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Capital City of Rardish

by Alex Benson

Rardish is the capital city of the Kingdom of Randel. It is a beautiful city, starkly contrasting with the majority of the kingdom's cities. The city is small and compact looking, being fully encased within its daunting battlements. It is in fact quite large, boasting a population around 30,000.

Within the walled confines of Rardish, just about every form of the military, private businesses, and the University maintain head offices. These offices offer a direct lobbying position to the King. With so many lobbyists, the city is a very busy place. There are also frequent parties sponsored by these lobbyists to aid their interests.

Scattered throughout the city are numerous statues. These are the carved likenesses of Randel heroes, great military commanders, and former rulers. Statue quality is excellent. It is considered to be in bad taste to get fancy with these statues by enchanting them to enhance the visual appeal.

There are also the official buildings where the military high command meets, the home office for the Randel Armed Forces, the Treasury, the home office for the Randel Counting House, the Kingdom's High Judicial Court, the University's Main Recruitment and Administration buildings, and the University's Officer Training School.

The city boasts a section devoted entirely to walled estates. These estates being the homes for officials and their families. The occupants change as appointees are relieved and replaced. Administrators for the various offices of the military, University, and the Ambassadors to the Imperial Throne and various Alphatian Kingdoms all find their homes within these estates.

There is also a residential section devoted to privately owned estates. These estates being the sole property of the inhabitants. These inhabitants are mostly representatives of private businesses and interests. A small number are retired officers, who like the appeal of living in the capital. Others are just private citizens who are wealthy enough to live there.

The business section boasts wine houses catering to different levels of wealth and social standing. Mercantile shops and a few warehouses round out this section. Most desired goods can be found if the buyer looks hard enough. This searching process can be aided by paying a shop owner to get the item for the buyer.

In the very centre of the city lays the King's Keep. There, the private residences and offices of the monarchy can be found. The Keep is a large squared fortress. Its interior is opened aired and displays a well-kept garden. This beauty contrasts sharply with the fortress itself. That edifice being solidly built and intended for function over beauty.

That is not to say that the fortress is spartan and lacking for comforts. Instead, it is comfortably habitable. And thanks to Alphatian magic, it boasts a number of enchantments to insure privacy, ease of life, and security. These comforts being quite a surprise for first time visitors.

The Royal Family

King Verothrics (M35) lives in the Fortress with most of his family. The King is a quick witted and cunning monarch. He is a powerful magist with few rivals to the throne. Having grown up as a soldier in the Heavy Movement Regiments, he is an astute militarists, both in strategy and tactics. However, the old soldier in him still favours leading an attack as opposed to commanding a battle. By "an old soldier" the term is quite literal. Despite appearing in his early thirties, the King is actually in his sixties. This youthful appearance is mainly due to magical means. Which is not uncommon in Alphatia. He is on very good terms with the Empress and speaks with her regularly, either by magical means or by travelling to the Imperial Court.

The King is a rather promiscuous man. He has had several "wives", each resulting in several children. He is very much involved with these children as well as their mothers. The closeness in his various offspring's age displays his still maintaining relations with each woman. Two of women and several of the children reside within the King's Keep.

One of the women living in the Keep is Ylaruastas (C12 of Ixion). She tries to keep a low-key presence within the residence. She has her own suite and spends most of her time with the Ixion Following within the city. Though she dislikes sharing her man, she is well aware of the situation and accepts it. She is highly protective of her children and does much to promote their well being and status.

By her, the King has sired four children. Crystarst (F10) is a dashing young man, serving in the 2nd Cavalry Regiment as a lieutenant. Melindae (F15) is a plainly woman with great tactical ability. Ability she displays while serving as an officer in the Randel Navy as a Marine officer. Menderia (F4) has performed the minimal term of service with the military and taken the position as aide to her father. Fritshume (age 10) is still a child. He is a lively high strung child who has shown a great admiration for archery and horsemanship. It is expected he shall become a member of the cavalry.

The other woman living in the Keep is Herstrinya (M18). "Hersey", as the King calls her, is a of mixed elven and human heritage. Her appearance hinting at the elven portion, but just slightly. She is an emotional person and has a open animosity for the other women in the king's life.

By her, the King has sired four children. Gherstrinia (C10 of Valerias) has attained a reserve status from the military after serving two terms in the cavalry. She is highly involved with the Valerias following in the capital. Ironically, Gherstrinia has no love interest of her own. Jerimny (F10) is a member of the Black Watch. Xerashrin (M6) bears a strong resemblance to his mother's elven forebears. He served a term with the Cavalry before being called home and attached to the representative staff to the Imperial Throne. It is common knowledge that his appointment was due to some trouble he had gotten into. The exact nature of this trouble is unknown, but most suspect it involved a woman. There, he has established himself as a lady's man, continuing his father's habit of multiple lovers. Unlike his father, he has no offspring. Eriadnissia (age 14) was named after the Empress. She is a studious young woman. Though young, she is starting to display a beauty highly influenced by her mother and her mother's elven heritage.

Then there is Gwyndell (M18). This woman lives in a private estate within the capital. She is a laid back and at times decadent woman. She is a beauty, a beauty that is a constant draw of the King. She holds little of the militaristic attitude of her fellows as she has never served in the military with any seriousness. She did a minimal term and quickly withdrew from service. She has been the King's paramour since he was a young man. It is well known that she is constantly asking him to cede his crown and join her in a life of luxury.

Despite having had relations with her the longest, the two have only produced two children. Junna (C8 of Alphatia) is a dreamy eyed young woman, more enthralled by her passion for her poetry and her attention to the following than her interest in Randel. She has avoided regular service in the military by serving with the Medicinal Regiment. This attitude is appalling to the nobles and military commanders, as she is a possible heir to the throne. It is hoped that she will come to her senses as she gets older.

Cleodondra (F32) is the eldest child of all of the King's children. She is a complete opposite as compared to her sister. "Cleo", as her father calls her, served in the military for several terms before retiring from the military to act as the commander of her father's guard (King's Regiment). Despite being a non-spellcaster, she has the respect of her spellcaster subordinates. This being primarily due to her skill and abilities. The fact that she is the King's daughter also factors in. Most folks regard her appointment as an act of nepotism. This idea is usually quickly dispelled once they get to know her. Cleodondra is reaching her middle years. She is beginning to yearn to begin a family of her own.

The final family members include Verothrics's younger siblings. Karatnora (M33) is the rambunctious twin sister of the King. Her brother is but ten minutes older than her. But that head start entitled his placement as heir. For a long time, she was bitter at her brother for being the king. However, she soon found the advantages of not being burdened by a ruling title. Karatnora looks far younger than her brothers thanks to magic.

Alphatar (F26) is the King's youngest sibling. Ten years younger than his older brother and sister, he looks every bit of the part of his real age of fifty-three. Despite being offered them, he has repeatedly turned away magical means to lengthen his life. Alphatar was a career officer in the infantry before being called home to aid his brother in ruling the kingdom. Since then, he has acted as adviser and unofficial administrator to the capital. Most realise that despite being a non-spellcaster, Alphatar is as much the ruler as the King.


As the capital of Randel, Rardish is the hub for the bureaucratic offices for the kingdom. Through their offices, the actual administration of the kingdom is done. This often has the offices working together. The King appoints the office heads. Below are some of the more noticeable offices.

The Office of Administration oversees the actual administration of the capital city. This office's tasks include sanitation, city planning, maintenance, streets, and the city's waterworks to name a few. Heading this office is Wizirin (M12). He is a middle age mage with a keen enthusiasm for the job. Militarily, he served as an officer in the Combat Engineers Regiment. This service has served him well for he has an innate understanding for construction.

The Office of Finances is the kingdom's treasurer. Its tasks include tax assessment, tax collection, and outlining budgets. The office is headed by Zephrim (M27). He is an aging magist who truly enjoys his job. It imposes on his spell research but slightly. Even these interruptions are warmly greeted, as they break up the tedious nature of spell research.

The Office of Militaria is a representative force to the Randel military, the University facilities, and the Imperial Military Forces. Larukoot (F35) heads this office. A formidable yet dashing figure, he is the embodiment of a warrior. A humble man by nature, he has grown to like the prestige his position brings him. He is proud of his fighting abilities and takes great amusement at intimidating young mages and warriors. He always dons his platemail armour (+2) and wears his broadsword (+3).

The Office of Domestic Policy monitors the domestic situation. This office's task is to act as a representative force between the King and the city nobles. Heading this office is Selasparthia (C22 of Razud). She is a personable type who has good relationships with Randel's ruling nobles. A devout cleric of Razud, she is prone to mix in with conversation common sense sayings that reflect the beliefs taught by her patron Immortal.

The Office of the Interior oversees the kingdom's construction and utility needs. Roadway maintenance and keeping the Randel River properly dredged seem to be the office's main tasks. The office is often called upon to advise defensive construction projects and maintenance. Heading this office is Quirrin (M28). He is a former officer in the Combat Engineers Regiments. Quirrin is a meticulous planner. He enjoys the engineering aspects of the job, but despises the politics that so often accompanies such projects.


Living in Rardish is the Imperial Representative to Randel. Representative Maglaz (M10) is a dashing and intelligent man. He despises his placement in Randel where things are much different than he is use to in Sundsvall. Making his position worse, he sees no real purpose in his being there as the King tends to do all of the Imperial Court business himself. It is clearly apparent that Maglaz is ill at ease among the people of Randel. He is obviously highly intimidated by them. His one consolation is that he is on the Alphatian mainland and not stationed as a representative off continent in one of the territories or foreign nations.

Ambassador Darenna (M23) acts as the political representative of Randel to the rest of the Empire. Most of this business is done in Sundsvall. Diplomatic relations tend to focus on neighbouring kingdoms. Darenna is a personable person. She does enjoy the intimidation factor her position and background affords her. That background stemming from her having commanded a Zerstroyer Class Skyship. Darenna's key asset is that she seems to know just about everyone within the empire; at least everyone that matters.

University Facilities

Headmaster Jyervis (F19) is the department head of the University of Arms. Despite being in charge of a massive centre for war academics, his duties are actually slight. The position is a reward for his services and sacrifices to the kingdom. These sacrifices include the loss of one eye to a Jennite arrow. The head of that arrow he wears around his neck as a trophy. The damaged eye covered by a black patch emblazoned with the regimental insignia of 2nd Cavalry Regiment, his old unit.

Officer Training School

Rardish also boasts the Officer's Training School of the University. Here, students are taught the theories of tactical and strategic deployment. Most foreign students find it disquieting that some of the exampled war plans include plans to occupy Sundsvall and the Imperial Court and several campaigns to invade and conquer Bettellyn as well as several other Alphatian cities. More acceptable war plans taught include examples of how to invade Thyatis and Glantri. Examples of war plans used during the war between the Air and Fire Mages offer a sense of the historical significance of the Randel Armed Forces as well as its ties to the Empire. All of these plans are dated and essentially placed as false information. The plans also imply that no nation, foreign or imperial, is immune to assault.

Overseeing the Officer's Training School is Headmaster Torqindreas (C33 of Ixion). He is a former commander of both a Standard Infantry Regiment, Heavy Movement Regiment, as well as a former commander of the King's Regiment. Torqindreas is single. He officially has no children despite having a well-known reputation with the ladies.


The King's Regiment and 1st Dyurkan Regiment garrison the capital. The Regimental Commander is the King's daughter, Cleodondra (F32). Attached to the King's Regiment is a Dyurkan Regiment. The Dyurkan Commander is Commander Distrodius (C22 of Ixion). The Dyurkan officer and the King's Regiment Commander are often seen together off duty. Rumour has it the two are involved romantically. In case of emergency, the local populace will further supplement these two regiments. Most notably, the city's catapults and ballista are manned by the locals. These crews train regularly one day per week. The day after sees the city's slaves out in the surrounding landscape retrieving the used projectiles

The Randel Armed Forces have a complex of buildings within the capital. For the most part, these buildings encompass the administration and paperwork portion of the military. However, it is also the site for the offices for the General Staff. There, the various generals and their advisers maintain a working environment. In case of war, they meet inside the King's Keep in the War Room. The General Staff also have their own War Room within the complex. This war room is used to assess situation and iron out details before presenting them to the King.

There are five generals assigned to the General Staff. General Brikstrist (M29) is the General for the Army Regiments. He is a stubborn, no nonsense officer with a flair for rationality. Brikstrist is prone to try to bully the rest of the Staff into supporting his theory of deployment. However, if debated with rationale thought he will usually concede to the truth.

General Hevrothria (C32 of Ixion) is the general for the Aerial Fleets. She is a bold officer with no qualms about going against her fellow General Staffers. Hevrothria tends to be independent of the others, supporting views that she believes in. She has a tendency to speak her mind. Despite this, her fellow staffers welcome her opinions.

Admiral Pathrogon (M30) represents the Naval Fleets. He is a quiet, yet analytical man who is rarely rash to act. Due to his rational nature, he has been named the leader of the General Staff by his fellows. He is slow to speak but when he does, all listen. Pathrogon is patient but if pushed too far is a quick to act to put one in their place.

General Czekostrine (M36) represents the Intelligence gathering aspects of the RAF and in particular the Black Watch. He gives off a dark, even sinister at times, aura that makes his fellow Staffers wary of him. He enjoys this and promotes it whenever possible. Czekostrine office offers him much information, however he supplements this with deductive reasoning and an uncanny power of observation. He often uses this skill to give new acquaintances the impression that he knows everything about them.

General Mrantrizia (C29 of Razud) is the representative of the Naval Marines. A gung ho officer much like her serving Marines, she is impatient with the General Staff when action is needed. Tactics are her specialty, not logistics. She depends heavily on the Staffers to fill that role. Secretly, she longs for a command position.

The High Court of Randel

The kingdom's High Court is located in the capital. The High Court's main task is to oversee and review lesser court cases from all over the kingdom. It is not uncommon for the citizens and nobility to petition the High Court to try a case, especially if a local court may be prejudicial or the possible repercussions high. Every so often, the Court is called to hear a case involving nobles or high ranking officers.

Overseeing the judiciary is Head Judge Trelodylle (E10). Trelodylle is an middle-aged elf. Originally from Eadrin, he has lived in Randel for over two hundred years. His not being a native makes him an ideal candidate for the position, as he has no ties to any nobles or any prominent citizens, thus preserving his objectivity. Devoutly loyal to the kingdom, he is also a stickler for the law. Off duty, he is a paradox as his attitude is much more carefree and hospitable.

Carrying out the decisions of the Court is the Marshallry. This small force of men and women act as the police force and court officers for the High Court. Their duties are light, consisting of providing security for the Court and its prisoners and plaintiffs. If a fugitive is captured elsewhere, they are usually dispatched to escort the prisoner to the capital. The Marshallry consists of just a score of people of various experience levels and classes. If needed, the High Judge can and will call upon the elements of the military to assist the Marshals.

The head of the Marshallry is Court Sergeant Millankra (F22). Millankra is an old soldier at heart. His position is not only denoted by his uniform, but also by the battleaxe he carries strapped on his side as a weapon of office. As a non-spellcaster he enjoys the mixed fear and respect his position grants him. In cases where execution is the pronounced sentence, it is he that performs the execution. Millankra is single. Given his position as executioner, there is a certain morbidness about him. Few woman want any substantial relationship with him.

The Randel Bank

Rardish is also the site for the Head Office of the Randel Bank. A smaller version is located in Alpira. Other branches are located throughout the kingdom in various cities. Here, the records of financial accounts are kept. Also a goodly amount of personal currency is stored here within the various safes and vaults. Security is high and it is not uncommon for the corpse of an intruder to be discover when the doors open. It is rumoured that powerful magics and possible undead guard the caches of cash after hours.

Overseeing the Randel Bank is Officer Roctrimia (F10). She is an able administrator. An army staff officer in her younger days, she was more adept at administration than combat. Her honesty is closely monitored. This is not to say that she is not trusted. On the contrary she is very honest. It is common practice for people in a role such as hers to be closely monitored. Roctrimia is proud of her position. She makes a good living and rubs shoulders with some of the wealthiest folks in Randel. Friends have advised her to use her status to marry well and further secure a bountiful future.

Major Immortal Followings

As the capital of Randel, there are temples present to pay homage to most of the Immortals the people of Randel follow. Among the temples, the ones dedicated to Ixion, Razud, and Alphatia are the largest and have the more regular attendance.

Hierarch Plaerdrin (C30 of Alphatia) is the resident head priest of the Temple of Alphatia in Rardish. A patient aging man, he is frustrated at the people that refuse to see and follow the entire teachings of Alphatia. Originally from Theranderol, he does not quite understand the Randel mindset. He is most enthusiastic about the King's daughter Junna. He hopes with her in the following, the way of Alphatia will continue to grow and be fully realised. Plaerdrin's current project is a redecoration of the capital's temple.

Hierarch Wyonnya (C32 of Ixion) is the resident head priest of the Temple of Ixion in Rardish. A middle aged woman with flowing fiery red hair and attitude, she is an ideal representation of her Immortal. As a former skyship commander, she is well in tune with the Randel mind set. She sees the Ixion following as being complimentary to that mindset. Wyonnya is single, but has had several relationships with various members of the Randel military.

Hierarch Pembross (C27 of Razud) is the newly appointed head priest of the Temple of Razud in Rardish. Pembross is young for such a posting, being only just turned thirty. What he lacks in age, he makes up for in wisdom and enthusiasm. Pembross is single and is considered to be one of the city's most eligible bachelors. His demeanour his more laid back and carefree than most clerics. This does not mean he is not devoted to his patron. This is just an extension of his open personality.

Other Notables

Delegoradis (M36) a member of the Grand Council. The archmage is a patient, quiet person who often gets lost in a crowd. However, his reputation as a mage is unquestionable. Delegoradis is often asked to act as an adviser to the King. He enjoys this role. When outside of his personal estates he is often accompanied by several apprentices. These novice mages are usually sons and daughters of prominent families. He does take on lesser-bred apprentices, especially if he sees great potential.

Mnaeiuarg (M36) another Grand Council member. Unlike Delegoradis she is a high profile magist. Devoutly patriotic, she is a highly vocal force for Randel within the Council. Aggressive, she has a reputation for duelling ability. However, she is not known to have ever served in the military.

Ghurkridon (M35). An archmage himself he has his eyes on some day being initiated into the Council. In this he has the support of both Delegoradis and Mnaeiuarg. He has a charitable side in regards to commoners. Most will be surprised to discover that the mage is from the Grey Mountains area. That he is a Dyurkan as well as a mage is a surprise, as those people are not known for producing a great deal of mages. He is prone to enchanting items for a relatively small price. In fact, enchanting items is a favourite activity of his. So much so that more than one company of fighting mages can say that he enchanted their bracers of protection.

Hathursham (F35) or "Shame" as his friends call him, is one of Randel's most renowned warriors. He only served two terms in the Infantry before embarking on an adventuring career. Travelling abroad for twenty years, he returned and has since served as an adviser in regards to the continent of Brun. Shame is a steadfast friend to the King. Both he and his wife usually accompany the King when he travels. Shame and his wife live in Rardish in a private estate. It is not uncommon for old adventuring friends to visit.

Sventia (F10) is Shame's wife. A tall blond-headed woman of the Northern Reaches, she stands out amid the Alphatians. Since coming to Randel with her husband she has surprisingly become attached to the Randel way of life. Though she sees the kingdom as her home, she is ill at ease in other Alphatian kingdoms. Sventia is a friendly sort of person. Despite living in Randel for almost a decade, she is still somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of magic the Alphatians wield.


The people of Rardish represent the command and administration head of the kingdom. Most citizens wear their uniforms and medals on everyday occasions, whether they are retired or reserve status.

Citizens feel compelled to state their military rank and family background when introducing themselves. If a person saw action while in service, they are sure to inform a person about it. If a person has family actively serving, that detail is also included. Mind you that this divulgence of background information is not presented all at one time. In Randel, such a move would be considered as boastful bragging. Instead, the citizens tend to incorporate all of this into conversation and offering visual assistance by the worn medals.

Since so many bureaucrats and administrators are present in the capital, there is a tendency for cliques to form. These bureaucrats are often subjected to introductions by citizens wishing to promote themselves or family members.

DM Notes:

King Verothrics holds a great deal of affection for each woman that has born him children. He never has been able to appoint one as his favourite or one that he cares for above the others. However, he will not tolerate infighting between them. The King is also enthralled with his children. He is always available to them for advice and conversation. He is proud of his relationship with them.

Eriadnissia has displayed signs of being a capable magist. Her teacher is none other than the archmage Delegoradis. This air of secrecy was initiated by the archmage. In his opinion, she is the better choice for the King's successor. He feels Junna's mother is a bad influence upon the would be ruler of Randel. Eriadnissia is young, but that can be dealt with time. Time which will allow her to mature and rise in strength and power as a mage. Power that will insure her hold for power. Herstrinya shares this outlook but did not initiate the ruse.

Gwyndell is a zzonga user. This is something she has been able to hide by partaking of the fruit outside of the kingdom, thus avoiding the possible repercussions of getting caught. But like any addict, her cravings sometimes override her sensibility and caution. King Verothrics as well as Delegoradis suspect her addiction. The King prefers to refuse to believe his suspicions. Delegoradis knows that little good would come of the disclosure. She does have true affections for Verothrics. But these affections are based upon the relationship they shared years ago. She does not like all of the distractions and regulations that his being king imposes upon them.

Junna is exactly what she appears to be a devout cleric of Alphatia. She does not particularly wish to be the future Queen of Randel. However, she sees herself as the most qualified of the children. She has been reassured that her fellow clerics of Alphatia will offer much support. This is a great relief to her as she knows little nor does she care about politics or the military. Secretly, she consoles herself that her father will live forever and she will not be needed to assume the throne.

Cleodondra bears a strong dislike for her sister, Junna. She sees her as a pampered and idealistic girl with little hope in actually running the kingdom. She has foreseen the influence the Following of Alphatia upon the possible future leader. She fears that the pacifist attitude of the following will undermine the kingdom's chief importance to the Empire, the military. She hopes that one of the other children will show spellcasting abilities and present themselves as legitimate heirs. Until then, she is content to urge her father to remain as king.

Xerashrin is in Sundsvall for a very simple reason, he had an affair with a young woman named, Pendiadria, which he had met during his tenure in the military. This young woman was of a noble family, the ruling family of Felteborn. This in itself was not a big problem as normally such a union would have been beneficial for both families. The problem arose when Xereshrin lost interest in the girl and turned his attentions elsewhere. The girl took the news badly and turned to zzonga fruit before eventually committing suicide. Her family was outraged but could do little. The scandal was enough to prevent any chance of Xerashrin from ever gaining the throne. At least gaining it without any opposition.

The King's pride and personal honour forced him to exile his son to Sundsvall. In his mind, the son is now a small fish in a very large pond. In Randel he could do what he wanted without much fear of retaliation. But in Sundsvall, his antics may lead to his downfall with so many more powerful mages about. The King has left the lad's fate well within his own hands.

Head Judge Trelodylle has no real loyalties. He does have a soft spot for the king. The two are good friends. This friendship has spurred one of the elf's desires. Seeing firsthand, the king's various children grow up, he has a strong desire to find a companion and have his own children. Trelodylle is fickle and wants a noble elven woman with a great personality and with a personal drive equal to his own. Visiting elven females of goodly character and abilities will find themselves constantly "bumping into" the Head Judge.

Head Office of the Randel Bank is a veritable fortress. During the day, a large number of fighter types are on site for security. A patrol of Dyurkans are usually in the vicinity during both the day and night. After hours, the bank is guarded by various magically created guardians. There are also a number of traps. The main area has a contingent of hired guards and their accompanying war dogs. The vaults and safes are guarded by several Crypt Things, one assigned to each level.

Officer Roctrimia is an honest person. There is little chance of her being corrupted to perform embezzlement or aid others in a theft. She is all too aware of the possible consequences. She has long thought of finding herself a good man, preferably of some social standing.