formal state occasions, but prefers modern Glantrian fashions for everyday and social wear.


Ralindi was born at Singhabad in 990, the son of Prince Jherek Virayana IV and his second wife, Aleah. Virtually abandoned by his tempestuous mother at birth, Ralindi spent his earliest years in the care of a governess, until the age of two. At that time, Prince Jherek married his third wife, Lady Waira, with the express purpose of providing his languishing son with a mother. Ralindi took to his new (very young) stepmother instantly, enraging his disinterested but nonetheless jealous birth mother. Thus was Ralindi raised as Waira's child, alongside Waira's own son, Rejladan. His childhood was warm and content, and he thrived in the environment. A bright and sturdy child, Ralindi revelled in impressing visiting nobles with his academic achievements (He could recite poetry at five.), as well as his sporting accomplishments.

When Ralindi was nine and Rejladan six, Jherek arranged for them to attend the Great School of Magic in a special tutoring program (Prince Jherek had instituted a program by which the children of Krondaharan nobility begin their formal magical training at a young age). Separation from Waira was extremely hard on Ralindi, and the normally active boy began to withdraw. His studies and behaviour suffered, and Jherek was called to meetings with the program's headmaster from other his duties in the capital numerous times. The confounded Prince tried everything: from bringing Waira to visit, to offering incentives, to punishments. Nothing helped the homesick boy, who felt alienated at the Great School, surrounded by strange customs and sometimes bullied by adolescent students. Jherek even considered withdrawing the boys (for one did nothing without the other) and permitting them to return to Krondahar.

Finally, Jherek tried one last thing: arranging a friendship for his son. This did not please the Prince, for ideally, Krondaharan boys are never coddled, and must form their own friendships without the "meddling" of well-meaning parents. But Jherek, humbled by his concern, contacted Archduke of Westheath Harald Haaskinz, who had a son Ralindi's age. Lord Harald, a Master at the school was well aware of Ralindi's problems, and lent a sympathetic ear. He invited the boy to Westheath to meet his son, Dominick.

Ralindi was at first reluctant, resenting his father's interference (He only wanted to return home); but in the end he obeyed, and travelled to Westheath. He did not like Dominick-The Archduke's only son was a sickly bookworm with no taste for games or sports-and wandered off to explore the depths of the castle. Lord Harald found him in the library, hours later, curled up on the floor asleep next to an open book of maps. The tome was open to the section on Krondahar. The Archduke took an instant liking to Ralindi, sympathising with the boy's loneliness and vulnerability. In the coming days, Lord Harald spent much time with Ralindi, learning of his interests and advising him on his problems at the Great School. Under his wing, the boy warmed a bit, losing the proverbial chip from his shoulder and even growing to like Dominick.

When Ralindi returned to the Great School, Dominick went with him; the two, plus Rejladan, now spent their afternoons being tutored by Lord Harald, when he was not busy at Parliament. Prince Jherek was amazed at the rapid improvement in his son's behaviour, and blamed himself for not being able to sense the boy's need for guidance.

For the rest of the academic year, all seemed well again. Then, that summer, disaster struck: Rejladan vanished on a hunting excursion. Ralindi was devastated. When no search succeeded, Waira and Jherek-overcome with grief-withdrew from Ralindi. Aleah, seeing her chance to wreak havoc on her rival's heart, determined to "steal" Ralindi's affections away from the woman who had raised him. She wooed Ralindi to her side with a combination of motherly "love," false compassion for Rejladan's loss, and blatant indulgence. Feeling slighted and alone, Ralindi succumbed, and the seed of resentment toward Jherek and Waira (planted there by Aleah) grew, as did his affection for his natural mother.

But when the ten year old was not turned quickly enough for her tastes, Aleah grew bored and turned her attention elsewhere. Ralindi was crushed, and consumed by guilt and anger over how easily he had been tricked. Approaching his father, he asked for permission to move to Westheath. Shocked, but not entirely surprised, Prince Jherek assented.

Ralindi lived with the Haaskinz family from AC 1000 to 1005, moving to Sablestone when it was enfeoffed under the new Prince Harald in AC 1004. He and Dominick were tutored privately at home in academic and magical matters alike.

In AC 1005, when the war with Alphatia began and when Sablestone's borders were threatened by Hulean movement within Sind, Prince Jherek recalled his son to Krondahar. Only then did Jherek stop resenting Harald's influence in his son's life, for Ralindi had grown into a serious and scholarly young man with a responsible demeanour and good bearing. He took a renewed interest in his heir, and Ralindi again grew close to his father. He still idolised Waira as well, and evinced a fierce protectiveness of her.

Despite the dangers of being in the capital, Ralindi began attending Parliamentary sessions with Prince Jherek in addition to attending the Great School regularly. (Both he and Jherek agreed that to abandon the capital or the Great School would be a show of weakness to Krondaharan subjects, and an inexcusable show of distrust in the protection of the Grand Army). When Ralindi had advanced sufficiently in the study of magic (as well as being introduced to the Secret Craft of Dream Magic), he also joined his father in the ongoing hunt for Rejladan, whom they now believe to have been kidnapped.

Meanwhile, the war dragged on. Ralindi kept up the bravado of attending the Great School. Finally, in AC 1010, with Alphatian troops on the continent and a magical attack expected at any time, Prince Jherek ordered his son out of the capital. It was too late; as Ralindi sat aboard his private gondola, travelling from the Tower of Sighs to the Great School, the Alphatians struck. Enemy archmages, too numerous to count, appeared on every elevated surface in the capital, bombarding it with spellfire. Jherek, embroiled in a fierce duel for the defence of his city (Some later believed his opponent to be none other than the archwizard Terari.), quit the field in order to save his surrounded and outmatched son, sending the young man to safety before returning to battle. Ralindi was enraged at being "treated like a child," but later understood his father's wisdom-and bravery.

In the following years, Ralindi learned more of the art of statecraft from his father, though this slowed his magical progress. He continued to spend holidays with the Haaskinz family though (his "second family," as Waira joked), and to search for Rejladan with Jherek regularly.

Finally, in AC 1012, their tenacity paid off. Prince Jherek and Ralindi found a clue tying Rejladan's disappearance to Lady Sinaria Verlien, Countess of High Sonden. The two men captured the Countess and imprisoned her in Jherek's fortress in the Demiplane of Nightmares.

Ralindi was aghast at his normally reserved father's cruelty during the interrogation; when they finally found Rejladan-naked and starving, a captive since childhood-he understood. Filled with an insane rage, he returned to his father's fortress using his ring of dark dominion, and tormented Sinaria for days with painful tortures and terrifying visions. Then, shaken by what he found himself capable of doing, he fled to Glantri City, to Harald Haaskinz.

At the Great School-for Prince Harald had recently become Grand Master-Ralindi poured out to his "second father" all that had happened: Rejladan's captivity (though he did not name the captor) over something called the Radiance, his pathetic state at rescue, Ralindi's atrocities to the kidnapper. He was surprised at Harald's unblinking acceptance of these things, and at his sympathy for Ralindi's rage. Harald encouraged him to pour his anger, guilt, and pain into magic.

Ralindi returned to the Great School as a student. But he continued to obsess on the nature of the mysterious Radiance. And, amazingly, bits and pieces of information on the subject seemed to come his way! After a year's study, Ralindi had amassed the knowledge that he believed would permit him to eventually harness this secret power. Telling no one, he secluded himself in his quarters at Prince Harald's city manor, constructing his receptacle of crystal.

Finally, on the night of the Autumn Equinox of AC 1013, he prepared to use the receptacle for the first time. Just before midnight, as he sat before the crystal (which was beginning to glow with a soft blue light), a jolt of powerful magic suddenly washed over him. He opened his eyes to find himself in his private apartments at Singhabad. A robed figure loomed above him in the dark. "Take care not to violate our tenets in your haste to embrace the Light of Rad, young Brother," the voice intoned. "Summon the Power only from within your fief. You have been saved from a potentially deadly error." Ralindi thought he recognised the voice under the hood, but said nothing. Shaken, he began again, and was soon welcomed into the Brotherhood of the Radiance as "Brother Twilight." In the year since joining the Brotherhood, Ralindi has immersed himself in studying the power of the Radiance, though he is careful not to corrupt his body with overuse, as did Prince Harald. Ralindi is especially interested in the potential of the Radiance to defend against further foreign aggression.

Web of Intrigue

Although Ralindi believes that he is ready to assume the mantle of leadership in Krondahar, he does not wish for it to come-The mere thought of losing his father shakes him to the core. This fear has made Ralindi put off preparing for the worst, and so the transition of rulers, should Jherek indeed die anytime soon, will likely not be entirely smooth. One potential (or rather, certain) problem is his mother Aleah, whose quest for personal power will likely come to rest upon her estranged son. Ralindi has no intention of allowing Aleah to walk back into his life and begin pulling strings. At the same time, he realises his vulnerability to Waira's influence, but knows that his stepmother has nothing but his best wishes (and certainly no political ambitions) in her heart.

It is common knowledge in Glantri that some of the Princes favour Lady Lan-Syn Virayana, the ranking spellcaster of the family, as the heir to Krondahar. But Krondaharan law forbids a female ruler; Ralindi hopes that Lan-Syn will not be foolish enough to forsake her heritage for a fruitless bid for power. He will not relinquish his birthright, and the people of Krondahar will not permit such an abuse of tradition.

These issues weigh heavily upon young Ralindi. For solace, he has turned to Ysabel de Fedorias, a cousin of the late husband of Princess Carnelia de Belcadiz, Don Miguel de Fedorias. Ralindi is deeply in love with the charming elf maid. This monogamous and interracial romance (all but unheard-of in Krondahar) has strained Ralindi's normally smooth relationship with the ultra-nationalistic Rejladan. Prince Jherek has said nothing to his eldest son directly of the girl, but is rumoured to be planning a political marriage for the heir, possibly to Rina Krinagar, the eldest niece of Prince Urmahid Krinagar. Those who know Ralindi best agree that while he will not challenge his father's decision, neither will he give up Ysabel.


For all his single-minded scholarliness, Ralindi is actually a well-rounded and conscientious young man. Like his father, he views most issues dispassionately but, when certain people are concerned, can both love and hate with great ferocity. His circles for both, however, are small: He loves his father, Waira, Rejladan, Harald, Dominick, and Ysabel; he hates Sinaria Verlien (who imprisoned Rejladan for so long) and Angus McGregor (who tormented Ralindi at the Great School so long ago; the two have had a cold rivalry ever since). For all others, he feels merely one degree of neutrality or another-though, in the case of Aleah this apathy is deliberate and forced.

Statistics & Style of Magic

11th-level wizard, Dream Master of the 3rd Circle, Brother of the Radiance.

Str 13 Dex 17 Con 13 Int 17 Wis 12 Cha 10; AL N (D&D and AD&D).

Languages: Ethengarian (Krondaharan dialect), Thyatian (Glantrian common and Caurenzan dialects), Elvish (Belcadiz dialect).

Weapon Proficiencies: staff (+2)

Skills: reading/writing, spellcraft, meditation, ancient history, local history, hunting, etiquette

Ralindi has studied magic longer than most young Glantrians, and has had the best tutors and instructors, including the Grand Master of the Great School of Magic, Prince Harald Haaskinz himself. Ralindi's knowledge and understanding of magic is both deep and wide, and his choice of spells is very balanced (He is not an illusionist specialist like his father). Still, Ralindi upholds Krondaharan tradition and applies himself much on the Secret Craft of Dream Magic.

Ralindi's latest attentions in magic is his study of the Radiance. As he is the youngest and newest member of the Brotherhood of the Radiance, Ralindi still has much to learn but also has the greatest potential.

Ralindi owns a ring of spell turning and a cloak of illusion. He has a special ring, Ralindi's ring of dark dominion, given to him by his father.

"You need not expose your true heart and mind to others to gain their trust, Ralindi. Only let them think that you have. You will soon know your enemies, while they will have greatly underestimated you."

(Prince Harald Haaskinz, on Lady Aleah's presumed "influence" over her son)