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Ceremony of the Rainbow

by Robin

Ceremony spells (general)
Range: mostly Touch
Casting Time: 1 hr.
Duration: Special
Area of Effect: 1 creature, one item, or area
Saving Throw: Special
The ceremony spell represents certain functions carried nut by religious organizations, and has various applications, depending on the level of the priest. A ceremony does not leave behind an aura of magic (although in some cases an aura of good or evil might be present and thus detectable),and the effects of a ceremony cannot he dispelled. Specific ceremonies vary from religion to religion. but usually encompass these functions:
1st level cleric: Coming of Age, Burial, Marriage, Rest Eternal
3rd level cleric: Dedication, Investiture, Consecrate Item, Witness
5th level cleric: Ordination, Special vows, Initiation
7th level cleric: Consecrate Ground, Hallowed Ground
9th level cleric: Anathematize Item
12h level cleric: The Rainbow
12th level Druid; Cast Out, The Rainbow
14th level druid; Anointing
Variable level druid; Seasonal Ceremonies

Ceremony of the Rainbow
Range: Touch (all casters during casting), 30ífrom casters
Duration; special
Preparation time; 7 hours,
Casting Time; 1 hour,
Recuperation time; 7 hours
Effect: the rite (of any sort) must be performed in a druid grove or some other natural healthy patch of forest. Such ceremonies are normally conducted between dawn or dusk, the times when a rainbow can come into existence.
Components; Various Herbal components which vary by the elven family/tribe of the cleric, always including mistletoe and always a Holy Symbol of Ilsundal (costs performing; 1-100gp or sometimes free)
Save: None
Elven Cleric 5 spell, Elven Druid 5 spell, human druid level 6 spell (all followers of Ilsundal)
The elves have learned how to control the enchanted rainbow. They have the ability to command it to appear when and where they want, and to send travelers precisely to their destination, without concern for the monsters.
This spell puts the Holy seal on the event and doesnít produce an aura of magic, though an aura of good comes to be present for the combined levels of casters in Turns, on both the beginning and receiving end of the Rainbow..
The specific rituals can vary from Elven Tribe to Elven Tribe. This blessing requires seven This ceremony spell requires seven clerics of at least 10th level or druids of at least 12th level, yet always at least 4 Elven clerics in a mixed group.
The closets moments of possible casting the ceremony are decided on the successful Astronomy skill of one Elven Cleric or Druid of Ilsundal.

These seven casters must succeed in a ceremony /Honor Illsundal skill check prior to the ritual during the preparation time or the magic wonít bind together. Each caster wears clothing (robes) and makeup of only one of the seven colors of the rainbow, and excessive jewellery. It is not necessary for all Elven to be clerics of Ilsundal, yet they must Honor, Respect and Follow all rituals to that Immortal as required.
All casters must be preferably of different tribes, or families if not enough tribes are available. Any second generation or less blood relatives will spoil the preparation time
Both these conditions will be noticeable to all casters at the end of the preparation time, and why. Each failure may be tried again once, else another caster must be found. This also causes another 7 hours additional preparation time, and maybe a retry on another day. Planning and wise choice of preparation is mostly done before, and mostly this Ceremony spell is limited to a special group of casters familiar to the ritual and each other.

As long as the spell itself is cast during daylight, or the destination intended is in daylight (and the casters will know this during the preparation time) and the preparation time is successful, the magic of the spell can be bound to summon the Elven Rainbow.
After a successful preparation time the caster touch each other, on the location where the Rainbow should appear. Then slowly expand from each other, forming a ring touching spread arms, They all focus on the receiving end while chanting the words of their color in Elvish. In the last Turn of this chanting they slowly recede from the location to a distance of 25 to 30 feet, and about 10 feet or less from each other.
Then the Rainbow will appear, together with small bridge of scintillating light between the . Red and Violet dressed casters, connecting the Rainbow. Travellers on the bridge seem to fade away as approaching the Rainbow itself. When travellers enter the bridge and touching the shimmering surface of the Rainbow (which is three-dimensional), he/she will actually be dragged into it. The cross-section of the rainbow appears cylindrical to outside observers. Once inside there is no way out than on the other end. The spell actually inserts the traveller inside of the bouncing colourful spheres and exits them on the other side where they are gently expelled on another scintillating bridge. All this take only 1 Turn. Due the spell and being inside the speheres the travellers bypass any dangers within.

The duration of the Ceremony spell itself is only 1 hour, and Rainbow exists only one Turn, yet as the casters actually meddle with an Immortal creation and hence Immortal Power. All caster are temporarily drained of 7 constitution points which regenerated by 1 for each hour passed. The casters thus suffer a special form of exhaustion and can only become active after the whole period of Recuperation. If forced to act apply all exhaustion rules as normal.


Sometimes the path occurs naturally, without being summoned (this may also be done by the Immortal Illsundal), or is the receiving end of a summoned Rainbow. This mostly happens when the sun has been playing with the clouds AND mists in the air for several hoursTo use the Path of the Rainbow when it appears naturally, you must know how to predict the place of its appearance.. The receiving end is always chosen by the first who chooses the receiving end within the Rainbow, and this canít be changed. If the rainbow occurs by the will of Ilsundal the receiving end is predetermined.
A Natural (or Immortal created) or even receiving end of a summoned Rainbow take a turn to materialize and fade, yet are only visible for 1d6 rounds. Visually fading takes the remainder of the 1d6 rounds. Travellers on the bridge seem to fade away as approaching the Rainbow itself. When touching the shimmering surface of the Rainbow (which is three-dimensional), he/she will actually be dragged into it. The cross-section of the rainbow appears cylindrical to outside observers. Once inside there is no way out than on the other end. You must also be prepared to deal with the apparitions that infest it (DM see CM7 Tree of Life) page 7 to 11).
Travellers entering a receiving end of a Rainbow will exit at the last moment of the ritual, and thus in the midst of the casters and congregated other members of the region. There are always experienced warriors and other spell casters available prepared to deal with dangerous travellers doing so.

There are also rumors ancient Unicorns could be able to summon the Rainbow by themselves. As these creatures are inherently magical and near Immortal themselves, use the spell above without honoring an Immortal nor any recuperation time.

Keep in mind The Rainbow of Ilsundal is not only an artifact (hence the recuperation time)..nbut also an outer Plane. It thus has a way different time passage as the Prime Plane. After intensive research i discovered that the time inside to those within can greatly vary, yet however time will pass there it actually lasts only one Turn in the Prime Plane. So if you stay within The Rainbow for several days/years/centuries you will exit the rainbow as if you aged the time inside in no more than a single Turn.

Ceremony/Honor (choose Immortal/Religion) Skill
A Character with this skill knows how to honor an Immortal (or a religion like the Church of Karameikos or Traladara who encompass more Immortals) through ritual and ceremony. The skill allows a Cleric to perform normal rituals of his Clerical order and could even permit a character to gain an Immortalís attention (through prayer, fasting, sacrifice of possessions, etc. This skill includes the knowing the code of behavior and the rituals pleasing to the Immortal. Every Cleric, Shaman, Shamani, Paladin, or other servant of an Immortal has this skill extra to his basic skills. Ordinary information (religious symbol used, basic faith attitude, etc.) of the religion is automatically known by the character. Special information, such as how the clergy is organized or the significance of particular holy days, requires a Skill check by non-Clerics. Additional Skills spent on religion enable the character either to expand his general knowledge into more distant regions (using the guidelines above) or to gain precise information about a single different faith. The usage of this skill takes as much Time as the ritual takes In the Ceremony of the Rainbow thus 8 hours and 1 Turn.