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Ransarn Valley adventure/campaign ideas

by Pol GinÚs

Some ideas for adventures/campaigns:

- 1) A dark, evil clan of treants from the deep forests of Gnomstal conquer the fluvial village of Hegkogur and use black magics to expand "evil" through the river course. This "evil water" increasingly awakens trees with a dark heart, man-hating mentality in the forests next to the Ransarn river.

- 2) A powerful Were-Bat which is also a high priest of Thanatos (or Hel) has established a stronghold in the ruins of Orvan, next to the lake. He creates an army of were-bats (offers them plenty of cattle and even human prisoners for blood) and also of undead. They conquer easily the fishing village of Arcadia (the undead came by surprise from underwater!, they went undetected from Orvan ruins). Now the new undead/werebat army is heading towards Two-Lakes Vale. Heroes are needed to kill the Were-bat necromantic leader before the evil army destroys the village.

- 3) In the snow glaciers there are snow-lions and snow-tigers. Their white furs are very appreciated in all Norwold, Alphatia and northern countries. But there are also frost giants and vicious white evil sasquatches. And also, when the hunting heroes go there, they will find that lycanthropy arrived sooner: white snow were-lions and were-tigers.