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Raymond Weston

by Giulio Caroletti

19th Vatermont 980, Akorros, Republic of Darokin.
History: Weston was born in Akorros, member of a wealthy merchant family. He grew up in luxury and comfort, a well educated man who decided that he would become a paladin of the wrong causes in the world.
However, he had a personal idea of what was wrong in the world: all that negated freedom was wrong. He hated Glantri and its magiocracy, but also Darokin and its plutocrats, among whom his family was. He left home at 18 and begun as a common adventurer, waiting for the good occasion to help bringing the downfall of what he saw as wrong in the world. He entered Glantri, where he became a werefox (although no-one knows exactly HOW), and there he met several members of the Canine Protection Society and of the Free Farmers. With Chris Buzby he performed acts of sabotage against the Anachronists of Aalban, and then, in AC 1004, he met Harold Boar and the other members of what would become 'Never the Same'. Weston has spent the last years coordinating 'Never the Same' with Buzby, and along with him and Kull he is the only one to have taken part in all of the party's missions. He has a small flat in Akorros and one in Vyones, the latter sometimes used as a refuge also by members of the Free Farmers.

Personality: Weston is consumed by the desire to change the world in better. He sees in the limitation of personal freedoms the problem that afflicts the Known World. Even if he thinks that all countries are more or less illiberal, he is particularly concentrated on Glantri, and more recently he has taken to heart the problem of the Shadow Elves.
Weston is always involved in a project or another. He never rests a moment, has nerves of steel, but is also forcing them over the edge of their resistance. Sometimes he becomes so tired that he must rest for days, under the attention of his eternal fiancée, Cathy Serfson. Weston is the leader of 'Never the Same', and is a very determined and strong-willed man.

Appearance: Raymond Weston is a man of middle height; he is thin, with blue eyes and light brown hair. He has a prominent nose, is always perfectly clean-shaven, and dresses usually in grey and green. He has always a worried expression and seems overly serious in everything he does.

Stats (OD&D, AC 1010)
Werefox 4th - Fighter/Merchant 9th/4th.
Str 11, Int 14, Wis 16, Dx 14, Con 11, Cha 13 Alignment: Lawful neutral.