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Randel (Kingdom of)

Location: Broad plain on the southwestern rim of the floating continent of Alphatia, north of Eadrin, west of Theranderol, south of Bettellyn. HW

Area: 187,560 sq. mi. (486,780 sq. km.).

Population: 133,200, including Rardish (pop. 18,500).

Languages: Alphatian (Randellyn dialect).

Coinage: Alphatian Standard: crown (gp), mirror (sp), judge (cp). Randel also mints a platinum sword and an electrum shield.

Taxes: 15% income tax on everyone of servant status or higher. Slaves are counted as the property of the owner and the product of their labour is taxed as income for the owner. Randel also imposes surtaxes on the hiring of mercenaries by other kingdoms, with the tax varying by kingdom (low for kingdoms that Randel favours, higher for other kingdoms). They also impose excise taxes on wines, both imports (to keep them from competing with local vintages) and exports. Finally, they also place additional fees on military students from other kingdoms, though this has largely lapsed since the sinking.

Government Type: Monarchy, member of the Alphatian Empire.

Industries: Wine, military forces, military training.

Important Figures: Karatnora (Queen), Junna (Former Queen).

Flora and Fauna: See Alphatia.

Further Reading: Dawn of the Emperor boxed set, previous almanacs.

Last Year's Events: After the recent success of its war against Bettellyn, Randel did not interfere in the war between Arogansa and Eadrin, despite the fears of Arogansa and that kingdom's preventive actions right at the border with Randel; the war ended with the flooding of a large part of Eadrin-though the role of former Queen Junna remained mysterious. Randel gave some help to Stonewall, instead. Randel's attempt to explore and garrison the Underside encountered interference by Zandor's minions.