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Randel Wine:

by Alex Benson

The Kingdom of Randel is noted for its wines as well as its love of consuming it. The various vintages are in popular demand throughout the Empire. Export of the wines are carefully maintained to levels to insure that prices are always higher than most other wine types.

The Randel Wine is derided from a grape native to Randel. The grape, commonly known as the wine grape, flourishes in the Banks area along the Randel River. These grapes are grown and the wines made by plantation families that own tracts of this region. Each plantation has several vintages of the wine. Each vintage differs according to different growing and pressing methods.

The wines are heavily consumed by the people of Randel. Socially, they drink their wines in Wine Houses. These are essentially taverns, but the people of Randel refer to them as wine houses. But wine is not restricted to just these social gatherings. Instead, the consumption of wine is pretty common. Meals, even breakfast, see wine as a beverage to accompany the meal.

The heavy use of wine is quite surprising to visitors from outside of Randel. As expensive as they are outside of Randel, it is quite ironic to see it consumed so casually and it being so commonplace.