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Randel Regions

by Alex Benson

There are areas of Randel that are not ruled from a city. A scattering of small villages are the only real signs of civilisation in these regions. These regions are where one will often come across the towers of mages wanting privacy. Most inhabitants are farmers or herders. Rule of these areas is usually handled locally by village leaders.

The Randel Wall

The Randel Wall lines the border shared with Theranderol, extending from the Randel River up to the base of the Grey Mountains. The Wall is only ten feet in height and two foot thick. It is constructed of stone; most of it conjured by magic. The wall was erected in AY1312 by King Tremedian II over some minor disagreement with the ruler of Theranderol. Tremedian was known for his tendency for erratic behaviour. It was this behaviour that gave cause for his reign to be short. The King perished in a mysterious riding accident some time after that. The wall has remained, as a means to keep creatures from Therandel's woods from entering Randel.

Technically the land directly east is unoccupied. However, there are several small, semi-permanent base camps for mounted patrols. There also a small scattering of herders that wander the area letting their animals feed on the wild grasses. There has been talk of establishing a permanent village. However, no definite plans have come about as of yet (AY2000).

Randel Wall Notables

Cyril (C18 of Koryis) is a kindly cleric of Koryis that wanders the scattered villages in the area. Born and raised in Theranderol, he does not understand the Randel militarism. A faithful servant, he never the less continues to preach the message of his Immortal. He is prone to be over enthusiastic and overbearing when evangelising his Immortal. The general population of the area sees him as an oddball. However, they appreciate his spells. As a cleric and spellcaster they have a distanced respect for him.

Jakkar (F15) is a bandit. Constantly moving, he uses the broad open lands near the Wall as his hideout. Jakkar rarely operates within Randel. Instead, he leads his band of thieves into neighbouring Theranderol and sometimes Bettellyn to raid. When he does operate with Randel, he is careful not to raid the homes and interests of powerful spellcasters.

DM Notes:

Cyril is exactly what he appears to be. He truly is out of his element. He does not understand the people of Randel. In return, they do not understand him. He lives "hand to mouth", depending heavily on the locals for food and shelter. He will not accept money for his casting spells. He will accept food and a few nights boarding. Cyril is a bit of a zealot in regards to spreading the word of his Immortal. His conversation is heavily reflective of the teachings of his Immortal.

Jakkar is a bandit of some skill. His survival is mainly due to indifference on the part of the people of Randel. In laymen's terms, he just hasn't ticked off the right person. However, Jakkar's days are numbered. Whereas he use to focus on robbing and stealing outside of Randel, he has grown bold with his success and has began limited raids within the kingdom.

Grey Mountain

The Grey Mountains are in the northwestern corner of Randel, bordering Theranderol and Bettellyn. It is a rugged region of Randel with many hidden valleys and even more hidden wizard towers. Among the various mages, Delegoradis (M36) and Ghurkridon (M35) are both known to maintain towers with the mountains. There are a few isolated mining camps. These settlements tend to only operate during the summer months and close down for winter. As expected, the mountain range has its share of nasty creatures. And at least a few dragons have been seen flying about the peaks and valleys. Other less hostile creatures include wild goats, elk, wild sheep, and of course wolves.

The main human presence is that of Dyurkans. Several nomadic bands of Dyurkans live within the mountains, moving their herds of goats throughout the mountains. A few have forgone nomadic life to established hamlets inside valleys.

Grey Mountain Notables

Byadriga (C18 of Razud) is a Dyurkan band chieftain. Her band numbers about sixty. This is an average sized band for the mountain areas. She and her band are held in high esteem. This is due to her band's tradition as fighters and that her band resides near the retreat tower of the magist Ghurkridon. Those not of her band do not usually realise that the archmage is her older brother.

Grakken (16HD Large Red Dragon) is one of the mountain's draconic inhabitants. He is a red dragon, capable of both speech and spellcasting ability. Grakken is not hostile to the Dyurkans, nor is he allied with them. His relationship could best be described as being highly interested in them.

Ages ago, a young Grakka swept down and swiped a pair of domesticated goats in clear sight of their tender. To his surprise, the herder doggedly tracked him back to his lair and confronted him. The two fought with the dragon losing. However, instead of dealing the killing blow the shepherd spared him.

For sparing his life, Grakka promised the warrior a period of servitude. However, the warrior declined that offer. Instead, he asked the dragon only to be able to come and go as he pleased while the dragon healed. The warrior explained that he was a cleric of the Immortal Razud. As a cleric, his duty was to spread the Razud following.

Grakka listened to the cleric's teachings. By the time he had healed, he had learned a great deal about the Immortal and the Dyurkan people. These people intrigued him. This intrigue has persisted to this day. Grakka keeps some relations with the Dyurkans. He speaks fluent Alphatian thanks to the Dyurkans. He even learned some of his magic from one of their rare mages.

The Highlands

The Highlands lay at the base of the Grey Mountains and are often considered to be one with the mountains. This area of rolling hills and shallow valleys is viewed as primitive and underdeveloped. That is not to say that the land is not inhabited. Several families have established vineyards and orchards here, taking advantage of the streams running down from the mountains. A few families have ranches that raise goats and/or sheep.

The area is renown for its people that make up the elite Dyurka Regiments. The rough terrain and thinner air have imbued the populace with strong bodies. There are few magists to be found, as the people rarely are literate. The only spellcasters are usually clerics and usually follow Razud. However, a few mages are known to have moved into the area for privacy and have erected towers.

Highland Notables

Doronach (C25 of Razud) is a Dyurkan village chief. Tough and rugged, even by Dyurkan standards, he is an intimidating figure. In the village, his word is law. He makes no distinction between spellcaster and non-spellcaster. Doronach is for the most part recognised as the dominant leader in the Highlands by his fellow Dyurkans.

Measurex (15HD dragon) is a reclusive mage living in her tower in the Highlands. She rarely comes out for anything short of an emergency. Tales persist that she is researching some complicated and revolutionary spell. The few that have met with her report that she is ravishingly attractive.

DM Notes:

Doronach is a tough yet wise ruler. He is aware that the other Dyurkans hold him in high regard. However, he does not think of himself as such. He is quite content with his own village. Lately things have gotten hectic for him as there have been several proposals to establish a Dyurkan city. If that happens he will assuredly be appointed the ruling Baron.

Measurex is not as she seems. As is, she is a mysterious entity. But she has a deep secret. She is a large gold dragon. She has lived as a human mage for the last one hundred years. Her reason for this ruse is simple, solitude. In human form she can use her own magical abilities to appear as a magist. She knows that few would question or even notice a reclusive mage. When she wants, she will assume her true form and take flight.

Dyurkans such as Doronach know of her true nature. Since the Dyurkans have a peace with the dragons, the secret is preserved. Like most dragons in the area, Measurex is on friendly terms with the Dyurkans. In her case, few know that she is a dragon.

The Banks

The Banks is the area of land laying astride the Randel River and spanning between Alpira and Rardish. Running parallel to the river is the River Road that connects the capital to Alpira. This area has been magically prepared to allow agricultural development. Irrigation systems are present to allow water to be drawn from the river and used to water the crops.

The main crops are the grapes that are used to make the renowned Randel vintages of wine. All along this expanse are plantation-sized vineyards that produce the grapes that form the basis for the Randel wines. The bulk of the populace are slaves and former slaves. The vineyard owners, of course being free citizens. Farms for other crops such as grain are also present. Fruits are popular and many farms and vineyards maintain orchards as well. Sugar cane has become a popular crop. Most sugar cane thickets resting directly on the banks of the Randel River.

The vineyard owners are extremely cautious at maintaining the monopoly on its wine. To secure their hold, the Randel River frequently sees patrols running up and down its course to detect would be entrepreneurs from Eadrin from gaining examples of the vines. Each vineyard also keeps active mounted patrols on retainer to keep their business secure. This is a ruse since the secret of the wines lay with the fermenting process and the spells used to prep the soil. Most vineyards and farms have small docks to transport their goods to both Rardish and Alpira for sale. There has been discussion of establishing a town where the River Road meets the trail to Kedy. The plantation families vehemently resist this move.

The Plantations

The two most prominent families are the Siestrams and Dyorkhan. Both have prospered with their plantations and are always seeking means to expand. The more recently established Puntamuna plantation have given them both a potent rival. These three plantation families are the driving forces in regards to the wine production.

The Siestram Family

The Siestrams family has a large plantation and asserts control over a quarter of the Banks area through intimidation, family ties, and skilful negotiation. The family is headed by Lady Siccerrella (MU23) ever since her husband perished at the hands of another plantation family member. Focusing her attentions to more domestic and social aspects, she leaves the actual running of the plantation to her sons and daughters: Marcello (MU13) Johansen (MU19), Beatririne (MU10) Deloreau (F16). There is also a grandson, Protistius (F24) who is an officer in the Randel Armed Forces. His mother is Deloreau. None of the other children are married nor do they claim any children.

There are also various other family members. There are three uncles: Strederick (F10), Mherdron (C6 of Alphatia), and Hazruthrian (F8). There are five aunts: Astrellahs (MU12), Zerrandrel (F4), Jerandael (F8), Gaertrude (C8 of Razud), and Maestra (F4). Lady Siccerrela's brother in law, Zaradrigar (MU12) acts as the mercantile representative in Alpira. Zaradrigar's wife was killed in Kedy.

The Siestram Family has attempted to maintain a presence in Kedy. This has been difficult since the family members that have been sent there are mostly dead thanks to the Puntamunda Family members there. The Siestrams only have a minimal staff in Kedy. The leader of this band is Maltimar (MU12) who is a cousin of Lady Siccerrella. He is assisted by his wife Cypricia (C8 of Alphatia) and her sister Marianya (F15). Marianya acts as hired sword to act as a defensive aspect for the agents. Aiding her are six mercenary bodyguards.

The Dyorkhan Family

The Dyorkhan family is the largest of the plantation families to grace the Banks. However, they have few allies with other plantations. The family head is Cleatir (MU33). His wife is Assaryann (C16 of Razud). The two have six children. Markoni (C11 of Razud), Dullanna (MU12), Piliantis (MU10), Deronius (F16), Filinina (F20) Traxar .

Markoni is married to Resterella (F8) and have a child, Ruthrenda (F1) who is off studying at the University as an Aerial Marine. Filinina is married to Dromand (F18). The two have two children, Heronius (age 2) and Serenaeral (age 5).

Cleatir's brother, Sithiisar (MU11) is also in residence. Along with his wife Meurrellars (MU12) and their daughter Especialiara (MU6) they oversee the planting of grapes and the production of wine. Especialiara is married to Horagoator (F21) who oversees the slaves that work the vineyards. Horagoator is assisted by his sister Rhondia (F8) and a cousin Myderyer (F6).

Assaryann's sister Delametrissa (MU10) and her family are in Alpira acting as mercantile agents for the Dyorkhan family. She was recently joined by a family cousin Stevenstrom (MU4) who is to train under her in preparation to set up shop in Kedy to make assert a family presence in the city. Just out of the service, he is anxious to prove himself.

The Puntamuna Family

The Puntamuna family is a powerful plantation. It is also fairly new, being established just back in AY1860. The Puntamunas are an old Randel family, with strong ties to the original settlers. Their strength lays in their connections and reputations within the kingdom. They have used their influence to quickly spread along the Banks to own previously unoccupied lands. They are also adept at arranging marriages with smaller plantations. The plantations are then absorbed into the greater Puntamuna plantation. The Puntamunda plantation produces not only grapes, but also fruits, grains, and cotton.

The Punhtamunas are a powerful group of people due to their tendency to have their children remain in the RAF for extended periods. Most family members are active reserve or retired. They also are rapidly expanding through the use of establishing other plantations under the rule of family members and their spouses.

Leading the family is Maryogeld (C32 of Asterius). In his day, he commanded a Marine Regiment. His wife, Martrinias (F18) was a cavalry officer while serving. The two have four sons: Marstrin (MU15), Haroldrin (C20 of Asterius), Arkrendiar (F18), and Frenzendiar (F16). There are also three daughters: Leonidia (F21), Baertrissa (C10 of Koryis), and Ylandria (F10).

Maryogeld's brother, Alehandro (C17 of Asterius), acts as mercantile agent in Alpira. Aiding him in the second city are Leonidia, his daughter Milenya (MU10), and a cousin Marjladen (MU7). Alehandro's wife, Cryshrentri (MU15) left him and daughter Milenya after her birth. She lives in Aeria and has little contact with her former husband or her daughter.

Haroldrin and his sister Baertrissa are usually in Kedy representing the family's business interests there. The two are assisted by several Putamunda cousins: Diadra (MU4), Roewenna (F10), and Fractrosiar (F10).

Also in residence are the wife and children of Commander Sangdrister (F27), Martrinias' brother. Sangdrister is the Infantry Regiment Commander in Hoddives. His wife Wilhemma (F8) and his two girls Martreece (age 12) and Sanmantha (age 10) live with the family due to the almost hostile attitude of the people of Hoddives against the infantry. Wilhemma's duties are the education of the Puntamunda Family's children. The family has been urging Sangdrister to retire and come home.

Frenzendiar, Ylandria, and Haroldrin are still in the military, each holding an officer's commission. Baertrissa is a reservist in the Medicinal Regiment and acts as a mercantile agent in Kedy. Leonidia has just recently returned to Randel after travelling Mystara as an adventurer. Though officially attached to assist Alehandro, who represents the family in Alpira, she often hurries back home to escape the city.


Those born and raised within the Banks will carry themselves with an aristocratic air. The plantation families are wealthy. Those under their service are well paid and loyal. These paid servants are not haphazardly hired. Most have long-standing ties to the families. Some are the sons and daughters of family hirelings. Others gained the family's confidence by serving with family members in the armed forces. Slaves perform most work, especially the hard labour. A recent fad is to lavish money on slaves. Good clothes, food, and housing are common for the slaves. Most slaves that gain their freedom tend to stay in the service of the plantation. Each plantation maintains a body of soldiers to police its own lands. With no real authority to answer to, the families answer only to themselves.

DM Notes:

The Banks area is a rather closed community. Those travelling the River Road may be stopped and questioned by plantation troops. Those found wandering off the road, trespassing into plantation lands, will be confronted. If captured the trespassers had better have good reason. The infighting between the plantations makes for good adventuring opportunities.

The Randel Line

The Randel Line region is the area where Randel borders its northern neighbour Bettellyn. The border is marked by a winding valley, probably cut by the ice that once covered the continent. The valley is about five hundred yards wide. The Bettellyn forts can easily be seen on the other side of the valley. At a point where the valley widens, a spot has been prepared for the annual Randel vs. Bettellyn Hardball game. The sides of the valley affording excellent vantage points for the spectators to sit and cheer on their side.

On the Randel side are four forts spaced out to guard the border. These forts are sprawling compounds. In their conception just after the split, the forts were little more than encampments. King Randel III saw to it that these encampments be made more permanent. The forts still retain much of the encampment atmosphere of their origin. Essentially, the forts are square walled encampments. Within the walls are barracks and other facilities to support a number of troops. Each encampment is circled by two moats. Wooden causeways cross these moats to allow passage to each of the fort's four gates.

Each fort has a stone building with one entrance and no windows. This building is well guarded and usually fitted with wards to give a cry of alarm if an unlawful entrance is made. Inside is a teleportation pad. This pad is circular and measures some twenty feet in diameter. When activated, persons and/or items placed upon it can be teleported to any of the other forts or the city of Dmireton, and vice versa. Each teleportation pad acts as the mage spell as if cast by a 36th level mage.

Each fort has magical means to allow communications with the other forts as well as the other military bases. This is usually by means of crystal balls and scrolls of communication. Each fort has two of each as standard issue. However, it is not uncommon for additional units to be present.

Fort Beyundae is closest to the coast. It is commanded by Commander Pladiathis (F33). Being a non-spellcaster, his appointment to such a position is clear evidence as to his abilities. Pladiathis is a soldier, pure and simple. He lacks the social refinements for a position in a city. Often viewed as brash and crude, he is well liked by the troops under his command.

Stationed at Fort Beyundae are the 4th Standard Infantry Regiment, half of the 5th Heavy Movement Infantry Regiment, half of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, and half of the 4th Artillery Regiment.

Fort Malkazzar is the next fort to the west. Commander Verocistaeral (MU22) commands it. She is a hard soldier who enjoys the rugged reputation the command of the fort gives her. She is also a strict disciplinarian. Order is tight within the fort. Verocistaeral depends on her regimental commanders for actual troop deployment. Her expertise lays with defence.

Stationed at Fort Malkazzar are the 5th Standard Infantry Regiment, half of the 5th Heavy Movement Infantry Regiment, half of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, and half of the 4th Artillery Regiment.

Fort Gherkhast is the third fort from the coast. It is commanded by Commander Drocterian (C22 of Razud). She is a no nonsense type of commander. She is prone to deploying her troops in mock exercises. She hates garrison duty but will not relinquish the position unless ordered, even for another post. She feels the command is her destined role. Drocterian is a second-generation commander of this fort. Her father was assigned the same position.

Stationed at Fort Gherkhast are the 9th Standard Infantry Regiment, half of the 6th Heavy Movement Infantry Regiment, half of the 5th Cavalry Regiment, and half of the 1st Artillery Regiment.

Fort Duuel is the fourth fort and lays just east of the Grey Mountains. It is commanded by Commander Macroskene (MU24). He is a suitable soldier that has commanded the fort for over ten years. Macroskene is prone to fits and temper tantrums. Some even question his sanity. Despite this, he is an excellent strategist. He is well aware of his troops' capabilities and will not over extend them. For the most part, he allows his subordinates to oversee the day to day operational needs of the fort. He spends most of his time in magical research.

Stationed at Fort Duuel are the 6th Standard Infantry Regiment, half of the 6th Heavy Movement Infantry Regiment, half of the 5th Cavalry Regiment, and half of the 1st Artillery Regiment.