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Hex mapping Legend

by Robin

This is the Hex mapping Legend I make my maps with.

Icons are from Variant Sources (being other existing maps) and some I created myself. 
Sorces are; Thorfinn Tait, JTR, Carilion, Sturm, John Calvin, Canon maps Mystara.

I'll update it when new Hex icons are created

Existing from Canon maps;
Mountain, Hills, Broken/Barren Land, Mountain Caves, Hill Caves, Giant Sinkhole, Named Mountain/Notable Peak, Pastorable Meadows/Grazable Land, Poor Grazing Lands, Choice grazing Lands, Sandy Dunes/Desert, Rocky Desert, Badlands, Light Forest Predominantely Deciduous, Heavy ForestPredominantely Deciduous, Forested Hills Predominantely Deciduous, Light Forest Predominantely Evergreen, Heavy Forest Predominantely Evergreen, Forested Hills Predominantely Evergreen, Jungle, Hill with Jungle, Great Home Trees, Hills with Great Home Trees.Active Volcano, Multiple Volcanoes, Aquatic Volcano, Sleeping Volcano, Dead Vocano, Volcanic Formation, Black Volcanic Sand,/Volcanic Ash, Steam, Reef or other Hazard, Water depths, River, creek, brook, Rapids, Waterfall, Dead Forest, Hills with Dead Forest, Light Cactus Scrub, Heavy Cactus Scrub, Fungal Forest (Altered color a bit), Fungal Jungle, Fungal Swamp, Active Hsiao complex, Spiders, Common Crabbing area, Common Fishing Area, Common Whaling Area, Good Magic Point, Bad Magic Point/Known Hakomon site, Captial, City, Town, Village, Village Nithian style, Tower/Keep, Castle, Fort, Ruins,  Shrine, Statue, Henge.Menhir, Monolith, Camp, Post House, Horsefair site, Mining, Shipwreck, Lighthouse, National Border, Regional Border, Road, Trail/Path, Nithian Sttyle Tomb complex, Nithian Style Pyramid, Moor/Bog, Fens, Mud Bog, water

Created by others, but altered to this hex style;
Taiga, Snow Covered Hills, Year Round Snow field, Snow Fields, Glaciers, Lair Monster, Dragon Lair, Ruined City, Ruined Town, Ruined Village, Naval Interdiction Point,

Created myself during Norwold map;
Dead Soil, Dead Swamp, Geyser, Seasonal Snow Fields, Permanent Frozen Mountain, Crystal Growth, Magical Effect,  Gnomish Steam Vent, Syphon (clearer version from earlier canon version)

Created myself during Great Pass map;
Stone Giant Hatching Caves, Mountain Wall.Ridge, Alpine Meadows, Seasonal River, Hamlet,

Created myself during Dwarven Pass map;
Farmland Cattle, Farmland Produce, underground river, Underground Trail/road, Minor Trail, Bridge (there was a earlier canon version that was not clear enough) ,  introduced colored Dots on Ruins to differentiate source

Created myself during the Canolbarth timeline maps;
Hills with Fallen Trees, Grasslands with Fallen Trees, Transformed Hometrees, Hills with Transformed Hometrees (these two were equal to dead trees, I changed it to a lighter grey to differentiate), 

Created Myself during Canolbarth map;
Dimensional Wall/Wall of Fog, Dike High, Dike Low, Abandoned Hamlet, Forest Caves,

Earlier created for Broken Lands map;
Lavatunnels, Broken Lands with Fallen Trees, Swamp Trees (made clear version from earlier canon version), Mudflats, Marshland swamp (altered version to differentiate because canon version was equal to fens)

Remark; The color Pink I use peedominantely to define Magic; As this Stone Giant Hatching Caves are magical, I use circles in pink around magic sites (pentacle) to define their radius of effect.
I use bright yellow lines to define the borders of former lakes.
I use White symbols or lines to define former important locations or rivers respectively..with white text.
Heuights and names are in Black. Country/area name is the largest at size 28/30, region  like province at 20/22 , specific area, like a hill  or mountain chain, a forest then at 20, and names of locations, heights are at size 10  (all in Windows Paint.)

And for those clever ones asking; "Why snow and magic in a pink box?" This I did to enable cut/paste in pain with a Pink background thus making the white section not translucent, Which it would be if I kept the background white. As these Hexes contain a lot of white which with transparent cutting/pasting (normally very handy) would become awkward if the background is white. This way I keep its white white instead translucent, and the transparency where needed (around the hex) to enable best pasting.

Latest Editions
15-02-2016 added rocky coastline, saltwatermarsh, Lagioon, Reef or other Hazard for the creation of the Carytion map.
01-05-2016 added Vineyard and Orchard icons, new battle icon (with yellow to be seen on dark background too) For the Glantrian section of the Broken Lands map
04-05-2016 added Reedlands icon (for the Ethengar Maps
13-06-2016 added Broken Lands/Destroyed By Meteor (this is partially molted matter, compressed, broken, shattered, and/or even glassed in sand or small stones sized of flat)
14-06-2016 added Broken/Destroyed Lands by Meteor; Large Fragments (Thes can be molten spires, large blocks, or similar)
14-06-2016 added Salt pits (special volcanic terrain), new Lava pool icon
22-06-2016 added abandoned/Forgotten Trail/Road (for the Darokin Section of the Broken Lands map)
25-10-2016 added various Dragon icons for the various dragons (Red/Ruby/Crimson, Gold/Amber,  White/Crystal, Green/Jade, Blue/Sapphire, Black/Onyx/Night/Any other)
04-11-2016 added tower Magic-users
31-05-2018 added Solid Rock for underground sections
13-10-2018 added Mill, basic line , added most letters used to describe hexsymbols.