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by Alex Benson

"We are soldiers. As such, we follow the way of the sword and place our faith in our officers and our training. Still, it does help to have the favour of the Immortals on our side."

The people of Randel do follow Immortals with an added zeal than their more contemporary Alphatian neighbours. Temples of most of the Immortals can be found in most cities. However, these temples are not as large and grandiose as those found elsewhere. Mainly, they are designed for function over decor. Most Randel citizenry pay homage to multiple Immortals. They tend to focus on a particular Immortal depending on the situation.

Ixion is one of the more prominent Immortals. Temples are few but there is a heavy following within the Randel military, especially within the ranks of the Aerial Fleets. Ixion's visage is that of strength and power.

Alphatia has a strong following though not as strong as most would think. The people of Randel usually visualise her as an embodiment of the Empire as a whole. Most people of Randel ignore Alphatia's teachings of peace and non expansion and focus on her as a symbol of the Empire. This is of great sorrow to the clerics of Alphatia.

Razud is a very popular Immortal. His teachings of self-reliance go well with the Randel mind set. Temples and shrines to Razud are numerous and can be found in all cities as well as in many small communities.

Asterius has a smallish following, mainly centring on the merchants and shopkeepers of the kingdom. Aside from that, his influence is minor. The few Temples dedicated to him tend to be placed within mercantile cities.

Koryis is an Immortal lacking in support in Randel. An Immortal of peace and prosperity, his potential following is diminished to the Immortal Asterius. To honour this Alphatian Immortal, the kingdom has had a long- standing practice of offering thanks to Koryis when a child is born and at the end of a battle.

Rathanos is mostly revered as a mage's Immortal. But that following is restricted due to the attitudes most mages hold towards Immortals. Most of the various magist schools have a small shrine dedicated to him.

Talitha has a small following among the people of Randel. To them, she symbolises the "right of might" or "to the victors go the spoils". However, her following is fading and she has focused her attentions to other more "juicy" areas of the Empire. This fading is caused primarily by her callous and malicious manner.

Vanya, surprisingly enough, has gained a following in Randel. The people of Randel were introduced to this Thyatian patroness of warfare through the Randel forces waging war on Brun, Norwold, and the Isle of Dawn. Temples dedicated to her are not to be found. Clerics dedicated to her are few. Teaching of the patroness of conquest is limited to clerics plying the faith on the streets. Vanya is honoured by the Randel soldiers as they go into battle. It is not uncommon for a soldier to be overheard offering a prayer to Vanya for strength and courage.

Alphaks is not openly followed in any part of the kingdom. To do so would be unimaginable to the Randel people. The image of Alphaks as the antagonist in the civil war is still too vivid. And then there is his desire to destroy Alphatia, which makes his teachings totally unacceptable. Worship of Alphaks is a capital offence.

Protius is honoured by the naval troops and crews. There are temples to him in all seaports. A cleric of Protius is usually on hand for any and all naval departures. Aside from these naval personnel and facilities, Protius is not honoured elsewhere in the kingdom.

Valerias finds a following among the people of Randel. Due to her teachings based on passion she is revered. Adolescent Randellians pay particular homage to her when looking for love and romance. They often visit her clerics and temples for advise on matters of the heart.

Nyx is a minor Immortal in Randel and her visage is one that most soldiers do not like to think about. But given that death is a part of a soldier's life, they have chosen her as their Immortal of Death. Nyx has no official following. Unbeknownst to most of Randel, Nyx's influence has already been felt. The undead, inhabiting the Obsidian Tower in Telsadun, are in existence due to her intervention and power.