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by Mischa E Gelman

History: Rania is a 19-year old silversmith in the town of Threshold, where she has spent her entire life. She has no great plans for the future, planning to spend her life there, though she is as much a dreamer as any other youth. She is happy with her work and with her newfound independence (she only left her home 2 years ago to become an apprentice of the smith) and seeks no major changes anytime soon.
Personality: Rania is a very patriotic Karameikan, thinking that Stefan is a great, great, great guy. She would do anything to help her country but at the moment she does not think she is contributing much of anything.
She is a nice person, if a bit hard to befriend, and is loyal to her friends and family. She is a fan of practical jokes, but means none of her fellow townsfolk ill will.
Appearance: Rania dresses in simple dark blue clothes that do not impede her work. She stands 5'8" and is on the thin side, often teased by those close to her as too thin and too tall, jokes that no longer bother her the way they once did. She has long brown hair which seems to be in a new fashion each time she is met.
Combat Notes: She is a normal woman. AC 8 (no armour, dexterity bonus); hp 4; at 0; d none; S 11, I 13, W 7, D 14, Co 12, Ch 10.
Languages: Karameikan, Common. General Skills: Labour (Silversmith) (S+1), Knowledge (Threshold) (I), Mysticism (W), Music (stringed instruments) (Ch)