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Saimpt Ralon

by Giampaolo Agosta

(The Holy Queen)

Demipower of Arborea, NG/Initiate of Thought, L
PORTFOLIO: Life, good food, fun, health, wealth, farmers, merchants, good producers
ALIASES: Sister Grain (tortles)
DOMAIN: Arborea/Ossa/Les Iles aux Vignes
SPONSOR: Korotiku
ALLIES: Korotiku, Ka, Calitha, Saimpt Mâtin, Saimpt Clébard
FOES: Yazak goblinoid pantheon
SYMBOL: A golden ear of wheat
WAL: Any
In her mortal life, Ralon was Princess of Renardy and priestess of Saimpt Renard. During the last years of her father's reign, a considerable number of Glantrian lupins sought refuge in Renardy. While many Renardois lupins considered the newcomers as a threat, and tried to have the king outlaw them, Ralon saw them as an opportunity to improve the lupin society. Not only she advised her father to welcome the Glantrians, but she also sponsored their leader, Clébard de Clairvault, into the Renardois nobility. The two became first allies on the nation's political scene, then friends, and in the end they married. After the demise of Ralon's father, she became queen, sharing the leadership of the nation with her husband king Clébard. During their reign, she worked to modify the social structure of Renardy, from tribal to feudal. Her greatest accomplishment was the introduction of the "golden leaves" as a method of social status improvement, redirecting the competition between the lupin clans and the newcomers to a sublimated form, the wine contest. She attained immortality under Korotiku sponsorship in 954, as did her husband.

The Church
CLERGY: Priests, shamans (tortle tribelands)
CAL: Any (generally non-evil)
WEAPONS: Any bludgeon
MAJOR SPHERES: All, Animal, Elemental, Healing, Plants, Weather
MINOR SPHERES: Creation, Divination
GRANTED POWERS: Create food and wine for 1 person/level, once a day
BONUS PROFS: Agriculture, and Winery (Renardy only) or Fishing (Tortles only)
DOGMA: Ralon is concerned mostly with the production of food and other trade goods. Hospitality and generosity are the most important virtues for a follower of Saimpt Ralon.
DAY-TO-DAY ACTIVITIES: Many followers of Saimpt Ralon are commoners, farmer, traders or peasants. Their work itself is a practice of worship. As for the upper classes, the same applies to the wine making. Even the monasteries of the Congregation of Saimpt Ralon keep extensive farmlands and vineyards.
IMPORTANT CEREMONIES/HOLY DAYS: The main ceremony is held after the judgement of wines. In the Abbey of Saimpt Vezy, the winning wine is used for the rites.
MAJOR CENTRES OF WORSHIP: Ralon is revered everywhere in Renardy, though she is especially patron of the Noijou region. She is also revered by the tortles.
AFFILIATED ORDERS: The Brotherhood of Vintages can be considered an affiliated order of the Ralonite clergy, even though it is an independent board of wine tasters. In fact, the President of the Brotherhood is always the Prior of the Congregation of Saimpt Ralon, and the headquarters are in the Abbey of Saimpt V&eaucte;zy, were the mortal body of Ralon is entombed.
PRIESTLY VESTMENTS: During ceremonies, the priests wear white tunics with bright red surplices, and they wreath their heads with shoots of vine.
ADVENTURING GARB: When travelling or working, the priests wear earth-brown tunics instead of their brightly-coloured vestments.

Ralonite Spells
Saimpt Ralon's Mystical Vine (Alteration, Enchantment)
Level: 5
Sphere: Plants
Range: 10'
Components: V, S, M
Duration: permanent
Casting Time: 1 day
Area of Effect: 1 vine
Saving Throw: none
Through this spell, the priest can permanently enchant a vine, giving it extraordinary powers. Such vine may be used to produce wine, which has powers similar to that of a potion. A vine whose product was awarded at least seven golden leaves is required. If the spell fails, it can never be cast again on the same vine (which otherwise is not damaged). The result is not certain: the probability* that the correct effect is obtained is twice the priest's level, plus his wisdom score, plus the number of golden leaves awarded to the vine. This chance may be adjusted for more or less powerful effects and for more or less faithful priests. The enchantment requires a one day long ceremony, which cannot be interrupted, lest the spell be ruined. Material components are a potion with the power desired, a pearl of at least 1000 gp value (i.e. at least double the normal value), and the priest's holy symbol. The Mystic Wine obtained from the vine has the same properties as the potion, but duration depends on the ageing of the wine (one turn per year of ageing). The wine may easily been ruined if not properly cared. In this case, the magical properties are gone as well. *Faith and co-operative magic are often used to enhance the success chances.